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Honey bee
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if you find the answer to this, please let me know! 🙂

i mention it to him pretty frequently, but i’ve only had minimal success. i’m always like “why is this _____ here and not in the garbage?” i hate being a nag!

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My husband used to be REALLY REALLY bad with leaving crumpled up paper towels everywhere.  It got to the point where I got sooooo over it I would gather them all up when I saw them and slide them into the drawer he has claimed in our kitchen for his crap.  Then one day he couldn’t open his drawer because of all of the paper towels in there and he was like, ‘Why are there paper towels in the drawer?’  And i just looked at him like a deer in headlights and simply shrugged my shoulders.

I would gather all of the things and put them together in one place in his space and let him deal with it.

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Honey bee
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This is a hard one! 

I think they won’t realize it though until they have to pick it all up.  I would try to let it go as long as you can and then ask him to go around the room and kitchen picking up all the trash etc that he has around.  Let him see how bad it is. 

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Thank god my Fiance doesn’t do that.  Actually, if anyone in the house is guilty of this, it’s me, but  only when I’m in a room that doesn’t have a trash can and I’m actually in the room doing something, not just passing through. 

My Fiance has the bad habit of picking up and throwing away stuff I’m not done with!  Gah! If it’s not clearly trash ask me before you toss it!!  Or moving things to “better suited locations” without telling me, leaving me banging around at 6 a.m. pissed because I can’t find my magic bullet base or coffee. 

Makes me crazy.

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Sugar bee
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Also, have you simply just asked him to pick up the trash and throw it away.  My husband rarely lifts a finger without being asked so I’ve become accustomed to when wanting him to do a chore say, ‘Hey hon, it would really help me out if you could _______________’  It gets done…eventually.

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Ugh, Darling Husband does this ALL. THE. TIME.  We went to the gym yesterday, and he immediately dropped his empty water bottle and granola bar wrapper on the bar….literally 6 inches away from the trash can.  I have no words at all.  Just anger, LOL.

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omg this is everyday in my life – but its not just trash, its everything – when i come home, i can tell exactly what he had for lunch because the bread, mustard, and dish are still on the counter (at least he puts the perishables away) – the new game is “are you done with _________”, and it seems to be working a little better – hes at least noticing how much he is leaving around

let me know if you discover the answer, because it might just save my sanity – the next plan of attack is to pile everything he leaves around onto his “chair” in the living room – ill let you know if that ever happens lol

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My sister had a roommate who never used to clean up after herself, so one day my sister and the other roomies went around the house, gathered up all her dirty dishes, laundry, garbage, etc and piled it on her bed. You could try a tactic like that 😉

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If he puts back the empty grape juice back in the fridge, just leave it there until the next time he goes to use it and asks “Why didn’t you buy grape juice?” You can always say that you thought you still had some because it’s in the fridge.

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umm i lived with my fiance for awhile & he did this (except with spit bottles :S). i started off like you…just picking it up. but when i found myself getting angrier with every time i found something…i talked to him about it. idk how your husband is but my fiance…is crazy he wont listen if i just ask him nicely. & gets mad if i yell & tells me “if you would have just told me nicely i would have done it…” but i know the truth. the best way i can reach him is to joke. like ill find his trash & i’ll say “jonathon….why do i have to pick up your trash like a 1950s house wife hmmmm?! why cant you pick up you’re trash? you think just because you’re some (insert compliment ) you think you can do whatever you want hmm?! is that it?” & give him a kiss & continue to throw it away. well the next time i’ll find something i’ll be like “jonathon!! i love you sweetie but i hate you’re trash! im going to get some little robot to follow you around & pick up all your trash!” hahaha its kinda a sarcastic kinda thing. idk…you just have to get him to laugh about it & brush it off quickly. keep it up for awhile & then…here it comes. this is what did it for me rly hope it works for you. you’ll either catch him in the act or find it while he’s around…i just do a little funny sigh & put my hand on my hip & point at it sometimes tapping my foot…he’ll either pick it up & you’ll say awe!! thank you hunn! or he’ll say what?! & u can be like you know what. & whatever. back & forth. idk if he dont get the hint to pick it up…you can let out a sigh…then he’ll feel bad.& ask you whats wrong & you can just say baby you never pick up your trash. idk the pitch & tone of your voice has to be just right & know how to read him & how he reacts to stuff. 

this probably didnt help one bit but just confused you. lol sorry….but i tried to help honest (:

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