(Closed) People saying they think your DIY is tacky?

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Don’t pay any attention. There is more love in your decorations than anything she could buy at the most expensive florist. Yesterday my Fiance and I were watching an episode of Platinum Brides and they showed this centerpiece that cost $2000.00. I laughed and said that was ridiculous! I could make that for $5 with flowers from the dollar store. My Fiance said “And that’s one of the reasons I love you!” LOL  By The Way I am making my own flowers too, I KNOW they are going to be as beautiful as anything I’d find anywhere.

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@BlueRidgeMere:There is nothing wrong with DIY. I am sorry she is being so mean about it. Everything is not about right and wrong, often it coms down to preference. I don’t understand why this is soooooo difficult for people to understand.

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id politely tell her that its your wedding and you can do whatever the hell you want, as long as you and your Fiance are happy.

its no ones business but your own about what you want to do for the wedding, if i was any way crafty at all, which im not, id totally DIY as much as i could for the wedding:)

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When people rag on my DIY’s I tell them to STFU.

For reals.

My brother used to say “ewwwwwwwww you’re eating cheez whiz on toast that’s disgusting!” when we were like 3 & 5 (in retrospect, yeah gross) & I always used to say “why does it matter to you it’s not like YOU have to eat it.”

Same applies to weddings. Not their wedding so what do they care?

if you want to be more tactful, just ignore her and carry on.

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@BlueRidgeMere: Feel free to ignore your friend’s opinions!  This is your wedding and it won’t be tacky it will be beautiful.  She needs to understand that.  Secondly,  I wanted to say that stay true to what you want, sometimes someone can’t see your vision and may think the idea sounds tacky.  So many people gave me crossed eyed looks when I explained I was making vintage inspired fabric flower bouquets–even Mr. L was a bit skeptical.  The best part is that as work progressed and family and Mr. L saw the progress they shut their mouths.  Even better, I was talking to a friend after the wedding who thought I had scrapped my plans to DIY my flowers because from where she was sitting she thought they were real (which I hadn’t particularly intended).  Either way, my point is you will both surprise yourself and your friends with how your bouquet turns out.  Laughing

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I get this ALL the time!

Some of my examples are different, but they include that age-old formula of “You’re not really going to _________, are you?” when yes, indeed, I am going to ___________!

I have been sweet. I have been unaggressive. I have usually tended to blush and say, “Maybe, I don’t know yet…” when I know full well I would love to. 

Now, I’m going to resort to silence. Dead. Silence. I will simply not respond to emails and texts that are rude. If it happens in person, it will be awkward as can possibly be. I intend to look away and clench my jaw to get my point across. And finally when the witch asks what’s wrong or why I’m not answering, I’m going to say, very calmly, “Think about what you just said, please.”

THAT’s my new plan!

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I went to a wedding where there was DIY stuff done and I could tell, it was messy. I took 3D design and had a really strict teacher who told us ‘bad craft!’ on everything was was wrong with our projects. I can pick out imperfections from a mile away so I hold DIY to a high standard. So, with that said, DIY is one thing if it is done WELL and it is a total other thing if there is, ‘bad craft’

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It is so great not being cookie cutter with the typical wedding out the box. All those typical weddings are all the same and all you ladies working hard with your DIY’s will have unique and personalized weddings that people will actually remember. How did we ever get brainwashed into thinking weddings are supposed to be a certain way and cost the supposed average of 27k! My hats off to you all who buck the system and stay true to yourselves. Good luck to all of the DIY Brides!

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From one October 22nd bride to another…. I’ve learned that I’ll never please everyone at our wedding. Someone will have a comment about everything. The only people I need to please is my future husband and myself. We want to have the wedding we both want with a personal touch. Take a deep breath and do what’s in your heart and have the wedding of your dreams, not someone elses vision. You can only be polite for so long and it seems she just can’t seem to realize you’re both different and appreciate that. Are you sure you want her in your wedding at this point?

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To each their own! That’s what I say…but still, it’s hard not to take that stuff personally because it’s so “I’m better than you”-esque.

I think you nailed it when you said “I’m trying to keep up a motto of “our weddings are really different but they’re both going to be awesome” whenever she says stuff like this. I have to hold back pointing out the differences between us because I don’t want her to feel like I’m coming down on her wedding.”

One other thing that I’ve found in DIY’ing everything is that a lot of people are actually JEALOUS that you can do all that stuff on your own because they don’t have the drive/creativity to do it. And another thing I say to the naysayers is “Well, I LOVE crafting and stuff, so this stuff is fun for me. I’d rather have a unique wedding and save money than buy things that I don’t really like. This way I can personalize everything to exactly how I want it.”

Ooh that brings me to an intriguing thought….maybe DIY brides are actually just control freaks in disguise…hmmm…. 🙂

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