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  • poll: Your opinion of reclining on airplanes? (When someone sits behind you.)

    I don't recline, and I hate people who do enough that I'd use a device to stop them.

    I don't usually recline, and I would ask someone else not to.

    I don't usually recline, but I don't care much if someone else does.

    I recline a little, to take a nap, but sit up straight the rest of the time.

    I recline because the person in front of me does it.

    I recline, but I ask the person behind me first.

    I spent most/all of the flight reclined as I please - the seats are meant to do that!

    I would use a device to stop someone from reclining and then recline myself because I am pure evil.

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    I find reclining SO RUDE, especially on really cramped airlines like Spirit. It’s so disrespectful! As someone who uses their tray table throughout the flight for my iPad or food/drink, it’s just so frustrating and unnecessary. I never, ever, ever recline because I hate it so much when someone does it to me. It’s not like it’s even that much more comfortable! Don’t do it, people.

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    I always have my seat reclined, unless it’s meal time (or landing/lifting off). I find it more comfortable. Even for a 4 hour flight. 

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    I recline most of the time. I figure that’s why they make the seats with that option. I have bad joints and it helps my hips and back pain. The only time I consistently sit up straight is when they’re serving a meal ( and obviously for takeoff and landing). But once the meal is done and everything is taken away, I absolutely recline. I would be livid if someone used a device to stop my seat from reclining.

    I’m also weird in that I prefer to have the person in front of my recline so that I can skooch down and rest my knees on the seat in front of me. I try to put the pressure on slowly so it’s not like I’m kicking their seat, but it really helps my back pain to have that position as an option. 

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    I HATE people who recline, unless it’s an overnight flight, or reclining for part of a 10+ hour flight. It’s an evil, shitty thing to do.

    If the person in front of me reclines, NOTHING works right anymore:

    • I can’t get to the bag underneath my seat.
    • The tray table and the screen in the back of the seat are both at shitty un-usable angles.
    • I can’t move my legs so they completely fall asleep.
    • Exiting the row to go to the bathroom is like doing the limbo.

    Fun fact, reclining myself fixes exactly NONE of this!

    I can’t understand why they keep making planes with seats that recline. If you recline during the day you are a bad person.

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    I always recline and expect the person in front of me will probably do it too. We are all paying for a seat that reclines and I see no problem taking advantage of it.

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    @Bebealways:  I hate when other people do it, so I am not going to do it.

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    @whoa_its_ash:  +1!! That’s exactly how I feel about reclining. I recline as I please, just like th person in front of me. 

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    I kind of feel if you hate people reclining that much you should reserve a seat in the first row, pay for first class or take a private jet. It’s public transportation, what can you expect?! The seat is made to recline, you are paying to use the seat so it is your right to use all the functions of the seat. How that is rude is beyond me. I have never been annoyed by someone reclining and had no clue people felt so strongly about it. The only thing I find annoying is kicking te back of my seat but most adults don’t do tht and if kids do I can easily overlook it as long as the parent is continually reminding them not to.

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    I don’t let people stop me from reclining, and I wouldn’t stop someone else from reclining. I’m tall, I know this and as a result I usually make legroom a priority- for example when we travel internationally we usually go for business or first class seats.  Domestically, economy plus is where it’s at. I’m also a hugeeeee fan of the rows where you have a wall in front of you, or when no one is next to you. 

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    I recline about half way for most of the flight and I don’t mind if people in front of me recline.  They’re reclining seats, they’re made to recline.

    There was a topic here a while ago about this, and I couldn’t believe all the people saying how evil it is to recline your seat.  I thought maybe I don’t mind getting reclined on just cause I’m 5’5″, but I asked my 6’2″ husband about it last time he flew.  He was like “Why the fuck would I mind, that’s what they’re there for!”

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    After reading this thread I’ve never been more glad to have the ability to fly first class on long flights. I recline as far back as my seat takes me, get a few glasses of wine in me, and crash for the rest of the flight. In first I’ve never had an issue with recliners, and in economy my flights have never been more than 2 hours, and all the planes I’ve been on have had ample room still, so people who recline never bother me there either. I think if I had serious issues with people who reclined I would pay the extra to get a front row seat instead of risking getting offended or upset at someone who reclined their seat (even if I couldn’t afford first, the extra cost for an economy seat with more room would be worth it). Just wouldn’t be worth the stress to me, flights are already stressful enough without that added on to it.

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    @4cube:  This.

    I regularly fly long distances to Asia and back. If people recline all the way back then they are literally almost staring up into my face, whilst I am pinned, immobile, and unable even to get up to pee. If they recline about half way back, I am unable to watch TV, access anything underneath my seat, or eat.

    Reclining myself does not fix any of this. It just shares the misery with the row behind.

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    On short-haul flights, I don’t recline, even to take a nap. I don’t use anything to prevent anyone in front of my from reclining & I don’t ask anyone not to recline, but I do seethe in anger at their rudeness for reclining. I just have to hope that my staring bullets at them seeps into their selfish brains.

    One long-haul flights, I recline when I sleep, and when everyone is sleeping, but I tend to be considerate and sit straight up when I am awake.

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    I guess I have never been on a plan with seats that recline more than a few inches!  I might recline a little but again its certainly not to the extent that some of the PP’s have reported.  That is kind of crazy to me, that they can recline that far :/  And I would NEVER just bang my seat back before asking the person.  Often I don’t need to, I can kind of just curl up in the seat.

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    @JenGirl:  I totally do this too… and move reallllyyyy slowly so its like they can’t even tell haha. I do it on long car rides if I’m in the backseat, used to do it on the school bus too.

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    @Bebealways:  I didn’t really find the answer to fit what I do – so I’ll tell you.  If it’s a day flight I don’t recline.  If it’s a long into evening/night flight I do.  I hate nothing more than you trying to eat your lunch on a plane with someone elses chair in my face.  eugh

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