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I think if it’s your own pet, you have a smaller reaction to it than normal. I am allergic to cats too, we have dogs but we did have a kitten once and I don’t think we had that big an allergic reaction. (my mum, sister and I are all allergic) also whenever I am going to be around cats I take a tablet called Telfast, I don’t know if you have it over there, works well as long as it is taken a couple hours ahead of time. Or maybe a hairless or hyperallergenic cat would be a good option? Cos I know how miserable allergic reactions can be (i sneeze nonstop, runny nose, bleary eyes, etc when i come into too close contact with cats). and if he has something similar, he may not want a cat, cos who wants to be sneezing, etc all the time? but if you’re both wanting a cat, a hairless cat would be a good idea πŸ™‚

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Do you currently have a cat? I’ve noticed that when I live with a cat, my allergies subside, but when I’m away from them and only visit, my allergies act up. I know that doesn’t work for everyone though.

My nephew has allergies, my sister says they’ve improved after she started giving him a colostrum supplement. (Available in pill-form on Amazon or any vitamin store.)

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@Scottish_lassie:  hmm, if he still gets wheezy/sneezy over a cat he had growing up, he would probably be allergic to one that you have as a pet unfortunately πŸ™ 

here’s a link to some information on hypoallergenic cats, i hope that helps, a few breeds listed on there as some possibilities you could consider πŸ™‚


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I am allergic to dogs, but Darling Husband and I have one. I was pretty sick for a week or two when we first got him, but then I became immune. I’m not even on allergy or asthma meds anymore. I think it’s just a matter of getting used to it.

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I was never allergic to pets growing up.  And after my second pregnancy I became insanely allergic to cats.  So much so that we had to give our cat to my Mum, that said she only lives next door so the main difference the cats knows is that he is now fed at a different house.  He always liked to sleep there anyway.

But now I can not let him in the house, I don’t even have to touch him for my eyes to itch, I start sneezin and get itchy.  if I touch him I come up in huge welts.  Its a pretty major reaction, and only to cats.  I have no idea why.  i tried getting through it, thinking I would get over it, that he was just moulting.  it got worse and worse and worse until finally I found it difficult to breath.

And I can’t spend alot of time at my Mums, half an hour at the most.

Poor Maui.  I do feel bad that I don’t give him cuddles anymore, its not his fault! πŸ™

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My fiance is allergic to cats but I moved in with my cat anyway after we did a bit of a trial run and he didn’t die or anything. We have one room (my study) gated off so she can go in there and escape the dogs, and that’s where her litter box and toys are. She spends alot of time in there, and she is not allowed in his home office at all.

Since it’s my cat, I do most of the vacuuming. We’re pretty diligent about the fur, especially with two dogs as well! Our floors are all hard surface and I steam clean them every few weeks. Our furniture is either microfiber or leather, both of which clean easily. We change pillowcases a LOT. In our bedroom we run an air purifier with a filter rated to eliminate pet dander. The cat is VERY tidy and grooms herself constantly, but I use dander wipes after I brush her anyway.

My fiance still does get sniffly occasionally, but it’s usually around seasonal allergy time and it could be anything. It’s definitely a LOT better than it used to be. He never got welts or asthma or anything, but he’d get sneezy, red-eyed, stuffy, all that. I think his sensitivity is decreasing but it’s also taking a lot of diligence. We’ve lived together for one year now.

Bottom line though, I’d had kitty for 7 years when I met him and we were a package deal :o)

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I’m allergic to dogs and I have ALWAYS owned a dog that slept in my bed. I have super bad allergies to this day. Although I’ve suceeded in getting my dog to stay off my bed finally.

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I’m allergic to cats, but my husband grew up owning them. It makes me so sad that I can’t let him get one, but luckily, he likes dogs, too. πŸ™‚

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I think there are daily low-dose pills a doctor can subscribe? Zyrtec or Claritin or something? Also, you could look into a Furminator. They work great and might cut down on some of the shedding.

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My FH is allergic to cats. Pity him! I run a CAT SANCTUARY, 31cats  in the actual sanctuary and 9 in the house. I do not plan on giving up a single cat – he knows he is marrying a cat lady. No cats are allowed in our bedroom, I have two air cleaners in the house and he takes allergy medicine every day.

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