People make me sick!!! (TRIGGER WARNING)

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Jacqui90 :  My SIL had 2 yellow labs. Left them outside all year round. One ran away.  The other one stayed. Now she got a great pyrenese (better suited for our southern winters) but it died as a baby. So she immediately got another and now it’s 6 months old.  Both yellow lab and pyrenese live outside 24/7 and I really don’t like it.

I’m really sorry this happened. May her furbaby RIP. Glad she loved her dog unlike others. Which makes it that much more heartbreaking. <3

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konablend :  I’ve done this before, too. I leave my dog in the car and then remote start it, so the A/C (or heat, in the winter) stays on and the doors lock. Sometimes I have to stop somewhere on the way home from the vet or groomer, I’m not going to take my dog all the way home and then come back out.

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Jacqui90 : Im so upset in reading this. My eyes got teary. I can not stand people who abuse or maltreat animals. 

Im so sorry for the families loss. May the pup rest in peace. 

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sablescorpion22 :  Yeah, the only way this makes any logistical sense to me is if the person who found the escaped dog and put him in the car, the owner of the car, the person who found the dog dead, and the person who gathered and cremated the toys are all the same person. And that’s just logistical sense, not “why would this person do any of that” sense. 

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Such a sad story, but I’m also confused by the cremating and burying. How did this person gain access to the dog’s toys and manage to cremate them and bury them without involving the owner (but it sounds like they did not cremate or bury the dog itself?)… I’m not sure I’m following. 

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I think this probably happened some time ago & the OP just found out about it. Guy who found the dog dead in his car attended the funeral & did the whole toy & rose thing with the owner’s permission/gratitude. I would feel terrible if I found someone’s dead dog in my car, too. It wasn’t he who put the dog in his own car (because, why?) as that makes no sense (think of the dog tearing things up, possibly urinating, etc, in the car).

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Jacqui90 :  I am still confused. So some random person locked the dog in some random car? Or was it in a car that was on the property of the premises that your Future Sister-In-Law lived at? 

I don’t know this sounds really odd. Everyone I know here in Australia that finds/see’s a stray dog either captures it and calls the council/ranger/dogcatcher/owner if known or if they can’t capture just ring the council (etc) and give the details of seeing the dog. Or if they know where the dog escaped from put it back and secure it so it doesn’t get out again and leave a note to let the owners know. 

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I still don’t understand either.  If he was still in the car when SIL came home then surely the person who owned the car locked him in?  Otherwise how on earth could a random person lock a dog in a car that they don’t own? I don’t understand why SIL is accusing the landlady, or a man who walked past occasionally, none of those stories make sense or sound like a reason for them to lock a dog in a car. Also, it seems pretty obvious who did it, the only logical person is the car owner and if SIL was there when the dog was in the car then surely she knows who’s car it is?  

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Still confused…sounds Iike OP heard part of a story secondhand with hardly no facts and shared it with not much knowledge of what actually happened or who did what.

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