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Rule #1 – Puppy goes in the crate any time you or your husband are unable to pay him full attention until he is fully potty trained.

Rule #2 – Puppy is to be taken outside for potty time immediately upon being released from the crate.

Rule #3 – Buy the smallest crate recommended for your dog or purchase a crate that allows you to block off a portion until he is bigger.

Rule #4 – Do not use the crate for punishment.  The crate should be a safe place for your puppy to rest and sleep.

Other than that my best piece of advice is to take a week off (or a long weekend) when you adopt your new family member and spend as much time as possible with him for that week.  It will help you bond and allow you to identify his/her pee/poo behaviors so you will know when he needs to go out.

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Following as Darling Husband and I are getting a dog soon ๐Ÿ™‚

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@beachbride1216:  “Rule #4 – Do not use the crate for punishment.  The crate should be a safe place for your puppy to rest and sleep.”

Absolutely this. This times ten hundred billion thousand. In the wild, dogs have dens. Their den is their safe place. They go there when they are scared and want to feel safe. They go there for good things.

Absolutely never ever use the crate as punishment. Do not scold the dog and put them in the crate. They will learn to see the crate as their den and they will want to be in it. Reinforcing good behavior + crate = a happy den.

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@beachbride1216:  +1 to absolutely everything!

One of the biggest things that I learned when crate training our puppy is to never use it as punishment.  Dogs have a wolf instinct mentality and see their crate sort of like a wolf sees its den.  It’s a place for comfort and shelter and safety.  And don’t allow them too much room in the crate.  Dogs will almost never pee/poop in their own area.  If they can do it and get to an opposite corner of the room…or crate…they don’t have a problem with it.  We found that consistency was the best thing when crate training.  Let us know what you end up getting!  Not sure if you guys are into big dogs, but we have 2 boxers and absolutely LoVe them ๐Ÿ™‚  They’re the best dogs!

ETA: Here is the link to the video we watched on crate training – I found it helpful ๐Ÿ™‚ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=umh9WrGcRS0

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@beachbride1216:  good tips!

We only crated him when we were not home.  He was never put in there for punishment or to prevent begging.  We’d put him inside in the morning with a peanut butter kong, and once let out, went right outside to potty before coming back in.  Otherwise he was free to follow us around the house and hang out with us.  We constantly watched him at home so we never had to crate him when we were there.  I think it helped with potty training though since even though he did have accidents, it was caught immediately and we could take him right out so he knew it was wrong.  To prevent begging, we just swatted him away and told him ‘no beg’ and to go lay down.  He eventually got the picture.

We crated him over night also until he was about 6 months old and could hold it overnight.  At first we crated him downstairs so that he’d be closer to the door, but he cried a lot when we left him and in the morning when we woke up so we eventually brought the crate upstairs.  We don’t crate him at night anymore so the crate is just downstairs and only used when we are at work.  We could probably leave him out all together, but he runs to his crate now after his breakfast and morning potty in anticipation for his kong, so we just continue to use it.

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Crate training is a god send. Our dog is high energy and wont mature for a few more years, so crating him was the best thing we ever did.  

We started crating him the same day we got him. Remember only give them a small section of the crate to start. Alot of sites say to sort of ease them into the crate, well my dog is fearless and not too concerned about much so i just put him in there when i needed to take a shower. He cried for 5 minutes and then stopped.  The first day i had to leave him in it while i went to work i came home to him crying. The second he realized he wasn’t abandoned and that i would return he stopped crying and never had an issue after that. Try not to make a big deal about it and they wont either. 

We try not to use it much but when he was REALLY bad as a puppy he would get a time out in it for 5 minutes. You have make sure they dont associate the crate with getting in trouble though. It used to be in our main living room where there was lots of light for him, not its in “his bedroom” by a window. But he doesn’t really go in it much anymore since we trust him to be out free in the room instead. 

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I crated him while we were gone and during his potty training. Now we leave it open and he goes in it when he wants to sleep.

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just to add, we feed our puppy in her crate–it helps associate the crate as a good, positive place where lovely things happen! lol. we also trained her to go in the crate– we say “go to your place” and point at the crate, and she gets a treat when she goes in. she loves her crate–she’s asleep in there now as I type this! 

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1. If the puppy is going to be in the crate for a long time period stop feeding and watering him 30 minutes to an hour before you’ll put him in and take him potty right before you put him in.

2. You can put the puppy in the crate as punishment however you have to make sure he understands the difference.  Use an angry and strict voice when you put him in there as punishment and a friendly voice as you love on him when you put him in if it’s not punishment.  I know a lot will disagree with me about this however the average dog will understand (if your dog is stupid than don’t do this).  It’s like how parents send kids to their bedrooms when they are in trouble.

3. If he wont be in there too long leaving food and water in the crate with him is fine but in my opinion it’s best not to have that be always his main area to eat.

4. Take him out potty right after you let him out.

5. When you start crate training if he was a good boy while in the crate he should always be rewarded however if he’s bad than ignore him.  They act out more if they know they can gain your attention.

6. Find a toy that’ll be easy to wash for him and put it in the crate with him if he’s not in trouble.  It’ll also help him associate that he’s been a good boy however he has to be in there.  Giving him something to do when he’s in there will also make him less likely to act out.

7. Some dogs but very few behave better in a crate when they have some kind of noise.  If it’s something that your willing to try out you should grab a cheap radio and just have it set a station for him to listen to.

8. If you can grab a small old towel that you wont need for at least the first two weeks.  If you meet the puppy’s mom rub the towel on her to get her sent.  At first he’s going to miss her a lot so you’ll need to have it handy at all times.  If he’s not being punished but he’s in the crate put it in there with him.

9. NEWS PAPERS! You can not own enough news papers when crate training.

10. You should have a command word for when you put him in the crate so that can be the first thing he learns.

11. If you plan on having him crate trained until he’s becoming big or longer you should buy one that is at least required for his breed.  The only reason why you might want to get one size bigger is because he might be big for his breed.  If you only plan on having him crate trained is while he’s a puppy you should still get a bigger crate than what he’ll need when you get him but it probably wont have to be the one an adult of his breed would need.

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We have a German Shephard, so the crate for her is HUGE! She wasn’t interested in it at first and then my Darling Husband went inside of the crate and she followed after him and he petted her in there. After that we would randomly throw treats in there and she would wilingly go in there to check it out every time she passed by. She never had a problem going in her crate, and goes in there to nap sometimes (we leave the door open when she’s not in it).

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@6598731ssfse3:  Boxers are awesome!  So fun and sweet and great with people, especially kids.  Just make sure that you get him/her around other dogs early on.  FI’s boxer is extremely dominant and she does not do well with other dogs.  But overall, they’re wonderful fur babies ๐Ÿ™‚

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