Pet-PEEVES! Ughhhhhhh

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Sugar bee
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SweetBeets :  When someone has a stranded hair on their body. Like one of those hairs that used to be attached to their head and now it’s just floating on their back or arm. Especially if they notice it and it is tickling them but they don’t know what it is. All I want to do it pick it off their body but they are a stranger in line ahead of me for dinner or a movie or at the bookstore and I’m not supposed to pick hair off of strangers anymore…..

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leilarobs2 :   NoItsBecky :   Don’t even get me started, I could make an entire thread on driving pet peeves!!

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Just to name a few because like kcwilson11 I too could write pages upon pages regarding poor driving.

  • People who don’t use their blinker or excessively break when no one is in front of them
  • People who wait for a close parking spot when there are clearly a ton in the back, unless you are disabled or ill you could have walked to the store in the time you waited! ESPECIALLY at the gym, save yourself a minute of working out!
  • Women who walk around butt naked in the gym locker room.. at least put on some panties ladies! 
  • Women who wear full make up to the gym! I mean I go after work with makeup from the day still on, but we all know the people who get dolled up JUST for the gym…
  • My husband likes to leave dirty dog pee mats on the floor, he says if there is only urine on half they are still usable… um we are not that cheap we can afford pee pads!


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Oh man, I’m easily peeved. I agree with a lot of the ones already mentioned (except driving related ones, somehow I have zero road rage). Right now my biggest I can think of:

-When a coworker g-chats me saying they’re about to send me an email, sends it, then g-chats me saying “sent.” I GATHERED ALL OF THE INFO FROM YOUR G-CHATS FROM THE FACT THAT AN EMAIL FROM YOU APPEARED IN MY INBOX.

-Slow walkers. I’m in a perpetual hurry, and everyone else needs to GTFO of my way. Don’t tell me to stop and smell the roses – I’ll smell them once I’m done with all the shit I have to do.

-This one is all on my fiance, whom I love dearly and is my favorite human. But, god love him, he does this thing where I’ll ask a question that has a definite, quantifiable answer (i.e. how much longer will you be at work, how much did the lawn mower cost, how many potatoes are in the pantry) and he’ll respond with something that DOES NOT ANSWER THE QUESTION (i.e. a little while longer, not too much, a few). Drives me insane and sometimes I flash forward to us sitting in a marriage counselor’s office where I’m thinking about divorcing him over it.

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Cheekie0077 :  it’s called misophonia. The struggle is real. FH and I often don’t eat in the same room because he cannot seem to manage to eat not like a camel. 

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Busy bee
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jackjackattck :  ooh, when people do use a blinker but only after they slammed on their brakes and are at a nearly complete stop and only use it for 0.5 seconds while they are in the middle of a turn. 

Blinkers are to warn other drivers of what you are ABOUT to do, not what you are in the middle of currently doing. Because trust me, at this point people know you are turning.  

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NoItsBecky :  OMG I totally agree! I always yell to myself “well I already know you are turning NOW but that would have been helpful before!!” Some people just don’t get it. 

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Blushing bee

Oh I have so many… 

– People who walk slowly and do it in the middle of the sidewalk, not to the side where they wouldn’t be in anyone’s way

– People boarding the train/bus before passengers alight (I REALLY hate this)

– People who aren’t walking up/down escalators but stand on the side where people are rushing to catch the train oh my GOD you idiots are the primary cause of missed trains 

– Not emptying scraps of food into the bin before putting it in the sink (FI does this… every morning… but he does do household chores so i can’t say much about it ha ha ha) 

– When people mix up your/you’re

– People who are not punctual. I used to be the late one but after becoming an adult with responsibilities and shit to do, I realised the importance and value of time. But it kills me how some people think I have enough time in my life to wait around. In both professional and personal contexts. UGH 

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Slow walkers get me too! Even when I’m really not in a hurry, I like to move at a reasonably quick pace, so naturally it drives me crazy when I am in a hurry and I wind up stucky behind a family of human sloths. Even worse than the family of human sloths is the couple that walks side by side down the absolute middle of the grocery aisle, holding hands and just being far too into their own conversation to realize that they’re blocking the ice cream and holding up traffic. But when you ask them to move, you’re the jerk for interrupting their soul staring… 

Another pet peeve of mine is the packs of feral, roaming children that can always be found in grocery and retail stores. You know, the ones that prowl through Macy’s, hiding in the clothing racks preparing to frighten unsuspecting shoppers? Or the ones in the toy section of Target, always out of sight, but very audible…. legend has it, they let out a series of eery and deafening shrieks just before defeating their exhausted parents. Spoooooky! But in all seriousness, where the hell are their parents? Who are these people just letting their kids sprint through the store? 

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I have soooooo many! Slow walkers are definitely one of them! I don’t care if I’m not even in a hurry to get somewhere, I just walk fast and I can’t stand it when I end up behind a slow poke when you can’t pass them! Also, people who just abruptly stop walking in front of you because they don’t know where they’re going or they stop to chat with someone. No! You move off to the side and figure out where the hell you’re going or to finish your chat. Sooo many times I’ve been so tempted to just keep going and crash into them! One of these days I just might! 

Bad drivers! People who drive slow in the left lane, don’t use blinkers, slam on their brakes for no legitimate reason, etc. Also, other drivers who feel they are at liberty to let me know it’s ok to go if I can’t see. Um, no. Sorry, I’m not risking getting into an accident because you say it’s ok. So many accidents are caused this way. I don’t care if we’re sitting there for an hour, I’m not trusting a complete stranger. 

Bad grammar/spelling!!! Idk why but this one drives me up a wall! I don’t mind it when it’s an obvious typo, but at least correct yourself!! Back when I was single and just dating, I would legitimately not go out with someone if they used bad grammar both IRL and through texting. I don’t mind abbreviating words to make it quicker to type out, but some of these messages I would have to read over and over just to understand what they meant. If I had to ask what they meant more than twice, I was out! Lol

When people don’t hold the door open for the next person! Most of the people in my old office would hold the door behind them, because we would all clock out at the same time and it took like .2 seconds. But there would be the occasional person who would just walk right through and not hold it open, even though the person in front of them would hold it. That drove me absolutely mad!!

When I go for a massage and the masseuse is extra talkative. I’m there to relax, not to chit chat!! Ask me these questions before my massage begins, not during! Other than to ask if the pressure is okay and to let me know to turn over, there should be no talking! 

People that cancel plans last minute! I literally plan my entire day around you so that everything is done and I am ready in time for our plans. It’s so unbelievably rude to cancel same day, unless of course some sort of emergency or sickness comes up. I’ve literally had a friend cancel 2 hours before an event because she “didn’t feel like going.” Uhhh, what?! So I rushed around like an arse all day so I could sit here and do nothing? I don’t think people think about anyone but themselves and how much it can actually affect someone else. 

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Busy bee

People who blow their nose at the dinner table. Gag!!!!

Slow walkers

Slow drivers in the fast lane 

This one comes from being an elementary school teacher but not using hand sanitizer/washing hands  after coughing/sneezing in your hand. Gross dude….are you trying to get everyone else sick 😷 

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People who say “I seen” when they should be saying “I saw”. I’m not a grammar nut by any means but this one drives me nuts, especially when someone should know better (looking at you 4th year PhD student I used to go to school with!).


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I’m in a one sided war against the individual in my office who puts the new roll of toilet paper on backwards, every. Single. Time. I fix it , but when I figure out who it is they are getting a copy of the original patent that has the roll going OVER, not under! 

Also, people being consistently late for work. I shall leave it at that because all my feelings on the subject would take far too long to type and I could land myself in a murderous rage for the rest of the night. 

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