(Closed) PDA – what kind of couple are you?

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  • poll: PDA
    You wouldn't know we were a couple in public : (26 votes)
    4 %
    We have subtle PDA - hand holding, small kisses etc. : (266 votes)
    46 %
    We love PDA. I like to be able to tell my SO whenever and wherever how much I love him. : (39 votes)
    7 %
    I think no PDA is acceptable : (8 votes)
    1 %
    I think a little PDA is acceptable : (224 votes)
    39 %
    I think all PDA is acceptable : (15 votes)
    3 %
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    Love in this club – that’s us.

    JK, I try to keep it klassy on the streets ya’ll.

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    Some days we’re big PDAers, and sometimes we’re not. We’ll hold hands, kiss, and usually I’ll grab his butt, but I try to be sneaky about it. That being said, the other day DH started fondling my breasts in the car while at a stoplight… lol.

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    We hold hands, hug and smooch in public. DH is very protective of me, so if we are somewhere with lots of people he will put his arm around me. 

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    Although I was never into PDA, I was with guys that were definitely into it. Like the type of PDA that makes people uncomfortable. After many years of that, I prefer to hold hands when out in public….especially in crowds. DH isn’t really into it and if I don’t grab his hand, he’ll be 10 feet in front of me. He almost lost me in crowd in Paris once b/c he got so far in front of me. He’s also almost gotten on the metros w/o me b/c he was walking so fast. 

    One of my biggest complaints for us as a couple is that he’s not into it. Normally I wouldn’t care but in Europe, it’s not uncommon to see couples of ALL ages walking slowly holding hands. I think it’s sweet…

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    We tend to be shy in public so we’re definetly not the demonstative type. We hold hands and that’s about it. We don’t mind other people being demonstrative, but we prefer to keep the rest intimate.

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    @FromA2B2013:  My husband and I are very affectionate in private. We’re not big hand holders or kissers in public, although I am now pregnant and VERY clumsy so we have been holding hands a lot. Early on in our relationship when we would go to bars a lot I would have other women hit on him in front of me not realising we were together, and vice versa. We’d laugh it off of course 🙂

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    If it were up to him we would barely touch in public lol. I make him hold my hand sometimes but he gets anxious in crowds and hates feeling “attached” when he is trying to manuver through people. If we are sitting at a bar or something he will put his hand on my leg or something but that is it. I’ll kiss him and he won’t run away screaming, but I know he prefers to not be kissing in front of people…even our families lol

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    We hold hands and my Fiance is quite fond of forehead kisses. We don’t kiss beyond a peck in public, we’re not those people who slobber on each others faces in front of others. It makes us uncomfortable to see it in public, so we’re not going to be hypocrites.

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    We’re in the ‘light’ PDA club. I don’t care what other people do. Unless they’re practically tearing their clothes off or something I don’t notice and I don’t think it’s my business. There’s enough violence and hatred in the world to be miffed about, I try to just let expressions of love go and if I think it’s weird I look somewhere else. 

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    @FromA2B2013:  We don’t do PDA. Well… I don’t do PDA. Im not a very touchy feely person and it makes me uncomfortable to do too much when others are around. Fiance has had to get used to it. Im more affectionate in private for sure. But even then im pretty reserved. Fiance says that even though it doesn’t happen often, it’s made him really appreciate it when I do because it lets him know how much i really do love him. It takes a lot for me to be really soft and affectionate and with him, I am.

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    My SO and I are affectionate to a degree in public. I like holding hands, or when he puts an arm over my shoulder. If we’re standing in a long line, and we’ve got a bit of a wait, he’ll bend over to kiss my cheek or forehead. Little things like that I like. When we’re home, we’re usually much more affectionate, and to me that’s appropriate and comfortable.


    UGH, but I had an ex once who grabbed my a$$ and cupped my (lady bits) in public. The way in which I cursed that man out was something terrible. I didn’t even realize I was telling him off until the last curse left my mouth O_O I was completely mortified.

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    I think PDA in public is no big deal..up to a point.  A few years ago Fiance and I went to Disneyland and there was this couple probably in their mid 40’s ALLLLLLLL over eachother.  It was kinda gross…no one wants to see you guys like that sorry.  The line “get a room” definitely came to mind. LOL To each their own, but i would never be comfortable acting like that in public. 

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    I answered for myself and Fiance, because I like a little PDA (hand-holding, hugging, quick kisses, etc.) but Fiance just does whatever he feels like and has no qualms about full-on frenching me in the middle of a crowd. No groping in public, though – that’s going too far for both of us.

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    We’ll give eachother small kisses on the cheek in public, hold hands or put an arm around eachothers shoulders.  Its nice, but its not constant.  I’m positive we don’t bother other people.  Its sweet looking.      

    I used to think that only making out in public was really bad.  But then I saw my bff from college and her SO together.  They are ALL over eachother.  Its stuff i would never have had a problem with normally, they aren’t making out, but its constant and clingy.  Its VERY weird and makes me super uncomfortable.  You kinda want to beat them off each other with sticks.

    I figure you get a three to six months in the honeymoon period of a new relationship to be clingy and gross, but then its time to man up and keep it private for the most part.  It actually makes me reluctant to invite them places as a couple.  They’ve been together for about 3 years, so its time for the grossness to end.  Its not just me either. ALL of our friends talk about how weird their behavoir is.  Kinda sucks actually.  🙁

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    Also light PDA here! We’re super cuddly at home, but when we are out I try to keep it under wraps. Usually it’s holding hands & small pecks, arms around waists, etc. If we’re out late & either of us is feeling frisky there will be an occasional quick hidden butt pinch or boob graze but we generally try to keep those hidden to the public (under a table, backed up to the bar, etc). I got super pissed at him well over  a year ago when we was wasted & grabbed my boobs multiple times with both his hands in a bar crowded with people we know. I was PMSing and had a really rough day so I flipped out & left crying with poor him trailing behind me asking what he did wrong. Needless to say he learned first hand what my PDA boundaries are that night!

    I also grew up in the south so PDA was pretty unacceptable & it just stuck with me… 

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