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I’m not a doctor or anything, but it sounds normal to me. I go off and on the pill and when I’m off of it, my periods are all over the place. Sometimes they’re crazy heavy, sometimes they’re light, sometimes I get one every 3-3.5 weeks, sometimes there’s a big gap (5-6 weeks). My doctor said it’s not a super big deal and that if I want to keep them consistent, to just stay on the pill. 

If you’re concerned, talk to your doctor. 

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Many things can affect your cycle – being a day late is no big deal, especially if you’ve been stressed lately. When I’m particularly stressed out, my uterus has been known to troll me for up to 11 days before deciding to let Flo show up. Also, stating the absurdly obvious, if you haven’t had sex then you have absolutely nothing to worry about pregnancy-wise….

In general, if you have concerns about your health, please speak with a doctor/gynecologist instead of the Internet.

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kangaroode:  So your period was a day late, flow was a normal color but lighter in volume  and no cramps.

Doesn’t sound like a problem to me.


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Being a day late is no big deal, really. That means you ovulated a day late, which randomly happens sometime. 

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I dont think any woman is ever completely consistent with ovulation all the time. A day here and there is nothing to be concerned about. Ovulation is affected by many things, including stress, circadian rhythm and metabolism. Its also pretty common to have the occassional anovulatory cycle which can cause your period to be a bit different. But you actually sound extremely consistant, even with this one slightly different period. Probably more consistant than most.

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Firstly, you never need to apologise for talking about your menstrual cycle – it’s 100% normal and half the world experiences it! 

It sounds normal to me! Periods vary and a lot of the time your diet plays a part, as well as emotional factors. It doesnt sound like anything to worry about. I would keep a diary and check it against the next few months, before deciding whether to see a doctor. 

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It sounds like nothing to worry about.  It is quite common for various aspects of your cycle to be different if you’ve been traveling (this is a big one for me), under a lot of stress, or even exercising more/less than usual. 

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Sounds normal to me. Stress can really mess with your cycle, pregnancy scares aside! If it is ‘odd’ again and it still bothers you, then by all means go to the doctor just for peace of mind. I had a different couple of periods even on the pill, having been like clockwork for years on it, and Dr said no big problem.

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“desperate”? Well, if you’re panicking and desperate, then lady, phone the doctor and don’t ask a bunch of strangers on the Internet?

Your period, like most things biological, is affected by the physical chemistry in your body, whcih in turn can be affected by what you eat, your stress level, how much you sleep, your emotional state, your age, your level of physical activity, etc. etc. So it’s normal for it to be inconsistent. Since oyu aren’t on BC, it’s unlikely that you are having some kind of reaction to that, and since you still had a period and just don’t have the cramps, I’d say it’s probably just a fluke. But again, if you’re really concerned, seek a physician’s advice.

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You’ll be fine. My periods differ all the time! 

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I’d make a note of it for your info somewhere since its unusual enough to be getting your attention. but I really think it’s probably normal too. Unfortunately cycles change with age a bit too and it sounds to me like you’re just a little late and having some old blood/spotting before the “real thing” hits.  Ps. Having a period tracker app is really helpful for me. I realized that about twice a year I’m almost exactly a week late. So now I won’t let myself have a “scare” until I let that week go by first 😉 

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