(Closed) Pet names for your, well, pets! Who has them?

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Honey bee
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I call my dog “cutest” all the time. Because she is the cutest dog ever lol. Fiance calls her “awesomesuace” and “pupdog”. His coworker calls her “pupperton” because it sounds regal and she looks like a queen with her paws crossed. We also call her “brat pupdog” because she will ask to go on the couch and run away if I try to pick her up instead of Fiance.

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Bee Keeper

Our cats, Zulu and Tango, are our “Chickens” because they were very scared when we first brought them home. I also call Zulu “Zuzu” and “Fat One” because he’s the bigger of the two (he’s actually far from fat). Tango’s nickname is “Little One” because he’s the runt and, well, little.

Tango (Left) and Zulu.


I’ve started calling my parents’ cat Kilo “Turkey” because she’s much bigger than our “Chickens.”

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Helper bee
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For our dog Cooley, we call him:

  • Cools
  • Coolio
  • Coolster
  • Bubs
  • Bubby
  • Chum-chum
  • Buddy
  • Wiggles

Its a wonder he even knows his name!

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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My older dog I call “gorgeous girl” “Mollyopolis” (her name is Molly), i call the younger one “cutie” “Ladybug” (her name is Lady)

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Busy Beekeeper
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My cat Ginger is nicknamed furball. 

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Bumble bee
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I have two kitties:

There is Smudge:

She also goes by:

  • Smudgie
  • Smudgikins
  • Chubby Bunny
  • Baby boo boo
  • Smooshy
  • Darling

Then there is Kelly Clarkson:

She goes by:







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Bumble bee
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The cat is Misty, the dog is Cami.

Misty never really had nicknames when she lived with my parents, but my Fiance and I inherited her last year and since then I’ve started calling her “Little Bear” (I call my Fiance “Bear”). And then variations on “Fuzzy”…also she’s getting pretty old (14) and pretty crotchety as she gets older, so sometimes she honestly just gets called the B word for being…well…a complete B, haha

Cami (we originally were going to name her Killer when we were talking about getting her because we thought it was funny since she’s so tame looking, but then didn’t get her until RIGHT after 9/11 and then the name seemed wrong…) has many nicknames. We call her the Dumb Blonde of the Family (she’s the world’s most stupid dog. Seriously. A complete sweetie but a complete idiot). Dopey. My dad calls her “Camster the Hamster” which always annoyed me since she’s clearly not a hamster lol…many other variations on the stupid thing, hehe.

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Bumble bee
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Boo boo

Monkey… I think she actually thinks this one is her name ha!

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Blushing bee

My kittens (well…cats, but i still call them kittens) are Bailey and Macallan. Bailey goes by Bailey Butts. Macallan goes by Mickey Mouse or just Mickey.

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Helper bee
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We have 2 cats

Pearl, she’s the smallest of the 2 (runt of the litter) and she is the most OCD cat ever

  • Pearl Girl


  • Pearly Girl


  • Princess Pearl

Gemma is bigger and reckless and a dare devil; Pearl often looks on while Gemma does crazy stuff and judges her lol

  • Gem Gem


  • Gema-lusky


  • Gem-balia (like the food jambalaya)

I know we have more names but I can’t think of them right now

Together = Hoodlums

Pearl is the grey/muted tortoise one and Gemma is the toroise/calico


Edit:  I keep trying to resize the photos but it won’t stick! Sorry they’re HUGE!!


Everyone’s pets are too cute!!

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Sugar bee
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Oh yeah.

Meet Molly.

Also known as Mullberry, Mulberger, Mollusk, Maldeker, and Peach Tree (I don’t know why that one stuck…)

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Buzzing bee
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Girl cat:

  • Nancy


  • Nancy Pants 


  • Pants


  • Tiny Pants (she’s quite small for an adult cat…)


  • Pantacles (ending like in Heracles (-“kleez”), derived from Pants) 


  • ‘Clese (derived from Pantacles) 


  • Lady Pants 


  • Lady


  • Girl


  • Girl Butt (…but she has a proportionately very large rear end) 


  • Butt


  • Buttface 


  • Bitchface (when she yells a lot and makes me mad) 


  • She’s deaf, so doesn’t answer to any of these……

Boy Cat:

  • Dexter 


  • Pooh Cat (he used to sleep spoonig with my stuffed Pooh Bear)


  • Pooh


  • Poohtie 


  • Chirp cat (he doesn’t meow, he chirps at a very high pitch)


  • Thunder cat (we were talking about the show once, and every time we said it, he chirped – he chose it for himself) 


  • Panther cat (big beautful sleek black cat) 


  • Little man 🙂 


  • He answers to anything with “cat” or “pooh” in it 

Cute thread idea! 

ETA: I also used to have 2 bunnies 

  • Rocket (FI’s name of choice) 
  • Fiona (my name of choice) 
  • FI-nut (like peanut) 


  • Tank (FI’s name of choice)
  • Daisy (my name of choice)
  • Bun-Two (when neither of the other names stuck…) 

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Sugar bee
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First I feel the need to state that we love our dogs, we just also like to poke fun. 

Coby (the black one) is Coby-Doby, butterball (because his butt is big and looks like a turkey when he lays down), Crybaby

Carly is Carly-Barley, or just Barley, Puppy-Duppy, and Loud Brown Skinny Moron. 




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