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Sugar bee

I love this expression, but I use it for people who just can’t shut up, and for some reason, they want to look like they always know more and better than anybody else – therefore they don’t just say BS, they have mouth diarrhea. 😉 

When it’s me and it’s just random comments (I don’t have an example in mind), I just ignore it. Some people are in their cars or pass you by and don’t even have the courage to say it to your face, they don’t deserver to be answered to, and don’t deserve my time. However, when I’ve witnessed this kind of behavior directed toward somebody else, I answered back and I confronted said bully. 

One example but it’s been years ago, I was waiting in line at a fast-food restaurant and it was late in the night, me and a few friends were coming back from the bar and we were hungry. And there were 2-3 guys in front of us and one of them kept picking on the girl cashier and her young teen colleague who were the only 2 to work the night shift. The guy was being rude and nasty. Now I have to admit I was slightly intoxicated myself so maybe it gave me the courage to answer back, but I also was bullied all throughout high school so I just CAN’T stand when other people are attacked. So I loudly said : ”if you don’t have anything smart to say, why don’t you shut the f*** up ?” The guy looked behind him and was angry, but his expression turned into fear (hahaha) because back then I was heavily gothic, and needless to say, so where my friends. He babbled a few insults under his breath, grabbed his plate and ran to his table. The cashier looked at me and said ”thank you miss”. I asked her if she was allowed to answer back to clients when they were nasty and she said no. o_O I don’t know … somehow I can’t help but stand for people who are bullied when I see it, it makes no sense that employees have to act professional and all smile while they’re being insulted. And that other customers ignore this kind of behavior, to me makes them all just as guilty … Foot in Mouth 


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Buzzing bee
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Hmmm… Not really a stranger, but I’d only known her for about 4 months at the time.

Once my freshman college roommate (don’t get me wrong, I still love her and invited her to my wedding, but geez…) looked me up and down when I got back from Christmas break and was like, “Rachelmichelle…. have you gained a little weight in your thighs?!”

Mind you, I weighed all of 102 lbs. I was completely taken aback. I just said, “Nope,” and started unpacking my things.

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Helper bee
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This is definitely my Mother-In-Law … She’s sweet, but the woman has no filter!

Darling Husband was bear hunting this weekend and she said to me “Maybe if he gets a bear skin rug I’ll finally get some grandchildren”

So gross!

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Blushing bee
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@Barbiestylez:  I know several people at work who act like this!  One girl told me she wanted to start working out so she wouldn’t end up looking like me.  Another girl told me she had the same outfit I was wearing, but that it looked way better on her and that I probably shouldn’t wear it to work anymore because she was planning on wearing it soon and it would make me feel bad.  I honestly was so shocked that things like this were said that I couldn’t even respond until like 5 minutes after they said them. 

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Bumble bee
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People are just rude lol. I’m sure there’s more but I can’t think of specifics right now.

One was a guy on NYE a few years ago who was chatting me up at the bar. He wasn’t cute and I was in no way interested but I was reciprocating conversation to be nice. It was really packed in the bar and I was wearing a sweater so I started fanning myself and said “It’s really hot in here” or something along those lines, he proceeding to say “Nah, you’re not that great.” I just looked at him like really?? I then turned around and ignored him for the rest of the night. My friend says she heard him say “Shit, I blew that one” because apparently that was a pick-up line?? When did insulting someone equate to a pick-up line?

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Sugar bee

@Barbiestylez:  What was his problem ? What an a**hole. o_O Honestly I would have been taken aback too if somebody would say something like that. It’s quite easy to imagine what I would say now that I sit quietly in front of my computer, but in the moment I don’t know what I would have said honestly … probably nothing as his stupidity and rudeness would cause major mindf**k to my brain.

Being a teen I was bullied and one morning a group of girls decided that my face reminded them of a rat’s. And they kept calling me ”ratface” or ”rrrrrrrrrrat !” whenever they saw me. At first it hurt, I felt miserable, and I wouldn’t answer back. After a while I grew tired of it, I turned, smiled to them, and said : ”wow ! rats are highly intelligent animals, and one of my favorite actually, so thanks for the compliment, you really made my day !” They stopped. But again, it took me several weeks before being able to find the right answer. Most of the time, I found it was easier for me to stand up for somebody else than for myself. 

I think those people need to say mean things to others in order to feel better about themselves. The sure thing you can tell without lowering yourself to their lever would be something like : ”Well, I hope it made you feel better. Have a good day !” You will probably be hurt or angry but don’t let it show. Just leave them comtemplating how miserable they are. 

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Bumble bee

@Barbiestylez:  in my job before where I currently work, I was a triage nurse in a clinic for some quite wealthy older people in my city. Why they felt that they CONSTANTLY needed to comment on my weight and that I am too skinny; that I need to eat more- it was beyond me. It got that way with some of my family too, especially when I would go back home.

I came up with a standard reply to all of the negative comments of “Well, I’ve been the exact same weight for the last 10 years… nope, haven’t lost any weight!!!

People are just such dicks and so insensitive at times…


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Sugar Beekeeper
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I have definitely been guilty of diarrhea of the mouth on occasion. I say something, then think about it and go “Well, shit. That came out wrong. That was actually SUPER offensive.”

But the absolute worst is people who say stupid/mean stuff, get called out on it, and insist that they’re right!

I once had this conversation with a family member.

Family member: I think we should drug test people on Welfare! If they can buy drugs, they don’t need MY hard-earned money!

Me: Well, they did that in Florida. It cost more money to do the testing than they saved by kicking the people who failed the testing off of Welfare.

Family member: It’s not about the money! (Insert 10 minute, profanity-filled rant about the moral character of people on Welfare)

I don’t mind occasional “Oh my GOD did I REALLY just say that?!” moments, but intentional douchiness/nastiness dries me CRAZY!

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Honey bee
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My mom’s golf buddies.  they’ve said all sorts of stuff to me and behind my back ( I only see them about once a year and have always been nice to them, so it’s especially WTF).  when I gained weight they told me I was “unrecognizable” and another time they said it was great I was marrying a Jewish guy, because Jews LOVE princesses.  Oh, and when an Asian guy dumped me years ago they said it was because “that culture doesn’t like lazy people” (never mind that this guy was probably one of the laziest people I’d ever met).  Btw, I never talked to them about my relationships, my charming mother had shared all that with them.


 They treat everyone that way though – they call people dumb shits to their faces, and every game they tell someone to fuck off or go fuck themselves.  they are constantly falling out with each other, and rival golf clubs refer to them as the ” _____ Club Bitches”

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Helper bee
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@WeddingTime18:  WTF?  What a couple of evil jerks!!!


I’m having a hard time thinking of something awful.  The only recent incident that happened was a few months ago – I was at work and I changed into some crops at the end of the day because I needed to be at the gym right after work.  I was at my desk and my co-worker screamed “You have HUGE calves!  I mean, they’re really massive!”  I was like, what the hell?


It’s really weird because my calves are not huge at all.  Every time I go shopping for boots I can’t find any that are even remotely tight because they’re just that scrawny.  But even if I had gigantic cankles her comment still would have been uncalled for and rude.


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Bumble bee
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The rudest/strangest/meanest comment I’ve ever gotten (that scarred me for a long time) was during my first OB exam. I was getting a pap smear, and the old (very rude) lady proceeded to tell me that “oooh, you’re deeper than you are tall!” Not in a nice tone either, but in an annoyed tone. She also told me that my cervix wasn’t “cooperating.” I’m 4’10”, I get it, I’m short. No need to comment on that OR my “depth”. For the love of cheesecake… I’m still annoyed years later! 

I also hate when people yell things out of cars and speed away like the little cowards they are!

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