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katebluestone:  Oh my god, I have never understood that! 

I’m really bothered when people use apostrophe-S when they are trying to pluralize. I saw an ad the other day where they asked job applicants to send their “resume’s.” Poor grammar gets to me in general, but that one makes me stabby.

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Second (or third) mouth noises. Ugh! I know I have misophonia because I get ragey around loud chomping, slurping, teeth scraping on silverware (shudder) and gum snapping. 

Also, people who walk around in public humming or whistling. Want to deliver a throat punch every time😈

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midwibee:  ditto to all of this! 

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ClaudiaKishi:  OMG YES!!! SO MUCH YES!!! It makes my ears bleed. 😡

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Helper bee

Definitely oral noises too 😖😖😖

Honestly I have so many pet peeves but one that comes to mind right now because I was just scrolling through Instagram…

when people pretend that the object of their picture is XYZ but really it’s cause they wanna show off their expensive purse/car/jewlery etc. 

“Friend” posted a pic of her coffee except it’s literally in the corner of the pic and smack dab in the middle/most of the pic is her Prada bag 🤔 Like.. cmon, just own it. I’d have more respect for someone openly posting a picture of their new expensive purse they’re excited or proud about than trying to disguise it. You’re not fooling anyone!

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Basically all of yours lol + people that don’t know personal space boundries, obvious spelling errors, using double negitives in a sentence (ex. “She don’t understand nothing”) People that can’t put their phone away at the dinner table…

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Helper bee
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Bad grammar! Misspelling! I can understand it if it’s a typo or autocorrect. But otherwise, its bothers me a lot. One that really irks me is when people say something like “I’m so happy to be apart of your special day.” No. It’s “a part” There is a SPACE in there! Apart=separated or away from something. A part=a piece of something; taking part in something. 

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People who make too much noise when they eat

People who are slow walkers – move the fuck out of my way

People who don’t say thank you when you hold the door open for them  – you KNOW they are getting a sarcastic “THANK YOU!!!” yelled at you.

People who drive half of the speed limit in a 60 (NSL) and then speed through a 30 zone at 40mph.



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Helper bee

Mouth sounds for me, too! Specifically whistles while people talk and that dry mouth sound where you can hear someone’s tongue while they’re talking. Drives me nuts.

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people who tell strangers how to behave… Ive had everything from how to dress MY child through to what language I can use… its non of your business how my child looks and I can talk however I want weather thats using american terms or cuss words but YOU shouldnt be eavesdropping on something that didnt involve you


along the same lines of correcting others behavior when its not you place is people who RUDELY say ‘you’re welcome’ loudly when they feel they’re are owed special thanks for common curtousy… this is just a BULLY tactic to shame and humilliate already vunerable people who have social disorders so shame on yous


and yes slow walkers and people who stop in doorways to have a chat or anyone with a monstrosity of a pram that thinks the can block aisles or have right of way (seriously saw a pram get clipped by a car last week because the mother just pushed it out onto a busy road like everyone should just stop for her and its not the first time ive seen that behavior but you dont see people push toddling children out into the road)



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Sugar bee

People who change the radio/tv station as if they’re sitting there alone. Just because YOU didn’t like the song/show doesn’t mean we ALL didn’t like the song/show. I mean, who do you think you are?? It’s just rude!

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Chewing food like a cow, punctuation & spelling errors, RUDE people, & the worst….slow drivers in the PASSING lane!!!!!! And even more so when they won’t get over!!! It’s the worst here in VA….they will stay in the left lane because they have to make a turn or take an exit 16 miles ahead! Drives me NUTS!

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stevielee:  BRUPING!! Gross… there is a female coworker who does this loud and then saids “oh, excuse me”…. NOOOOooooooooooo There is no need to do that, just stop.

Loud chewing

Rude people – Servers are people too, DO NOT snap your fingers at them or anyone.

Smoking – sorry, you smell like ash the whole day, truly you do. The smell fills the room.

People with road rage or who tail gate…. especially to semi-trucks. Did your mama, not teach you to be smart!?

Dragging/shuffling your feet. Pick up your feet and walk like a human!

I am sure I have a few more. lol.

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My coworkers. I share an enclosed office with three men. It’s bad.  

One of them drinks about five cans of soda a day and crushes every single can randomly on the carpet. Scares the shit out of me and annoys me even more because it’ll be dead silent and then -clink- -CRUSSSSSSHASKDJF-.

The other always has the most obnoxious ringtone and his wife calls him a dozen times per day.

And oral sounds? TIMES TEN. Loud chewing, talking with their mouths full, AND BELCHING (without even excusing themselves). 

I need a vacation. TGIF.

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