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Ok I’ve had chihuahuas for 16 years. And like any dog, they are products of their environment. We never had a kid issue with them, one is actually scared of all people at first including children.  Barking may be an issue. Some are yappier than others. I found boys to be a bit more territorial than Females. They still will need exercise. Mine loved the outdoors and sun.  Occasional in house accidents aren’t uncommon. 

OH as far as medical stuff, my boy had a heart murmur, which is common for the breed.  He died of kidney failure at 12. We have his daughter who is still kicking at 16. She had a liver infection a few years baCk, that was the extent of her medical issues. 

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I am no expert, but a month ago my husband adopted a Chihuahua/Boston Terrir mix from our local shelter, for me for Valentines day. 🙂

She is a great dog! She is very cuddly, and truly is a lap dog! (Always wants to be in my lap, loved on, cuddling.) But not a lazy dog by any means! She runs all day long with our other dog, playing, chasing, ect. Today we took her for her first walk ever (we waited until she had all of her shots, and a warm day.) She LOVED it, and kept up fine with our other dog, who is 2 1/2 years old, and a pom mix.

She doesn’t bark when people knock on the door or anything like that. She barks at my cats sometimes, but alot less now than she did 4 weeks ago. She gets along with all people (children, strangers, other animals, too.)

Whatever dog you get, your training with the dog will make the dogs fate. If you let the dog think he/she is the pack leader, they will think they can get away with anything. But you sound like a very good pet owner, and dog classes would be great for them! 🙂

As far as potty training went, I had alot more patience than I needed. She was 12 weeks old when we first got her so I figured it would be a while before she would be trained. By a few days time she understood. She had less and less accidents, leading up to 14 weeks. She is 16 weeks old now, and I don’t remember her last accident.

Here is my lil’ Molly –

Good luck, and let us know how it goes! 🙂

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I’ve had them all the time growing up. They were good with me when I was a kid, and also good with my kids.  Some of them can be yappy and bark, some are more relaxed. Depends on the breeds.  But over all, excellent dogs.  They love attention.  

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@nickels:  we fixed ours who had a heart murmur.  but honestly I cant remember if we found out about it before or after we snipped him.

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I’ve never had a chihuahua so I’m not an expert by any means (honestly I’m more of a big-size dog person, so I’m sure that is coloring my perspective here), but my Mother-In-Law wants to get one of these dogs which does make me and Darling Husband nervous because I’ve never heard anything good about them with children and other dogs (she has two others already – a Scottie and a Jack Russell, and is always wanting to babysit the grandkids). In fact, pretty much every list out there of dogs that are NOT recommended for kids or families lists chihuahuas. These were the top results of a Google search, and they pretty much all say the same thing – they’re so small it’s easy for kids to hurt them, and they tend to get nervous and nip, and aren’t good around babies. I’m sure there are exceptions, and obviously training is crucial, but as far as the breed’s general temperment goes, I wouldn’t be comfortable one in my home since we’re currently expecting a baby.







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I grew up with small dogs including a few Chis (as well as bichons, dachshunds, maltese and yorkies.)  I can confidently say that Chis are NOT for homes with kids.  They are extremely tempermental and very cat-like in my experience…they only want to be touched when THEY want to be touched, are not generally super cuddly, not very playful and not “tough” at all.  Growing up with (and now having) probably about 15 small dogs total over my life, I can promise that they were all raised the same…the chis have some serious attitude.

I would recommend a mix, if anything, to temper some of their “issues.”  Good luck!

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