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I’m not sure about the other questions but I have been told that cut is the absolute most important of the C’s because it really determines the sparkle and beauty of the stone. I prefer solataire’s to 3 stones, especially if you have more simple, classic taste. 

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@KaylaFromAR:  for info about diamonds the forums on pricescope are super awesome.


to help try and answer some of your quesetions:


1).  Check out this link for ct size questions.  It helped me pick s .75 vs 1ct. You can play around with different carat sizes on your specific finger size 🙂 it’s awesome!



2). I believe this question varies but for me the order of importance is just as you described! Cut is by far the most important!!! 


3). For round diamonds especially the carat weight can vary– a well cut diamond will have typical size ( you want the cut of the stone to fall within certain perecentages ie: table width, depth, and angles ). there is a huge difference between sparkle in a well cut diamond vs one that is too deep or too shallow.  I did simple google searches when looking to get the %s needed.  Also– check a diamonds specs vs the pricescope HCA calculator! 


4).  I would definitely suggest going shopping and trying rings on!! You truly never know what you will prefer until you try!!! 


Best of luck! Let me know if you have any more specific questions! Would love to help a fellow bee out 🙂

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if you go here: Pricescope.com And tell them what you are looking for what you want to pay and they will find you the best stone(s) they will also answer any questions you have.  

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@KaylaFromAR:  excellent cuts are what I would go with..! Especially GIA certified stones (my preference, as they tend to be a bit stingier with their standards!!) at you looking to buy online?

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@KaylaFromAR:  ok! I bought my stone online as well–really saved a bundle doing that! Did you have a particular price point in mind? I would be happy to help you look online! Feel free To PM me!! 

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First I would start with GIA graded stones to ensure that you are getting the most accurate description and true quality.

If you want a ring that sparkles cut should be on the top of your list. 

I would put color next but it is all personal preference. If you like warmer stones than you can go lower on color (H-K). I have a colorless stone (F) and it is bright and beautiful. I think warmer stone look dirty and in need of a good scrubing.

Clarity depends on the stone. I have a SI1 stone but it is eye clean, meaning no inclusions are visable unless it is under a loop. 

Then carat. After determining the 3 characteristics will then determine the carat size you can afford. 

If you have a size 9 I would recommend an oval or round diamond probably a 3 stone ring.

Best of luck!

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@KaylaFromAR:  also–if you haven’t yet, check out Jamesallen.com they have magnified videos, which helped me learn what Different inclusions may look like in different stones. I ended up ordering my diamond from a different online source, but I loved jamesallens videos!

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Hi @KaylaFromAR: Question # 1 – Diamonds Carat Size

Carat Size = a Measurement of Weight

So altho there are some fundamental similarities when it comes to Carat Size & Shapes there are also differences.

These graphics can help you on that front:

GRAPHIC # 1 – Shows how much Finger Coverage there is for a variety of Carat Weights of Round Brilliant Diamonds on varying finger sizes

GRAPHIC # 2 – Round Brilliant Diamond Sizes in MMs.

GRAPHIC # 3 – Varying Shapes of Diamonds in common Carat Weights showing their sizing in MMs

Hope this helps,


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@KaylaFromAR:  I would look at excellent or very good.  You probably won’t notice much difference as long as your clarity is better than an SI2.  I really wanted a colorless diamond, and I didn’t mind if the clarity was an SI1 or SI2.  

It really depends what is available in the store.  You should just look and see what you can tell.  We ended up with something larger (1.5 when I was okay with a 1.3), but the color is an F and clarity is SI2.  I can only tell it’s not an excellent cut when I stare at it in the light.  

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@KaylaFromAR:  Question # 2 – The Cs & Ss

When it comes to Diamonds… there are a lot of variables things to consider.

Starting with what type of Ring you are looking for (the most visual aspects)

STYLE (Solitaire – Halo etc) – SETTING (Metal – Prongs etc) – and SHAPE of the Diamond itself (Round – Princess)… altho this last one is also considered part of the CUT Category as well

There are the Traditional 4 Cs for Diamonds…

CARAT (Size) – CUT (Shape & Quality) – COLOUR – and CLARITY


As well as COMFORT and COST

So as I said lots of variables.  Diamonds are an expensive item, so everyone has to find their own personal balance of all these things.

Personally, I am far more interested in QUALITY over Quantity…

So for me CUT (Quality) – COLOUR – CLARITY – CERTIFICATION – and CANADIAN are far more important than Carat Size.

But a lot will be determined by your Budget… and what you actually see that you like when it comes to Diamonds / Rings

CUT is by far the most important element in my book… because it is the Quality of the Cut that makes a Diamond reflect light.

Personally COLOUR is huge to me… as I don’t like WHITE Diamonds… I like mine clear, not cloudy… (water like) virtually Colourless (D, E or F)… altho I am fine with Nearly Colourless for smaller Diamonds in a setting (so G or H… and I sometimes)

Some women prefer warmer Diamonds… with more of a “white” or “yellow tinge”… and some people just love what are known as Fancy Diamonds that have actual colour to them (Yellow, Pink, Blue, Amber / Chocolate, Black etc)

CLARITY is a big issue for many women as well.  Altho I personally put it further down the list (behind CUT & COLOUR) because for the most part CLARITY isn’t visible to the naked eye… one needs a Jeweller’s Loup to see the imperfections*.  As long as there aren’t any serious imperfections that affects the performance / wearibility of the Diamond (ie it could crack) then I am fine with going lesser quality here…

* I will only buy Jewellery in person… and when it comes to Diamonds this is even more important for me… and I must see them under a Jeweller’s Loup.

In the end what you choose is up to what you like (fall in love with) and what you can afford.

— — —

Question # 3 – See info already provided in Answers to # 1 and # 2 above

Question # 4 – Rings Suitability

In truth, everyone’s hands are different.  It is another body part… so just like a one size fits all solution isn’t possible for something like a Bathing Suit or a Pair of Jeans so it is with Jewellery / Rings.

You truly have to go out and TRY THINGS ON.  See what it is you like / suits you.

You can go alone, with a Girlfriend, or with your guy.  Take your time… there is no rush.  There is nothing wrong with window shopping and trying stuff on (in the same way that you’d shop for clothes)

When it comes to Ring Styles… there are TONS of choices… not just Solitaires or 3 Stone Rings (altho they are certainly popular & nice).  You have to try things on to find out what it is you like / suits you.

You don’t have to make a decision that very second when you go looking (altho Jewellers can be VERY AGRESSIVE and try to make you do so… this is because many operate on Commission… so they have their own interests in mind… not necessarily yours).  Mr TTR & I took 6 weeks to find my ERing.

Do your homework… Reading & Research.  This post is a great start.  I suggest that you also look at a Website such as Blue Nile which as EXCELLENT Education Pages on Jewellery… cause as I said above… there is lots to learn / know so you can make an “informed” purchase.

And as Blue Nile is also an on-line retailer, you can use their Diamond Search option to see what is available at various price points when you change up the various variables (all the Cs)

Education Pages = http://www.bluenile.com/diamond-and-jewelry-education?track=NavDrawEdu

Hope this helps,


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