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I have it for one of my dogs, and although I don’t have any of the specific info on me, I can tell you it’s pretty pricey.  I think it is worth it for younger puppies that seem to injure themselves and need all sorts of shots and nuetering/spaying, but it’s not really worth it once they get a little older unless they have major health issues.



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It really depends on what kind of dog you have.  I have a lab and when he was a puppy (he’s 4 now), he got into everything.  We use Banfield at Pet Smart as his vet so we have a plan there where we pay about $30 a month and he gets unlimited visits and I think his neutering was included.  We also have Pets Best Insurance which we pay about $500 a year for.  

With our dog Pets Best has been completely worth it.  When he was 5 months old, he swalled a sock and had to have surgery and about a year ago he ate some brownies off of the counter (I was baking them for a party so did not notice only 5 of them were missing) that were held in silicone cupcake cups and they got stuck in his intestines.  It was really gross – when they came out during the surgery, they were still in perfect condition ha.  He also got Lyme’s Disease twice (we use Frontline but he is in the woods and the creek almost every day) and the visits and testing for that were expensive.  We pay up front at the emergency vet and then we are reimbursed for an amount minus our deductible.  It has saved us a lot of money.

As far as the Banfield plan goes, now that he is older we don’t go to the vet as often because he’s not getting into things but if you have a puppy and use Pet Smart, I would recommend it.  You can choose whether or not to renew it every year and we may not for next year.  They used to call my dog their “frequent flyer” so I would say we definitely got great usage of it when he was a puppy.

I hope that helps with your decision!

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My company actually offers Pet Insurance through MetLife as one of our employee benefits. However, I didn’t purchase it because it was more of catastrophic coverage.

We do utilize Banfield and their Pet program for our dog which is really helpful. The annual cost of the plan more than covers the office visits and vaccinations. Our dog is a beagle and has some of their other typical issues like dry skin and can’t express his own butt glands. So the discount on services not included in the plan is really helpful.

I also have a cat but we did not enroll the cat in the program as he’s not as “needy.”

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I wouldn’t get pet insurance, period.  I’d rather put away the money each month or pay-cheque into some sort of savings account for emergencies.  I’ve seen people who had pet insurance and were able to use it, but weren’t really saving that much money because the deductibles were catastrophic. 

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This is what we have now and had for our last dog. You’d better believe its worth it, especially when something catastrophic happens. We have the Gold Plan and pay $90. quarterly.

We got it too late for coverage relating to her illness (ITP) for our last dog, but when we had a grooming accident and she needed energency care and stitches (to the tune of $1300., we got 90% of it back within a week.) This insurance has been great, and I highly recommend it.

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@lisapisa1:  Our Beagle had that butt thing, too! 


I’m glad you asked this…I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately.  My little Milkman is in great health, but the fact is, it would be a huge hit to us if something suddenly came up.

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I have PetCare for my yorkie, and it’s pretty cheap ($18/ month) and I’ve had to use it already. It was easy enough to file a claim and they sent me a check in the mail.

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My employer also offers pet insurance as an add-on cost for our employee benefits, but I declined it. I’m pretty loyal to my vet, even though I’ve moved several times since I first started using them, and now face a 45-minute drive to the vet; but I trust them, and I’d rather drive out there twice a year than start over with someone new. Anyway, my vet does not accept any pet insurance, so I’d have to do a lot of paperwork to get a small reimbursement for most things, and to me that is just not worth it.

If you’re considering it— and it can be a good thing, in some circumstances— read the policy VERY carefully so you understand what is covered and what isn’t, and what you have to do to file a claim. And find out if your vet accepts it. If not, then you have to decide if the benefits are worth changing vets.

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I’ve always been of the belief that pet insurance is rarely worth the expense because it doesn’t cover any basics (vaccinations, yearly check-ups, heartworm meds, etc).  It simply covers dire emergencies.

Also, many companies have breed restrictions where they will not cover common problems that occer within a breed no matter how long you’ve been insured (ex. bladder stones in Dalmatians or hip dysplasia in many breeds).

I believe you are better off putting the money you would spend on the monthly insurance premium into an account that will then cover any unexpected pet expenses.

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Honestly the non-pet insurance people and their savings accounts, hate to sound so rude, and maybe envious I don’t have a healthy animal, but your way doesn’t work if the OP is posting about considering insurance! Some people want insurance, and some times if you have a vet bill a savings account can be cleared in a short amount of time! I know this is a public forum, but the OP is looking to hear from those who DO have it. Seriously drives me crazy, for some people a savings account just doesn’t work or isn’t enough re-assurance.

We have a $60/month (incl hip displasia coverage (I think that $8 more/month, and incl taxes) plan for our needy Golden Retriever.

We originally had the mindset of dog savings in case of an emergency, however when he was 8 months and ate something he shouldn’t have that amount was cleared out a few times over! My parents dog has been the $20000-$25000 or so dog with two major surgeries and a third major emergency surgery with a long recovery.


Our deductible is $125 per incident. Our coverage is 90% per incident.

We are with Trupanion.

Routine things are not covered, nor are exam fees -I got a dog, I knew those expenses were coming -drives me crazy when that is the excuse not to get insurance. We all know those fees are coming when we get a dog. Almost like getting a car and expecting insurance to cover oil changes. The 90% coverage (rather than a “capped” amount on an incident, joint or illness) is what attracted me to choosing Trupanion over others. Example, my parents dog had two TPLO surgeries (on each knee) most companies would only give the capped amount (let’s say $5000) for that joint as a whole, not factoring in there are two of those joints on a dog -something I learned in asking a LOT of questions! With Trupanion, if both of his knees were to go, I would have 90% coverage on both.

They are quick to respond to claims, and I always get emails from them after my vet has submitted the claim, when it’s under review, and then when it’s been processed. They are always quick to sent payment, and in the 25 months we’ve had the dog, we’ve been paying for insurance for 15 of those months we are still in the plus about $2500.

Do I want to be “wasting” my money on insurance? I would love to be in that position someday, but so far I have a cutie pie dog that is needy and sensitive that I don’t want to worry about when I go to the vet. We never have to think to do, or not to do any diagnostic stuff, and testing, it’s just done because it’s covered with insurance and money is never a stressor or something that gets in the way of him getting the best care.

Heaven forbid in an emergency, it’s a great thing to not have to worry about the vet bill, just worry about the health of him!

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You need to read what it covers very carefully before purchasing and pick a plan that best fits your situation. Do your research and if you have questions, I suggest asking your veterinarian.

If you have a young puppy or a dog with a medical condition, it could be useful. Otherwise you could be putting in money every month for nothing. It is just something to consider.

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@mixtapehearts:  Yeah, that seems alittle pricey for an otherwise healthy animal.

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@Beebug:  The OP said she was “trying to decide if this is worth it or not” so anyone who has experience with pets and has researched pet insurance has a perfectly valid opinion that the OP could find helpful (whether they decided to go with insurance or not).

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