(Closed) PDA and “Get a room” comments (vent!)

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Bee Keeper
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I probably would have told the lady on the subway how rude it is for her to be a b.tch and to mind her own business.  And the guy on the bike what a jerko!!!! I always kiss M goodbye lol no matter where, well maybe except in his club, but we also give a quick smooch if no one is watching, lol that’s just our style.

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Busy bee
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I kiss my Fiance in the grocery store but not make out.  My friend just got back from Rome and said he was surprised at how much public full on making out there was everywhere, I think I’d rather see that then couples nagging at each other.  That bothers me 10x more, the snipping and yelling you hear in public places, that’s the PDA that bothers me between couples (public display of anger).  I think I would just ignore it if someone said something, if you say something back or change your behavior you acknowledge they made an impact on you.

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Bumble bee
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I would ignore the guy on the bike, though it probably would have made me just as mad if not more so because hubs and I are rarely affectionate in public (but would do what you described on occation)

As far as the lady on the subway.  i would say something along the lines of “excuse me, are you the etiquette police? Mind your own business!”  I would probably get pretty upset and I tend to be confrontational, so it might not have a pretty ending. 

i’m sorry you had such rude experience with complete strangers!

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Honey bee
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Don’t you hate not being able to think of something clever right at the moment?

One of my girlfriends (ooo I get to see her this weekend) is so good at that stuff.  I love being out with her when we get catcalls or yells, because she always thinks of the most hilarious perfect comment on the spot.  She’s the best!  Everyone should have a friend like that!

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Ugh, the PDA issues are really annoying to me, too. I like to show my affection, thankyouverymuch, and if you’re disturbed by it, don’t look!

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Buy a cattle prod, that’ll shut them up. *Heeheehee!*


I’d have stuck my foot out infront of the biker and watched that sucker bust his butt- okay well maybe not but in my mind it looked good. 😛

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I totally understand – I am in DC where people can be SO aggressive (I’m thinking mostly on the roads but in other situations as well.) Few things get under my skin as much as people who are nasty purely for the sake of being nasty. In this area you literally have people swearing at you because you break for pedestrians. Awhile back in a parking garage an elderly man (seriously, at least 75,) and I started to pull out at the same time and this tiny little grandpa literally rolls down his window and starts this profanity laden tirade, even after I apologized!

I just try to remember, I don’t know these people or their story. That guy on the bike? Maybe he just found out his wife of 20 years is cheating and he hates loves. Woman on the subway? She honestly could be mentally ill. So when I come up against it I try to remind myself (annoyed as I do get,) that maybe they just got laid off, are having the worst day ever, have mental health problems, etc., etc.


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That cyclist sounds like a real jerk! I think it’s always upsetting to be pointed out and made to feel embarrassed in public. I can’t think of a good reply either, though. “Get a car!” or “Get a life!” maybe? I can never think of good retorts in the moment. You have nothing to feel bad about, and that guy was totally off-base. It’s not like you were groping each other or anything. C’mon!

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I tend to laugh at people who act that way. Heck I’ll even laugh in their face is they are close enogh. No but seriously I do because it just cracks me up when people don’t pay attention. Like the lady who told you off on the subway. I pry would have laughed, and commented, ” I didn’t know it was disgusting to yawn I’ll make a note of that for next time.” or something along that line. I accidently went at a stop sign before someone else and the guy was so irritated that he was making gestures from his car. Lol all I did was put on a big grin and wave. Sometimes you have to learn to speak up and laugh things off.

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Busy bee
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Hahah these people all sound crazy!   I rarely say what I’m thinking in public.  How strange.  I wouldn’t let it bother me–they sound like loonie-bin stow aways.

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Bumble bee
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I wouldn’t worry about it. It doesn’t sound like did anything wrong. I’ve seen people do way worse on the subway. lol.

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Haha once that happened to FH and I….FH yelled back “sure…you pay for it!” 

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Busy bee

My instinct would be to reply with some smart-ass comment, but that can backfire. I’ve seen people get in physically dangerous situations when little arguments with strangers escalate. So personally not worth it to me. 

I would probably say something back once and walk away.

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Busy bee
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I’ve never been called out in public about PDA, but then again we have never made out like horny teens or anything.  I think a simple closed mouth kiss goodbye or even hello is just fine—that dude would have probably got the “eye” from me while in my head I was telling him to F off.  As for the woman on the subway, yeah, technically people should cover their mouths when they yawn but it doesn’t always happen so get over it.  I did that once at work, I forgot to cover my mouth, and the crotchety hag I worked with (hated–HATED) her came unglued.  From there on out, if there wasn’t anyone else around, I did it on purpose.  Childish?  Yes.  Did I care?  Helllll no.  It was the only thing I had that could get under her skin.  hehehehehe

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Blushing bee
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I know yawning without covering your mouth isn’t the most polite thing to do, but cripes. It’s not like you sneezed on her or something, ^_^ You should’ve pretended to hack up a lung on her and see what she said then. 😉

I agree though, nothing upsets me more than people who go out of their way to be nasty to others. Being polite costs nothing (which I know it’s a contradiction to say that after advocating pretending to cough on someone, but in my defense I would never really do that. A girl can dream, though. ^_^).

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