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Busy bee
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My biggest pet peeves are people who walk slowly and/or take up more than half of the sidewalks, because I tend to be a fast walker, and also people who don’t take off their backpacks when on the subway– it takes up too much space, and I don’t want your textbooks digging into my back the whole way to work!

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Bumble bee
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My biggest one is incorrect grammar! I have to control myself to not correct people on Facebook. And if I ever comment on something and accidentally put ‘to’ instead of ‘too’ or vice versa (since it’s easy to put too many or not enough os), I have to immediately correct it so that no one thinks I am using incorrect grammar.

It also drives me crazy when someone uses ‘was’ instead of ‘were’. I once got in a heated discussion with an ex – he said I was doing something, and I said “No, I wasn’t” and he said “Yes, you was”. I knew then that we had to be done (seriously).

It also drives me crazy when people use massive amounts of shorthand while texting or on Facebook/e-mail/whatever. “Wht r u doin?” My SO is bad about this and I hate texting him because of it. Lol. 

Bad drivers. I can’t stand when someone drives in the left lane on the interstate going less than or at the speed limit. GET. OVER.

When my SO leaves the toilet seat up. Or when he puts tupperware containers in the sink from what I’ve packed him for lunch, and leaves them with food still in them, still sealed up. I’ve asked him 701731 times to wrinse them out and he always “forgets”. 


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Blushing bee

Having worked in bars/restaurants – people who click to get your attention.  I’m not a dog therefore I will not respond and you can now wait a bit longer! Added to that, people who are rude to the server, it doesn’t help anything and doesn’t take a lot of effort to be nice

Loud chewing

Passive aggressiveness – say what you mean and grow up haha!

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Buzzing bee
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When people leave at least two cars worth of space at a light. I will stare at them. Bad driving. Use your signal. Put your phone down. Do not ride my ass. 

My hair getting wet after I have styled it. 

That one person that everyone knows, that will make everything about them. Trying to take a photo with someone? Oh, yes, please jump right in. I REALLY wanted you there. I’m telling a story about something that has nothing to do with you and you find some way to make it relate? Sit on a pinecone. 

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futuremrss17:  its killing me not to correct the spelling mistake in your post

only because you brought up grammar though – I agree dont like text speak (because often I cant figure it out) or completely incorrect words like was vs. were (or for me borrow vs. lend) but in general I dont care if people use the wrong their or there etc… I probably do it a million times and day (and sometime do go back and correct it because I know the correct uses) but its often from just writing fast and not thinking

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Busy bee

Pet peeve lists LOL 

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Bee Keeper
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People who humble brag. “OMG I have no time to clean my apartment because everybody keeps wanting to hang out with me!” Gag. 

People who post their relationship problems on facebook, interestingly, these are usually the same people that post long sappy love posts about their SO and how they’re so amazing (two days after you had a facebook comment fight, you live together, get off facebook and talk). I know too many of these.

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Sugar Beekeeper
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 ‘OF’ IS NOT A VERB. Not ever. 

If you must chew or scrape your bowl or your jaw clicks every time you chew, don’t be offended when I flee. It’s for all of our safety.

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People with bad elevator manners. They rush to get on as soon as the door opens, but don’t wait for people to exit first. UGH. I work in a hospital so get on and off the elevator all day. I want to knock them over. 

People walking while texting/looking at their phones. I will shoulder-check you if you get in my way.

I have the mouth rage. Misophonia for sure. I have a coworker who slurps every sip when drinking out of a can. I have to leave for his safety. I have another coworker who whistles and yammers on the phone all day. Thank god she’s retiring in 2 weeks.

When my husband moves the toilet paper. We keep the roll on the counter bc the holder is in a really awkward spot. He will use it to do whatever he does, and will move it so it’s out of reach from the toilet. WHYYYYY???

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SithLady:  +1 about the humblebragging but GIRL. Those kinds of relationship oversharers = lulz for days! I grin and bear their long sappy love posts (even though it takes all the willpower in the world not to block them) just so that when the inevitable crash and burn part comes along, it’ll pop right to the top of my news feed.

And yes, I’m a horrible person.

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almostaudrey:  MTE on the people walking slowly and taking up too much room on the sidewalk thing. Also, people (mostly tourists) who stop short in the middle of the sidewalk or abruptly cut from one side to another to check their Google Maps or read a restaurant sign or gawk at store windows.

Also, bikers who blow through red lights and DGAF if they run over pedestrians crossing legally. A lady got killed that way not too far from where I live. I will be playing the world’s smallest violin for them if they end up smeared all over the broad side of an 18-wheeler.

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