(Closed) People looking for a fight…..this is for bees who deal with people everyday.

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Honestly, I don’t like being put on hold without a reason and I can’t stand being placed on hold by one person and being transferred to someone else without me knowing. It’s a bit startling to be put on hold by someone and have someone else answer the phone. That’s probably just because I’ve worked in a customer service position where we had to explain things to customers so I expect the same in return.

That being said, would I launch an all out complaint about it to a district manger? Nope.

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i’ve seen that true blood episode…tara actually quits right there on the spot before she can get fired though.  it is pretty awesome though! 

I am a “public servant” and also get blown away by people treating me like sh!t.  I honestly try to be kind and understanding to everyone and it’s really hard for me to not take it personally when someone is screaming at me when I only have the best intentions.  My coworkers and I have a joke about it because I just end up in tears every few months or so, but it’s just a part of the job I guess. 

Definitely feeling everyone’s pain though!

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There will ALWAYS be that one person who wakes up that day and thinks: “who the hell can I bitch at today?”

I think it makes them feel good about themselves or something…. Misery loves company I suppose.


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I work in road construction. Guess what? People HATE road construction. There’s always someone complaining about something. I just find them all entertaining.

Honestly, though, unless you work in construction, you very likely don’t know how it all works; both red-tape-wise, and acutal labor-wise. Therefore, you have no idea that what you’re complaning about is unavoidable. A lot of people will calm down once I explain what step were are in in a process and when things should be done. People forget we live in Florida and you can’t pave in a rainstorm. 


On that note, I worked in the mall during high school, and yeah, people are crazy! I had a shoe thrown at me once because I “ruined her child’s Christmas.” Ummm, it’s 7 pm on Christmas Eve. It’s not my fault you just started shopping for your kid. Of course things are sold out. 



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Ugh you poor people.  These stories sound awful! I’m never rude to customer service but from now on I’m going to be super nice to them just in case there was a crazy customer earlier in the day!! 

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It’s this sense of entitlement that so many people seem to have.

I recently sent a company (a smaller one) a thank you email for their fast service, since I needed their product by a certain date but didn’t know if I would get it. The woman emailed me back and said that they never got a thanks before.

People need to get over themselves!

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@Mrslawyer2bee: Yeah, I’m always polite with customer service, because I used to be on the other side.  You never know what extra goodness may come out of it.  Once, I had to call customer service to return a dress to Nordstrom, and chatted with the nice lady about my wedding.  Later, I got a $25 gift card to Nordstrom from her!

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@SandyDollHair: this.

Well not anymore, but I did. The only reason I quit the job was because I was promoted and couldn’t handle dealing with the stupid people anymore. I worked at a high-end boarding facility and a lady brought in her “show-quality” Chow-Chows for a bath. I was the person doing baths that day for whatever reason, and when I went to brush out the male, he decided to lunge at me. When I told the owner, she called me a liar and then proceded to call my DM. When he asked me about it and then laughed (at her) when I told him what happened. UGH. I hate stupid people.

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I love reading stories like these because it seems like the same ridiculous people exist everywhere!  I used to work in the admissions department of a school that enrolled quite a few adults for a continuing-education program.  One day I had someone who sounded like an elderly lady call and scream at me for 15 minutes because the school had the nerve to require poor people like her to PAY to attend school there.  I remember sitting there thinking, “Really? Because what college have you looked into that’s FREE?!”  I swear lol. 

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I work at a food service resteraunt as a cashier. I am extremely friendly with every customer that walks in the door, no matter how bad of a day I am personally having. I’ve been complimented on my demenor many, many times.

At a point in time earlier this year, I was transfered from one store in the town I was living to another. Now, store #1 offered catering services and store #2 did not. We had a gentlemen walk into store #2 and asked for catering. I explained to him that we did not have the packaging or the personel to do catering and refered him to store #1 so that he could get what he wanted.

This guy went balistic! He started ranting about store #1 and how rude they were there and how he would never go back there ever! Now, I had worked at store #1 (this was only my second week at my new store) and I couldn’t believe what he was saying! I told him that we would make something work and called over my general manager. Another manager came over and asked what the problem was, and I explained the situation to them. Both women offered to give him the catering price but make him individual items, but he was just like, “Whatever you’re not willing to help me so I’m leaving!”

I couldn’t believe it! Here are three women all trying to work with him and even apologizing for things that aren’t our fault and this guy just walks off in a huff!

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I’ve worked a lot with the public and yes, there are people who are just irrational and spoiling for a fight.  It’s so not personal but it’s hard not to see it that way when someone is raging at you for no good reason.

I’ve had a lot of bad dealings with AT&T, the USPS and Wells Fargo lately (the last two should go without saying:)  And when I’m irritated, it shows in my voice. However, I make sure to let the person on the phone know that I am not irritated at them personally, that it’s the situation that’s upsetting me. As in “Look, I know this is not your fault, but how can we fix this quickly?”

And it works, because I always get good customer service in the end.

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Just put on a fake, happy face, and go on with your work. Everyone knows there are crazy people out there, and you definitely find that out while working retail 🙂

As my grandmother says, “kill them with kindness”

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I used to work in the Housing office at a Big 10 University, and I think I’ve heard everything in the book. You’d be flabbergasted at just how ridiculous people got over dormitory assignments. Since that particular institution has a huge number of international students, the domestic folks usually had absolutely no qualms about asking about ways to ensure that their sons and daughters weren’t with any foreigners. They were just as bad about requesting to be with somebody of the same race who wasn’t from another country.

Not only that, but people seemed to think that at a large public university, they deserved to be treated like super special individuals, requesting private rooms and inquiring about things like maid service! I never said it, but I always wanted to point out that their university ID number was at the top of their acceptance letter before their name for a reason…

We used to keep a “Quote Wall” in the back of our office for the really wacky things people said or did. It was a way to warn each other of the new crazies (because the crazies alllllways called more than once), and a way to make light of the crap we got to deal with!

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