(Closed) People looking for a fight…..this is for bees who deal with people everyday.

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Oooh! I thought of another one. My very first job was working at a pizza parlor, and I used to answer the phones in the carryout area.

At least once a night, I’d have somebody call in the pizza parlor and order a pizza with something like “Half pepperoni, half cheese and half mushroom.” They’d always get so mad at me when I would nicely try to explain that you can only have two halves in a whole.

My favorite person ever though, was the woman who asked to speak to the manager after supposedly burning her tongue on the pizza from our buffet line, claiming she was going to sue because we didn’t warn her it was too hot. (There were signs affixed to the buffet saying “Caution! Hot!” every three feet.)

When our boss didn’t offer to even give her free food (which is what she really wanted, in all likelihood), she flipped open her phone and called the Better Business Bureau…whose number she had stored in her phone.

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I was telling a former coworker about this post and she brought up the entire reason I went on personal/maternity leave while I was pregnant. LMAO I had forgotten all about it.

Anyway, I was working at a Taco Bell that is pretty close to the local high school. All these rude kids would come in for lunch & trash our lobby or direspct us/other customers. Well after about 3 days of dealing with this kid that felt the need to belittle me for being a “fat (pregnant) little girl” I finally told him to chill out or leave my store. About 2 minutes later something hits the back of my leg, then I see a penny fly past me onto the “line” (prep area). I totally lost it, went over the counter, & chased him to his car. Looking back it is so stupid that its funny but WOW…

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my sister reminded me today she use to have a job handing out free goodies at stores for promotions – you know, excuse me sir/madam would you like to try this [insert product here] and she said NEVER AGAIN. 

she said some days she was abused because she wouldnt allow people to stand there and eat everything off the platter like it was a catered lunch or take the entire platter of food away to eat while shopping. people would bitch her out for the companies eco/green or lack of practices, the chemicals used in the products, child labor laws in 3rd world countries, the packaging used and pretty much anything else people can bitch about. she also had food thrown at her, shes even had people spit it out back onto the platter in front of her  – she said it was the worse job ever

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@eloping: I have so much more respect for the costco sample people after reading that!

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@Earlybride: That’s wack. But man, I used to wait tables, and the stories are endless. My favorite though? It’s gotta be the Chuck E. Cheese lady who wanted me arrested because she lost her camera (this happened before I started serving).

So this group of six comes in for a little girl’s birthday, and I sing happy birthday for her in Italian. Yay, happy ending, they go home happy.
Later one of the table bussers puts something under my hostess stand (and there are three other hosts who were with me) It was silver. We thought it was a camera for some reason, but it was a phone. Well, about an hour after this party of six left, the older gentlemen comes back to say he left a camera. I said it may have been turned in, I would check under the podium, and it was not there. (note: I NEVER said it WAS there.) So I asked management. No sign of it. So I asked the other hosts and the table bussers, and they said there wasn’t a camera, but there was a phone. So we got all of the man’s contact info and told him we would notify him if it was turned in or found.

Well, about an hour later, his (very angry) wife comes barging in on a very busy saturday night dinner rush. She looks me dead in the eye with this freaky death stare and tells me I am an idiot, and that I told her husband I had the camera and that it went missing after being turned in, when in reality that never happened. I was so flabbergasted, I just stared at her. She then proceeds to tell me that if it was simply misplaced (which it was) then there would be no problem. But if it had been stolen, it was somehow MY responsibility, and that she would file a police report and have me arrested and sue the restaurant. I was like, WTF??? First of all, she really can’t do that, because she has no proof, and she can’t sue a HUGE company for a measly $600 camera. So I did the only thing I knew to do. I got my shift manager, and the general manager. We tore the restaurant apart searching for this stupid camera. Asked the ENTIRE staff. No one had seen it. Meanwhile this lady stood up front the entire time giving me dirty looks. Oh, if only looks could kill, I’d probably be 8 feet under haha! It’s just so funny, because I have NEVER been in trouble like this in my life! And I didn’t even do anything! So she leaves after the general manager says he does not have the camera. Well she tells him that she has to go to Chuckie Cheese, and she wants HIM to file a police report on HIS OWN RESTAURANT… OMG. I think either she’s truly an idiot, or she knows she cannot do anything against me or my co workers. My boss was so mad, she was prettymuch harassing us the entire time. Oh, it was the talk of the whole place. Because she made such a huge fuss. All the customers came up to me, and were like, “what’s her problem? she’s the one who left her camera”

Ain’t that the truth. Our restaurant is NOT responsible for any personal items stolen or lost that belong to EMPLOYEES. Much less the customers. Geez, that’s the risk you take when you do things like that. She can’t hold me or anyone else personally responsible for HER mistake. So now I just laugh at it, because it was totally ridiculous. I mean, I feel bad that such an expensive camera was lost, but did she really have to get this bent out of shape and harass the hosts??? It was totally uncalled for.

TL;DR: Crazy lady tried to have me arrested because she lost her camera, and realized she was in the wrong, but was still a witch about it.

So to the OP, again, sorry you had to deal with that. People can just freak you out and make you think you really are in the wrong, but you aren’t. Just keep doing what you are doing. You can’t make everyone happy, but at least you try.

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In my job people are just looking for a fight in general. They blame the police and the jailers for their own mistakes and therefore get pissed and mouthy… and sometimes physical. It is by no means everybody but it is enough to send you home with a bad mood a few nights a week.

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I used to work afternoons/evenings at a grocery store after I finished class. Every Tom, Dick and Harry who’d had a bad day at work would take it out on me on their way home because I guess it made them feel better about themselves (good for you, do you feel like a big man now that you’ve been a dick to a 5’3″ university student who did nothing but smile and be friendly?). I once had a guy who was totally nice to me for the whole transaction, but the second I gave him his receipt and wished him a nice day, he frowned, insulted my haircut and left.

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@Earlybride: I was a Pharmacy tech in school and had about 4 patients that worked at/previously worked at the same store who were the most horrible, rotten, and disgruntled people to deal with! I never understood why, because they should understand customer service just as much as anyone! Keep your chin up! 

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I worked security at a FAMILY theme park during the summer after high school and I wore a full police uniform. I was one of two woman officers and we both were hit on soooo many times. I had one older gentlemen escorted from the park because he was so disguisting (and he was with his two yound grandkids! eww). I mean, seriously, when is it ever ok to make blatant sexual remarks to an 18 year old girl (or any one!)? I realized that quite a lot of men have a uniform fetish, haha. 

Another time at that job I was called a rascist pig and that I shouldn’t be allowed to live because a woman was trying to go out the “in” door. I informed her that it was impossible to go that way and she went off on me and asked where the sign was. So I pointed to the sign. She then insisted that she was illiterate and that she couldn’t read it. So I pointed out that it was just a red “X” and the correct out door had a green arrow. I was nice the entire time even though in my head I was dreaming of slapping her. It’s one thing to be embaressed or having a bad day but it’s another thing entirely to just be a bitch and to try and get me fired because you “can’t” read.

I hated that job. lol

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I have to admit I get annoyed when I call somewhere and get put on hold, but it’s usually because the person putting me on hold does it curtly and rude and then isn’t polite when finally picking the phone back up. I do manage my expectations though based on what type of establishment I”m calling – a pharmacy I honestly wouldn’t care. Because people HAVE to go to pharmacies all the time, so I know they’re overloaded. But if I’m calling a spa or something I want them to roll out a red carpet and use proper phone etiquette.

I am lucky that my job does not deal with the general public. I do have clients, but they technically the middle man between me and the client. So everyone I work with is on my side and easy to work with. But I have had several retail jobs in college that were a nightmare. So I totally 100% sympthize with those people.

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oh geez,Ive worked in so many places and had so many wierd,random and crazy customers like you wouldnt believe! this will be long so bear with  me:

 The worst one was when I worked in a bar, which was known as being the local watering hole for the ahem,”older” generation. So it was easy to work there,no hassle from anyone,no drunken brawls ever broke out etc.

Until I worked there. This one night, a younger woman buys a round of drinks and Im serving her,she pays with a five pound note and when I give her the right change,she goes ballistic,telling me that she gave me a 20 pound note!I explain that I am positive she gave me 5 pounds,because I didnt have any five pound notes in the till until I had served her,and no one else was assigned to my till,and after serving her,magically,there is a £5 note in there! She insists,and keeps shouting and getting more and more crazy, and so I start to doubt myself that maybe I did make a mistake.

So my supervisor takes the till off,counts it up and it all balances out,so theres no chance she gave me a £20 note. But she wasnt happy with that,so she demanded that I be searched,which I agreed to,my manager searched my pockets etc and it wasnt there.

SO basically we all knew she hadnt paid with a twenty, I turn away from her while she is still yelling and screaming (Ive got a club full of thristy people to serve lady) and then she beckons me back over and tries to say something. I cant hear her over the loud music,lean over the bar to hear better,and she promptly grabs my hair and starts to smack my head onto the bar!It took all of 2 seconds for the manager to jump over the bar,grab her and chuck her out then call the police. The bouncers restrained her until the police arrived,and she was charged with assault,and I had a black eye!

It took me quite a while to be able to go back and keep serving,because the whole thing shook me up really bad, and I lost all my confidence. But the boss sat me down with a cigarette and a brandy,and all was well again lol!

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@nutMeg13: I totally relate! I managed a coffee shop for several years and actually got into my one, and only, argument with a customer over cappuccinos! I had two baristas working and they tried to ask him if he wanted his capp wet or dry. He went into this big rant and told them to “stop Americanizing it” and asked if they’d been to Europe, because he had and he KNEW what a cappuccino was and blah blah. Extremely rude, until I had to step in and try to explain the difference between a latte and a capp, until he started trying to belittle me as well, until I finally just turned to one barista and said, “Just make him a latte, I don’t care anymore.” He came back several times after that and one time actually dumped a large latte all over the floor, didn’t tell anyone, grabbed handfuls of napkins and threw it on the mess and then left. I didn’t notice it until way after. Pair that with all the crazy people who get pissed off because Starbucks caramal macchiato isn’t a REAL macchiato and ruined it for other coffee shops, and Tim Horton’s makes “iced cappuccinos”, which doesn’t even make sense since you can’t ice milk foam! AHH! Haha, sorry about the rant!

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I should probably write a book – 10 years of various retail jobs put me through school and gave me a good reason to never do it again.

My favorite was when I was about 19, I worked at Hot Topic.  I wasn’t really the Hot Topic type- I had a couple small tattoos (only one was really visible), and a few piercings, but nothing on the face, just non-traditional ear piercings.  I dressed more like a hippie than a typical Hot Topic kid.  So one night, I was wearing a low-ish rise but still covered up flowy skirt that hit the floor, flip flops, and a Brand New tee shirt (I only remember cause it was my favoritest tee shirt ever).  It probably showed a little belly, but only when I moved around and nothing obscene by any stretch.  So this mom comes in with her teenage boy, they pick out their stuff, and she comes to the counter alone to check out.  We had a normal, sane conversation, nothing special but small talk, and as she’s walking out, she turns around and says “I can’t believe, by the way, that they let girls dress the way you do in this store. You look like a whore and you should have a little respect for yourself.”  I was too shocked to say anything back, but my manager came over and read her the riot act for me.  It was awesome to have my boss stick up for me, but I simply couldn’t believe that someone would seriously call a stranger a whore right to their face.

Of course, now I’m a mediator, and I do mostly home foreclosure cases, which are by their very nature emotional and adversarial.  Thankfully, I don’t get the brunt of it now, the attorneys for the banks do.  What people don’t realize though, is that these attorneys are just working girls and guys like you and me- they’re mostly young, with a ton of law school debt, new families, and are just doing the job they could get in a crappy economy so they can put food on their kids’ tables. They take no joy in foreclosing on people, but people want to blame them for it anyway (yeah, cause it’s the bank’s attorney’s fault you haven’t paid your mortgage in three years).  We routinely hear “you have no soul” “how do you sleep at night” “you’re taking the roof out from over my kids’ heads”.  I’m the one who has to pull these folks aside and say look, they’re just doing their job, I hear your frustration, but they are not the ones to take it out on.  The attorneys are great though- most of them keep a straight face in the mediation, kill ’em with kindness, then go complain about it with us and the court staff in a closed room.

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I got called a f’ing b**ch on Monday for following store policy and not allowing a dog without proper rabies information to get groomed. Sorry lady, your dirty poodle is not worth losing my job over.

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