Pet-PEEVES! Ughhhhhhh

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Helper bee

My pet peeve is that when my Fiance peels veggies or cuts fruit he throws the skin/ off cuts in to the sink. Instead of in to the bin. Which is right there. I’ve asked him not to do that so many times, he just says he ll put it in the bin later. But why not put it in the bin straight away? Why?! 

It drives me mad. I don’t clean it any more I just leave it, no matter how long it takes. 

What’s funny is that he is actually a clean freak and cleans the house more than me. If there is like a few crumbs on the bench he will tut tut over it and wipe it straight away, but slimy sink fruit he thinks is great. Sigh. Humans huh! 

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Blushing bee

pancakes11 :  omg my Fiance does this too I am so uncomfortable with it!!! I don’t know why he can’t take the few steps to the bin to throw it out straightaway!!! Men.

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Busy bee
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That person who gets in front of you at the coffee shop in the morning on your way to work and has no idea what they are doing, it’s like they’ve never been to a Starbucks before and they ask about everything and seem absolutely perplexed.  

When you walk into stores and the worker says “Hi, welcome!” In a pitch that I’m pretty sure can be heard by dogs in China. This really fake, high pitched, nasally “Welcome!!!” I cringe.

Horrible parking jobs: just stay in the lines! Come on…..

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Bumble bee
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People who feel the need to comment on others while exercising. I do group personal training outdoors, and I’m always hot. Even in winter I’m rarely wearing anything other than a singlet and shorts. Every day that it isn’t warm, I get someone else in the class going “Aren’t you COLD? What are you wearing? Why are you wearing that? I can recommend some good long sleeve workout tops! Have you tried leggings?” Lady, I understand what sleeves are. I also understand that within five minutes of exercise I’m sweaty and hot. I don’t want to feel gross and drown in my own perspiration because you think it’s cold.

People who see that the lane is ending or there’s a parked car, but wait until the absolute last minute to change lanes or merge because the main lane is moving more slowly, then just kind of insert themselves into the lane in front of you unsafely. Most of the time they don’t indicate or acknowledge you.


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Helper bee

meliboo :  OMG yes those stupid people in Starbucks. Especially when they have been waiting in line for 10-15 mins plus, then even they get to the front it’s like “well, time to start thinking about what I want”. 

I used to work at McDonald’s and during the busiest times people would seriously wait for more than 20 mins in the line. And still not know what they want by the time they reached the front!

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Honey bee

Misiphonia is real! I hate when people eat ice! Ahhh! The worst. 

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Busy bee
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I don’t have many that drive me up the wall…but I have a couple. 🙂

I cannot stand the loud sound of chewing or smacking. Makes me cringe, and I’ll physically have to remove myself and go somewhere else. My hubby is guilty of this and doesn’t understand that I find it absolutly disgusting! Even thinking about it now makes my blood boil!!!

I also HATE strangers who try to hurry me up with whatever I’m doing. I’m a slow walker, I’ll admit it. So I do try to understand that others are always in a hurry and want to go at a faster pace. I’ll stay to just one side of the sidewalk. I’ll make an effort to stay to the appropriate side of an escalator or moving sidewalk if others want to walk on them and not stand still like I do. If I need to read a text or figure out where I need to go I will step aside and find someplace where I won’t hinder other people.  However, I am that bitch that will go slower if you still try to hustle me if I’m already trying to be considerate. I will walk slower.  I will take an extra couple minutes deciding what I want at Starbucks if I hear the person behind me being rude and wanting me to go faster. I know that I’m slower, and thus I plan my day around it. Not my fault that others feel the need to hustle strangers to accomplish their own schedule due to poor planning on their part.  


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