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  • poll: Your opinion of reclining on airplanes? (When someone sits behind you.)
    I don't recline, and I hate people who do enough that I'd use a device to stop them. : (55 votes)
    20 %
    I don't usually recline, and I would ask someone else not to. : (18 votes)
    6 %
    I don't usually recline, but I don't care much if someone else does. : (36 votes)
    13 %
    I recline a little, to take a nap, but sit up straight the rest of the time. : (50 votes)
    18 %
    I recline because the person in front of me does it. : (34 votes)
    12 %
    I recline, but I ask the person behind me first. : (5 votes)
    2 %
    I spent most/all of the flight reclined as I please - the seats are meant to do that! : (78 votes)
    28 %
    I would use a device to stop someone from reclining and then recline myself because I am pure evil. : (6 votes)
    2 %
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    @Bebealways:  I have intense panic attacks while on planes so I need to sit back and SLEEP

    Anyone who stopped my sleep would regret it instantly once my panic set in….I would probably panic from a seat that WOULDN’T recline! 

    However, I worry when others recline because it makes my personal space smaller and I then panic….Thank the lord for sleep medication! 

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    I normally HATE when people recline because I have trouble sleeping so I’m usually reading or using my iPad/laptop on that little pull down thing. I would never say something to someone. I wish people would pull up their seats on long flights (Euro, middle East, etc) so people can eat comfortably!!!

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    I don’t recline and when other people do it really frustrates me. While I understand that the seats are designed to do so you reclining basically means I am physically unable to eat, use a laptop or do anything else that might require more than a few inches of lap space and my tray table. In fact I have had a lap top damaged by a person in front of me that went back quickly and caught my lap top before I could move it.

    I am sure it is more comfortable and yes there have been times that I have wanted to but the thought of putting someone in that position stops me. The cramped coach seats simply are NOT designed to provide ample space when utilitizing this function. 

    @j_jaye:  Ugh yes!!! Do you need to pull my hair on the way to the bathroom? 

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    In general I am not bothered by the person in front of me reclining their seat, provided they don’t do it during mealtime and they do it politely. Not like the jackass who slammed his seat as far back as possible, trapped my laptop and nearly cracked the screen. And refused to let me get it out. And spilled my drink. You can bet I kicked his seat AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE.

    But like @j_jaye:  said, I blame the airlines more for not providing a decent amount of space per person. I’m 105lbs and a bit over 5’3. If I’m feeling super cramped, how does everyone else manage? I’m on a 20 hour flight next week and dreading it.



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    I usually don’t recline. I don’t mind if the person in front of me reclines a little, but not all the way. When someone reclines the entire way, I feel like their head is in my lap, and you basically can’t do anything. I think that it used to be alright, but it seems like the space betwen seats is getting smaller. 

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    @Bebealways:  It never crossed my mind that some people on planes could be emetophobic….I threw up my first time on a plane and have taken medication every ride since. I don’t get air sick but my anxiety upsets my stomach. 

    This thread is making me feel so bad for reclining because I am pretty much in that position the whole time. 

    @j_jaye: clutchers and clutters are the worse! People who feel the need to grab the back of each seat and others who slowly let their things cross over onto my side of the floor. 

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    I’ve been on one flight, and the person in front of me reclined. The person behind me kicked my chair the whole way. It was the worst >.<

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    I hate it when people recline. I only do it if there’s no one behind me or a small child. 

    That device sounds really passive aggressive though. I have super long legs. They’re long enough that they prevent people in front of me from reclining all the way. My favorite is when people in front of me try to recline, hit my legs, and then think perhaps there’s some sort of glitch. They then smack into me 17 times while trying to go all the way back. I don’t hesitate to say “Excuse me, those are my legs. Could you not go back that far?” Would people really buy a device just to avoid asking a stranger to not hit you with a chair? 

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    The angle of the coach seats on most planes really bothers my back if I don’t recline.

    The seats are designed to recline.  I have seen this debate before and really find it odd that people consider it rude to recline.

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    @Bebealways:  I extend the basic courtesy I would expect of others – just ASK me if you want to do it please! Normally I am happy to say “of course”, but I would like the chance to stop my legs being squished, my things being rolled to the floor, my laptop screen broken, my food/drink being spilt and have the opportunity to move myself/my legs, and get my things from the floor. I can’t get to my bag without being in the aisle if someone infront of me is reclined at all.

    I justdon;t understand how people could think it’s okay to slam yourself into someone elses lap and expect the to just deal with it!

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    This is actually one of my biggest grumbles! I am very tall and it genuinely causes me pain when the person in front of me reclines their seat. Unfortunately other than politely asking them to adjust there is not a lot I can do about it but on long-haul flights it can cause a lot of problems for me. If there is space elsewhere I will ask to move to a different seat but so often there is nowhere else to go. At least if they ask me then we can at least reach a compromise where they recline enough so they are comfortable and so it doesn’t case me issues.

    Personally if I want to recline I will always ask the person behind me if it is okay. Consideration goes a long way.

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    I am a TERRIBLE flyer. I suffer from extreme motion sickness (that remedy you’re gonna tell me to try, I’ve tried it. I promise). I have never been on a flight where I haven’t puked, so I recline for two reasons:

    1.) I try to nap no matter how long the flight.

    2.) I am short, so the head rest cushion only pushes my head forward and down. You try sitting straight up and bury your chin into your chest for 4hrs, then tell me how happy you are.

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    I hate reclining. Hate, hate, hate it and never do it myself. The space on planes is now so small that if someone in front of me reclines all the way, I am literally pinned to my seat. It’s really anti-social, and I wish they would just remove those reclining chairs altogether, or restrict how much they recline.

    As a proud English woman, I starch my stiff upper lip and do the whole long haul with a bolt upright seat just to show others how it should be done.

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    I recline as I please, but I don’t slam or thrash.  I consider my space to be the space in front of me to the next reclined seat + the space I can recline.  If you can’t fit in that space, you can upgrade, or get an exit row seat.

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