(Closed) People asking for wedding invitations? Im getting married in freaking 3 weeks!!!

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Like you said, he’s a GUY. Your friend/manager doesn’t understand the time and effort that goes into wedding invites and having the right amount of people for your type of wedding. That being said, as I’m reading your post I’m thinking- don’t invite these people! As you said, it’s an INTIMATE affair, not some freaking charity event for like a million guests. Then I get to the end of your post and you plan on getting another job anyway- so why are you stressing, girl?!!?!?! Just ignore those idiots, invite the people YOU want, and enjoy your very soon wedding!!! Good luck 🙂

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Wow. Your Manager was out of line! I think it’s so rude when people invites themselves and others!

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That’s ridiculous and so rude!! I absolutely hate it when people ASK for invitations – ridiculous!

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That is nuts!!!

I know you want to just tell them what you really think, but just go about it, like the wedding is super-close and we already have final numbers on everything. Food, tables, chairs, drinks. And that there’s no way you can have even one extra person. At least this way you can do it without just having to tell them you don’t want them there. If only we could just tell people what we really think all the time….LOL

I have one person I work with that I like…everyone else, well they are the LAST faces I want to see on my wedding day. I’m still trying to figure out how I will get away with that. Because my coworkers are catty women, and if they find out they aren’t invited but the one girl is…..ugh. Glad I still have several months to figure mine out!

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Helper bee
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Whoa, that is TOTALLY out of control.  It is your wedding and you get to invite whoever you want, there is no “shoulds” about it. And I say that is doubly so if you’re having a very small wedding, which does not lend it to inviting someone at your office just because they are your boss (or your boss’s boss or whatever).  I can’t believe how out of line your co-workers were.  You certainly have no obligation to invite this person.

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By The Way, I am getting married on the 12th, too, yes!

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There are a couple important things to consider:

1. Your manager was out of line telling you who to invite to your wedding, and he was wrong to tell Mr. Boss that his invitation was in his mailbox. Wrong, wrong, wrong! The crappy thing is now the onus is on you to correct his mistake, but I think you can go about doing that in a respectable, straightforward way.

Approach Mr. Boss and tell him that Mr. Manager shared with you the fact that Mr. Boss was expecting an invitation. Explain to him that you are having an intimate wedding, numbers are tight, and to make things fair, you and your Fiance agreed to only invite 2,4,6 (whatever) co-workers from each side. Assure him that you would have liked to invite him (whether that’s true or not), but because you work more closely with Mr. Manager, you had to make the cut there. It’s nothing personal, but you won’t be able to include any more people from the office and you hope he understands.

Since he’s an adult and he’s mature/professional enough to be working in the capacity of Mr. Boss, he should be able to handle this news! He’ll probably also respect you for tackling an uncomofortable situation head on.

2. You’re planning on looking for another job soon, which makes it all the more important that you handle the situation with care. Mr. Manager and/or Mr. Boss may serve as important references for you in the future, so the way you interact with them now may benefit you (or come back to haunt you) as you look for a new job. In other words, try not to burn any bridges.


I’m sorry it’s like that. I don’t think you brought any of this on yourself and I’m astounded that people like Mr. Manager do these types of things. Good luck, and congrats on your wedding next month!

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Don’t let your manager boss you around and get you to invite someone for HIS benefit! That’s totally political and has no place at your small, intimate wedding. Maybe if you were some celebrity inviting 1,000 people could you take ‘suggestions’, but not now. If he put you in an awkward situation, he has to get you out. Or quit and tell him he’s not invited anymore.

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I’m sorry you are in that situation.  I think this is why it is very iffy to invite people that you work with because there will always people others who think that they should be invited just because they work with you too.  I would explain to Mr. Boss that you are having a small wedding due to financial constraints and that despite the fact that you would have liked to invite the whole office, you simply cannot afford it.

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Are you kidding me? That is beyond unprofessional.

It’s your wedding. It’s a personal life moment. You are under no obligation to invite your managers! What are they going to do if they don’t get their invite?

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I’m so sorry this happened to you!

If it makes you feel any better, my Mother-In-Law did the same thing with her neighbor she was trying to invite to our wedding.  She tried to say we put her invite in her mailbox and she gave the lady hers! WTF!?! I’m still trying to figure out what about weddings makes people think they can do whatever they want when it’s not even their wedding!

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