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Some people think having 2 methods of birth control is a good idea, just in case one fails.  I’d say it depends on how badly you don’t want children or whether you’re reliable in taking your birth control.  If you are always taking it on time, there’s probably no need for the condom, but it’s not like it’s harmful to use one.  Not sure I’d be into stopping the sex to put one on though – I find if he stops, it’s like I have to start all over again whereas he’s ready to go that second.

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My husband and I have only used condoms a handful of times (when we first started dating), we have exclusively used only birth control for years now (I’m on the pill). I know of very few long term couples who still use condoms in addition to birth control, but to each their own. If you are very worried about getting pregnant/don’t want kids it sounds like your method is very cautious and may be the right thing for your personally. And don’t worry, its good to ask if you are curious no matter what your age, and there isn’t one right answer to what you should/shouldn’t be using! 🙂 

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ive only used condoms with my partner when i wasnʻt on the pill but if you suspect that you are super fertile and donʻt trust only 1 form of birth control, doubling up may be ideal. I have a couple gfʻs who have been with their partners 7-10yrs each and still use condoms cuz they donʻt trust/like the pill.

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Have you asked why he likes to put it on? I’m surprised he doesnt lose his “urge to finish” in the time it takes to put on a condom. While I too dont know many (or any) couples in long term relationships that use condoms, if it works for you guys, then it’s your nomal and cool!

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Personally, I think it’s overkill to be on birth control and use condoms with a monogamous partner…but I am def not a medical professional so take my advice with a grain of salt. But, anecdotally, I have never used condoms with monogamous partners while I was on the pill, and have never gotten pregnant. I was always pretty good about remembering to take the pill at the same time every day though.

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For awhile we doubled up on our pregnancy prevention methods so my husband did use condoms while I was on birth control. He doesn’t anymore use condoms anymore though. I think he just got sick of using them and decided he trusted the pill to be enough. 

ETA: It sounds like neither of you trust the pill to work. I would do some research/talk to your doctor about the effectiveness of the pill and possibly consider if another option (like and IUD) would be better for you.

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This is totally up to you. We rely soley on birth control pills and have had no issues over the last 3 years since we stopped using condoms.

I take my pills every day, like clockwork – if you don’t think you’re not pedantic enough with yours then perhaps a second form of protection is beneficial.


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The pill works by preventing ovulation, which is when your ovaries release an egg once a month. If you don’t ovulate, there is no egg to fertilize and therefore you cannot become pregnant. So it’s no problem for him to finish inside you, because there’s no egg for the sperm to find. 

But if you do not take your pill at the same time (such as say, 9-12 pm every day), you run the risk of ovulating. If you don’t take your pill reliably, don’t trust it to work. If you do take it reliably, there’s seriously no reason to use condoms. 

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Don’t take plan B and the pill!  That is so many hormones. 


The pill is 99% effective if taken daily. I always figured if I got pregnant on the pill it must have been meant to be. 


Seriously tho, all those synthetic hormones from plan b and the pill could be harming your body. They aren’t meant to be taken together. The pill is effective on its own. 

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zoey830 :  that’s not weird by any means. I did that with my ex. I just didn’t like his stuff all up In There and having it come out. It’s a gross feeling to me. I even got an IUD and I had him use a condom at the end and those are over 99% effective (at least Kyleena Is)

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zoey830 :  I think it sounds reasonable especially if you guys don’t want kids right now. 

I’ve gotten pregnant on 5 different types of birth control so I can understand the fear. But I’m crazy fertile, like, watches a Clear Blue commercial and gets pregnant fertile. The best birth control for me has been the mirena but it’s all personal preference. We only use the one birth control right now but I’m waiting until my doctor gives me the go ahead on tubular ligation. 

Do what makes you feel comfortable! 

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We’ve never used two kinds of BC and while there’s nothing wrong with a ‘belts and braces’ approach, I wonder if your ignorance/anxiety is more the reason why.

It depends on your particular birth control but most are 99. yada yada% successful so the chances of pregnancy are very low. 

You shouldn’t be ashamed about asking these questions.  It’s better to ask than getting pregnant due to ignorance! You only know when you know so until then, ask away.

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When we first got together, my husband and I, we used two forms of birth control because we were young and if my BCPs failed, that would of been a huge wrench in our lives. After we got married we used a single form and nothing at all once I stopped BCPs and I was tracking my cycles. If you guys feel more comfortable using two forms, then I say keep doing what you’re doing. 

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