(Closed) PDA and “Get a room” comments (vent!)

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Blushing bee
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Hey Chelsea,

Yuck, I hate it when people act rude like that and it tends to put a shadow on my day as well. 

I know from past posts that you’ve written that you are also in the mental health field so I just wanna remind you that some people out there are totally wiggity weird (and yes, that is my clinical assessment, lol).  When they act like that, to yell something at strangers from a bike FIVE TIMES (really?  five?) that is pretty extreme- even if they are yelling something like “Coming through”. Is once not enough?  Or twice?  Three?  Okay you get my drift… And the woman on the subway, well that is weird to put all of that effort into coming over to tell someone to cover their hand while they yawn.  Come on, I’ve been on public transportation where people are sitting in their own urine and people rarely say anything.  I would just figure in situations like this that it is their issue and not yours. 

If you are really worried about the PDA thing, check with some friends and acquaintances to determine if your affection with your Fiance has ever made any one around you super uncomfortable.  Guy on the bike just sounds like a grumpy pants!

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Worker bee
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I always get a mind blank when a stranger is unnecessarily rude to me in public! I guess I’m just so surprised when it happens. Then later, at home, I think of all the nice things I could’ve said back to them. I wish I was better at thinking on my feet 🙂

In other words, I understand where you’re coming from.  

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Busy bee
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I’ve had a jerk on a bike scream something at me once. They do it because they’re cowards, they know by the time you scream anything back, they’re out of earshot. As for the subway comment, THAT woman’s behavior was disgusting, not yours.

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Worker bee
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I think it’s hilarious that the word “yawning” was written so many times in this thread that I just started to yawn!  For the record, I covered my mouth.  There I go again!  And this time I didn’t cover. HA!

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Busy bee
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Haha, I’m yawning too!! 

I’ve noticed that yawning is contagious but I didn’t know that it could be transmitted via message board!

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I try to remind myself that if I get angry and upset I am just playing into their game. It doesn’t always help.

Did you know that those clever remarks you think up after the person is already far far away have a name? Staircase wit. In french: esprit d’escalier. Because you think of them when you’re walking down the stairs on your way out. I love that.

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Blushing bee
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Ha, reminds me of a bar I went to in NYC with my BF.  This very rude girl pushed him right out of her way so that she could mosey up to the bar and steal his spot.  He’s a 250 # guy and she pushed hard enough to make him move!

As a a guy, he very well couldn’t say/do anything back… but I could.  I went right back over and nudged her out of the way to regain my man’s standing position.  She, obviously, very rarely has people stand up to her because her only response was : “UGH, YOU’RE FAT!”  to which I responded, “and you have no class!”   hehe, she was mortified.

Honestly, I think some people are just imbalanced.

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Helper bee
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You’ve also got me thinking about PDA in general. Fiance generally doesn’t do gratuitous PDA, but it seems like some PDA is expected of the bride and groom at the wedding, hence the ‘tapping the glasses’ tradition.

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Helper bee
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I think I would have just belched as loud as I could at that woman on the subway.

Hubby and I do pretty minor PDA, I think. In front of friends we do a little deeper kissing (NEVER more than 5 seconds) and in public we’ll walk with our arms around each other, hold hands, etc. We sometimes kiss in church too (split second closedmouthed)… I know, scandalous. Wink

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Sugar bee
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The guy on the bilke was just being a jerk. My Fiance and I get it sometimes when we are downtown. It’s always puns in bikes or cars when they know they won’t be able to hear our repy. Just try to forget about it. – )

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Helper bee
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HA! This post made me yawn, too!

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Bumble bee

I’m really confused about this yawning business… How is it rude to randomly yawn on the subway and not cover your mouth? It’s not a sneeze. It’s not a cough. And I would assume you weren’t inches from someone else’s face… So if someone could explain? I really don’t get it. I usually cover my mouth when I yawn, but mostly because I don’t like people to see what I look like when I yawn. I’ve never thought it rude or disgusting when people yawn. Maybe if it is during a speech or presentation, as as already said, right in front of someone’s face. I honestly am befuddled on this one.


The guy on the bike maybe thought he was being funny (the laugh at your own jokes thing) or quite possibly he was very very conservative. I wouldn’t let it bother you, if you can help it.

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Sugar bee
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I would honestly just yell back, “Get a life!”  or “Don’t be jealous!”  I have to say that has never happened to me, and I’m not sure why these people think it’s okay to say such things to you.

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Buzzing bee
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I would try to just ignore it or laugh it off. I would be annoyed/pissed off too and I agree with the girls who’ve said the kid on the bike was being smart and the lady was extremely rude and probably just a weird old lady! do NOT let it ruin your day(s)! 🙂

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Blushing bee

Yeah, if anyone said that to me and my fiance, we’d laugh and just start groping each other…

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