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@j_jaye: ” I hate fb. I think it is one of the worst things ever invented.”


I don’t know why people continue to use it. Honestly, it seems like all the people who use it bitch about it. I feel like society as a whole is losing touch with reality because social media sites like FB and twitter have so much influence, and its not reality, or its a really poor reflection of it. 


@FutureMrsT1221:  I am betting that your cousin has no idea what a self important beyotch she is painting herself to be over social media. 

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So far the only time I have posted about my wedding on FB is to ask for advice on a caterer, haha. But yeah, I totally agree. I had a high school friend who was married this last summer and pretty much everyday leading up to her wedding, she was posting her planning updates. WE GET IT, you’re getting married. FFS.

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@FutureMrsT1221:  haha! absolutely! so rude! 


@Skittles131:  Agreed 100% I have a friend who just got married but at that point I was like gahh I dont even want to go at this point bc I had already seen her shoes, heard all about the centerpieces, saw the venue, heard about what was paid, and tons of other detail –all via facebook. At the last month leading up to the wedding she was posting stuff every day! Sometiems multiple times a day!  I kept wincing thinnking about the people who werent invited!! 

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@Skittles131:  This reminds me – my cousin (who I’m not close to at all and haven’t seen in a good 10 years) recently got engaged (and her FB page has since been filled with engagement-related posts) and she just wrote on her wall “To all my friends and family, can you send me your mailing address just in case I wanna invite you to something in the near future? :)”

She has over 500 ‘friends’ on FB.  It is the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen.  What if someone sends her their address and then doesn’t get an invitation?  Like, does she think she’s being subtle?  

Talk about rude!  I absolutely hate any wedding planning updates on FB.  It’s just so inconsiderate to the people who will not be invited.  And I don’t really care whether or not it’s the bride’s perogative to do so… it’s just plain mean.


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Your cousin sounds about 18.

If she were my cousin, I’d actually tell her that. 

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I could not agree more!!! I havent used it in over a year and have ever been happier.

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@FutureMrsT1221:  I think there’s different degrees of drama on facebook. I know I’m guilty of posting things to vent, but I usually don’t call people out, and I really try not to do it often. I did get really annoyed a couple weeks ago though. A friend of mine is getting married soon, and she posted something after she sent out her invites yelling and complaining that she was getting a lot of RSVPs back that had no name or return label, so she didn’t know who they were from. Now, since I went through this a couple months before her I know how frustrating that can be (although I didn’t have that problem at all), but not only did she complain about it on FB..she actually tagged people in it! THAT’S what pissed me off. Personally, I would have just waiting until after the RSVP date and then contacted the people I didn’t receive one from, and treat all the no named ones as if I never got them. I thought it was really childish, and as a guest, I didn’t appreciate it.

Ok. Sorry for my little rant. lol. But I understand your annoyance. 🙂

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@FutureMrsT1221:  I posted a wedding-related vent when the lady who was helping coordinate our wedding either quit or was fired about three weeks after we signed our contract. That really sucked! But I hate vaguebooking and passive-agressive stuff. I have Facebook to keep in touch with friends and family that I never see, and it’s really useful for that. But I hate the people who post drama and vaguery.

@MsGolightly:  See my cousin gave me the best idea ever when she started planning her wedding. She created a closed group for all of the people she planned on inviting, and that’s where she asked for address, posted her wedding website, etc. It makes life easier on you to collect addresses, but at the same time you’re not bombarding your friends with wedding updates.

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I used to be upset by posts like these until I instituted a one strike, you’re out rule. One ridiculous Facebook post and I de friend you unless you (a) are someone I talk to at least twice a year, (b) are family and I have to put up with your ish or (c) the majority of your posts are amusing/entertaining enough to save you. I’ve seen a LOT fewer posts that make me face palm since then. Might be hard to unfriend her because she’s family, but you could always hide her updates!

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@spezia:  that’s a good system! I tend to hide posts on my newsfeed, but then I don’t get to enjoy the entertainment value either.

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I refuse to let FB get to me, I have too much shit going on right now lol I just don’t log on at all anymore. 

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@Jazzyjazz33:  I’m sure you didn’t mean it to come across a certain way, but I don’t completely agree about the ER pictures. I know several families who have/had children that suffered from life-threatening diseases. Some of the parents would occasionally post photos of the kid in the Hospital to help keep everyone updated on how they are doing and how they are coping – its a lot easier than sending out a mailer to interested parties or an email or personally calling a bunch of people. The best that I remember was a photo one Mom took of her teenage daughter having her toenails and fingernails painted by Nurses in ICU (while they were wearing the gowns and gloves to keep from spreading germs; it was awesome) – her liver was failing (again) and she couldn’t make it to her Prom, so the Hospital Staff stepped in to brighten her day a bit.

That said, if the intent is clearly to garner personal sympathy or personal attention then that is a different story and something that I have low tolerance for.

@FutureMrsT1221:  I can’t delete some people, but I have hidden them from my Newsfeed so I don’t have to deal with them. Makes life a lot easier and it makes facebook more enjoyable.

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