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  • poll: Who pays the vet bills for the cat after the dog injured it?
    Dog owner : (58 votes)
    67 %
    Cat owner : (28 votes)
    33 %
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    Helper bee

    I think the cat owner should have played it safer than they did and separated the animals whilst they eat. When my friends come over with their dogs for the day (I have a dog too) we separate them for meals. And these are dogs that are best friends and completely non aggressive. It’s just preventative to stop them bugging eachother whilst they eat.

    I would probably (as the cat or dog owner in this situation) want to split the bill. 

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    Buzzing Beekeeper

    I’d split it. Such a shitty situation for everyone 🙁 especially that poor kitty.

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    I’m on team the cost should be split. Mistakes were made by both parties but at the end of the day it seems like it really was an accident and neither animal is to blame. A should never have allowed a new animal into her home, when I dog sit I go to the owners home for a couple hours each day and take care of the basics. But at the same time the dog was the aggressor even if he didn’t necessarily mean to hurt the cat so badly. Sad situation and I hope B steps up to help out. That is the right thing to do.

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    Blushing bee

    I think there’s a reasonableness factor here.  If I were to dog sit for someone in my home, I might expect that there could be some damage; perhaps a rug would need to be cleaned, or I might need to replace a shoe I left lying around.  However, if the dog totally disemboweled my couch or defecated all over the bed to the point that it ruined the mattress… that’s beyond “normal” costs of having someone else’s animal in your home.  I would hope that they would offer to pay for at least some of that damage. 

    In this case with the cat, I can understand there being some unpredictability to having animals who aren’t used to living together in the same home.  You do everything you reasonably can, and you expect that the unexpected may happen; they’re animals, after all.  That being said, I could understand if there were to be a scuffle requiring some kind of vet care.  Maybe the cat gets stepped on by accident, or the dog tries to play too rough.  The cat may have a sprain or a cut.  That’s one thing.  The potential of having to have an eye removed and almost $1000 in vet bills?  Even if the incident were preventable, that’s much, much more than I would reasonably expect from having a friend’s dog as a guest in my home.  I hope the dog owners offer to pay some of the costs of care.

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    Bumble bee

    I would expect it to go something like this, if the dog owner is a decent person. 

    1. Dog owner finds out and is mortified. Offers to pay.

    2. Cat owner accepts some responsibility, says she should pay.

    3. Agree to split cost. 

    Poor kitty! We leave our dog with her dog best friends when we go out of town, but they also have cats. It’s in the back of my mind every time, only I think their cats would absolutely whoop up on my dog instead. Their cat is a gangster boss lol

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    Busy bee
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    As a cat owner, I don’t care WHAT the owner of another animal says – I would keep the animals separate at meal time, bed time and while I was out of the house. I think both A and B have a responsibility to pay. A should have been more cautious, and B should be held accountable because it was her dog who attacked the cat. 

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    Busy bee
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    I think the dog owner should offer to pay. If someone kindly did me the favor of watching one of my pets, and my pet caused them substantial and unexpected damages, I would offer to pay. Nobody should have to pay $1000 out of pocket for doing a favor for a friend!

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    Busy bee

    Curious to know what A’s opinion is…..

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    Bumble bee

    There’s the legal answer and then there’s everything else.

    If it were my dog, I would cover the whole cost bc the guilt I would feel would eat at me otherwise. 

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    Blushing bee
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    Legally, I’m pretty sure it would be the cat owners responsibility. I know of a case that happened at an off leash dog park.. someone had treats and one dog attacked another. While the rules of the park state you have to have control of your dog, the judge ruled that you still take the risk of entering an off leash park and animals will be animals- so everyone had to pay the vet bills for their own dog. 

    So the dog is in a new environment without his owner, with a new animal, he is going to behave totally differently. It’s not a surprise that he would be protective over his food. Cat owner is responsible for keeping both animals safe in this situation. Technically, I don’t think the dog owner is responsible, but morally she should help out with the bills. Especially since it’s a friend that was doing a favor. 

    Also this is why I have my dog sitters come to my home, where my dogs are most comfortable. Also.. my dog is eyeless and he does great! 

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    Helper bee
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    I don’t know who should pay, but if I ask someone to take care of my dog, and then my dog make a mess (especially hurt anyone), I would pay.

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    Busy bee

    I voted cat owner should pay because as a cat owner and owner of cats for many years, I know they can be peculiar, mixing a cat with another cat or dog will take time and I’m sure even if they’re friendly, they’ll swipe at each other and fight each other etc. I’d be extra careful with mixing a cat with any other animal and would never offer to pet sit another animal with my cat.

    And unless A saw it happening (and told you the whole truth), it could very well have been the cat first provoking the dog or wanting to have a bite of his food. For A to think that her cat is “dog friendly” and allow them to live together is a disaster waiting to happen, so really as her cats owner she should’ve known better than to invite a “stranger” into her cats world. 

    Of course as the dog owner I would feel bad and offer to pay but really objectively and rationally, I think the cat owner should pay. She was the only one there and the only one who saw what happened. She was the one who should’ve been overseeing the interactions. Yes poor kitty, her owner should be the one paying for her own oversight.

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    Helper bee
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    Legally, it may be on the cat owner. But if someone watched my dog as a favour to me and my dog caused them or their pet some kind of harm, I would be offering to pay 100% of damages. That is just the right thing to do.

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