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I dont have  pet insurance and my impression of them is that they dont help to keep your pet healthy, only in a “oh shit emergency”, eats something he should, gets really sick.  Most people I’ve talk to dont think its worth the cost given the chance something major happens.  The regular vet appointment and shots to keep the pets health up werent so bad.  I think the intial puppy visits to get all my dogs shots were 50 and 75.  (The first round was already done by the rescue org).  Heartguard meds are like 60-75 year.  Advantix is like 50-75/year (we dont apply in winter since theres no ticks out).  And that’s about all I can think of that we’ve needed.

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Sugar bee
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Banfield The Pet Hospital is affiliated with PetSmarts across the U.S. and I have my dog on their Basic Plus Wellness Plan. It’s like $30 a month and it covers all vaccinations, all office visits, 15% off prescriptions and services, and a dental. The dental alone out of pocket would cost more than what we pay all year for the Wellness Plan and I love never having a bill when I leave. I’d recommend it if you have a small dog that will need dental care, or if you’re a freak like me who likes the freedom to bring your pet in for any little thing that concerns you without paying the $35 exam fee every time.


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I’m curious to see what other bees think as well… I didn’t get pet insurance but now that my oldest great dane is almost 5, I am thinking about it.  I’m pretty sure at some point his poor hips will deteriorate, as they aren’t really built to last, but thankfully we aren’t to that point just yet. 

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Busy bee
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We have Trupanion for our Golden Retriever. It’s $54/month, with a $125 deductible, the monthly cost includes the optional Hip Displasia coverage.

We did not get it for him right away, and had said we would put aside $75/month for him for emergencies.

When he was 8 months old, he ate something he shouldn’t have (entire puppy Nylabone) and the emergency money and then some was gone in an instant. We ended up having a whack of immune system issues with him from Feb to July of 2011. We opted for insurance Jan 1, 2011 and what we have been paid back in claims has been like double what we have paid for insurance -in our case we are lucky to have it. He’s not been to the vet since November, and I’m glad there’s no need for the insurance right now, but heaven forbid there is in the future, we really don’t have to worry. The reason we went with this insurer, was 90% payback and no limits, we found other insurers maxed an amount per issue and in an emergency or surgical situation that is the last thing I want to worry about. The “con” to this insurer is routine stuff is not covered (vaccines, spay/neuter, and the exam fee) but to me, routine stuff is a given with a dog and not what I want insurance for.

Peace of mind we just include with our monthly “home” expenses, and don’t even really see anymore, nevermind that it’s more than our monthly home insurance :p

I think the biggest things to pay attention to with vet fees are exam fees, xray set up fees, and per xray costs, those are likely your biggies at the vet 🙂

In terms of other healthy pet suggestions -we have our guy on an immunity supplement, as well as a probiotic that run about $25/month total. His food is $72 every 5 or so weeks 🙂

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Honey Beekeeper
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I’ve always been of the belief that pet insurance is rarely worth the expense because it doesn’t cover any basics (vaccinations, yearly check-ups, heartworm meds, etc).  It simply covers dire emergencies.

I believe you are better off putting the money you would spend on the monthly insurance premium into an account that will then cover any unexpected pet expenses.

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@Mrs.KMM:  Not true for all policies – I have pet insurance through VPI and it reimburses me for part of the cost of my dog’s vaccines, checkups, and heartworm/flea preventative medication.

OP, I got it simply for peace of mind. Of course I hope to never have to use the major emergency part of the policy, but it’s a small monthly cost for me and totally worth it knowing that should something bad happen, I don’t have to worry about major medical expenses for her.

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We got our puppy the Banfield insurance for his first years because it covered all shots and his neutering. for $30/month After the first year we switched to the ASPCA insurance because I didn’t like being restricted to the limited hours of the Banfield offices and locations were not interlinked so they didn’t have my dog’s medical history if I took him elsewhere. We pay $42 a month for our dog now on ASPCA, it’s one of the higher tiered plans. I picked a higher plan because I wanted more coverage in case something did happen to him. My DH’s childhood dog (same breed) had a lot of accidents that were costly so we wanted to make sure we were covered if it happened to our little one.

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When we got our cats two years ago, we looked into pet insurance but never went through with it.

Now I got one cat that is currently being screened to find the reason for his digestive problems. The vet thinks it might be Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Several hundred $$$ later, he is on pills, antibiotics, a special, expensive diet and we are waiting for the blood and stool exam results. Meanwhile, I rushed the other kittie to the vet this morning, after a sleepless night caused by an allergic reaction to his annual rabies shot that is required in our state.

I wish we had gotten the insurance, but I’m also not a 100% sure it would have covered that.

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Bee Keeper

Pet Insurance… find out what they DO cover, then consider if it’s worth it.

A lot of common problems they do not cover.

Crystals in cats – NO

Operation about $2000 plus painkillers and antibiotics medication afterwards

Some cancers in dogs – NO

We had our dog’s foot amputated $1000 plus painkillers and antibiotics and had to put him down 3 months later because it spread all over. 


So for me Pet insurance is not worth it. I would save money monthly for such emergencies.

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Busy Beekeeper

I’m currently researching pet insurance and looking into VPI.  It looks like it’s about $35-ish a month and covers lots of things.  I plan to talk to the vet about what insurance they recommened.

The friend that recommended VPI has a dog that’s accident prone.  They said the cost MORE than makes up for it – as they just had to shell out thousands for surgery because their dog ate it’s blanket and it got stuck.  🙁

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@yellowshoe:  Just FYI, I think last January Banfield’s computer system went nationwide so now records are available everywhere! We went to San Antonio and to Savannah and would’ve had a place to take our dog for free vet care on vacation. That’s actually one of the reasons we have kept it! Even when we’re two hours away visiting my parents, there’s that peace of mind!

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Bumble bee
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We did not opt for it, and I’m actually glad we didn’t. Our vet said it was worth it if you start from the beginning and get a wellness plan (which does vaccines as well).

The reason I’m glad we didn’t – our dogs surgeries would have not been covered. Depending on your breed, you should always look at what is/isn’t covered. We have a lab and a lab mix. Our mix was diagnosed with hip dyplasia at a year old – the majority of pet insurances do not cover HD. I know some don’t cover cancer or other things (you often have to buy the ‘premium’ one for cancer).

Just something to consider. Not only would we be out the 5k in surgery costs, we would also be out insurance that wasn’t able to be used.

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VPI is not that great, per my research. I just last month signed up for petplan for my dog (cancer IS covered). I pay $25/mo. I decided to do it after my parents paid $3000 for surgery on their puppy’s broken leg. The $25/mo in a savings account wouldn’t have come close to touching that.

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Sugar Beekeeper

We opted against it, it just didn’t seem to be worth it in the long run and we did look into VPI and Banfield. I also loooove our vet and they are way more accommodating than Banfield (we had a few bad experiences).

We opted instead to get Care Credit which is a line of credit (like a credit card) that is available to you should you need it for expensive medical and vet services. If you pay off the expenses in three months or less it is same as cash so it is a win-win.


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