(Closed) Pets No Longer With Us (Share your pictures/memories!)

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I love this idea! I had to put the (feline) love of my life to sleep this past October. I posted about the whole ordeal on here. Toki was only 2 years old:



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Thank you so much for this thread. My family Boxer, Hunter,  just died of a heart attack in his sleep earlier this week. He was, literally, my mom’s best friend so I’m worried about her now. Her cat Ninny died over the fall.

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Aww, wonderful thread idea.

My all-time favorite dog was my schnauzer, George. He came to fill the dog-shaped hole in our family left by Tramp, who had been my parents 6 month wedding anniversary to each other and finally had to be put down at the age of 18. 6 weeks after Tramp’s death, we went out to a rescue group’s day at PetSmart, “just to look.” Well, we got hooked and brought home George.

He wasn’t a super dog, by any means… he knew how to sit, lay down, and come (when he felt like it). He LOVED going on walks, and he loved eating American cheese. Every morning, after he went outside for the first time, he would always come get in bed with me until I got up. My mom said when I went to college, he spent weeks going up to my closed bedroom door first thing in the morning, wondering where I was. He was pretty easy going, and would play along with whatever stupid game or nickname my brothers and I would come up with for him. He would howl along with me whenever I practiced flute, and the piccolo drove him crazy.

My grandma’s friend met him once, and said that he looked like a dog from a movie, called him Gorgeous George. I once saw a dog in an advertisement that did look just like him, so I guess we weren’t all blinded by love, he really was a handsome dog.

This is him:

…and his baby, Henrietta. He had at least four stuffed hedgehogs: Hector, Herkemer, Hermione, and Henrietta. I don’t know why he did… I guess we just got Hector on a whim and kept going. 🙂

Sadly, around Easter 2007, George started showing signs of a tumor between his jaw and his ear. The vet never tested it to be sure that it was cancerous, but it grew very quickly and eventually began to interfere with George’s ability to eat. My dad had been unemployed for over a year, so there was no money to try to help him. He hung on until I came home from college for the summer, and the next day we put him down.

It’s probably silly to get so worked up over a dog, but I really, really did mourn him. I’m tearing up writing this now, because I do miss him so much and I felt it was just so unfair that such a good dog had such a short life. He was only 7. That was a rough summer for many other reasons, and not having my dog around to be a furry shoulder to cry on just made it tougher.

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@December – what a cute story, i am teary reading it!

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This is my baby Gonzo. He was my kitty in college, and he was only with me for 2 years. He was probably a retired show or stud cat since he had such great coloring. I found him through a Persian Rescue site in Austin, and when I went to look at him, the lady had him in a filthy outdoor kennel IN A CARDBOARD BOX with his litterbox and food all in there. It was vile. He was way in the back of this dark box, outside in her garage, all by himself. He was 13 when I adopted him and FIV positive. I took him home the same day, had him groomed, bought him kitty sweaters and loved him to pieces. I had to put him to sleep 2 years later because he developed a tumor on his spine. I loved him so much– I still miss him. He was a wonderful boy and such a gorgeous cat.

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Here are my girls.  Stella & Vera.  They are my children and I think I will just die if anything happened to them.  My childhood poodle (always had poodles) lived until he was 17.  I loved him so much, he was always such a wonderful dog.

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Aww, I love this thread.


This was Sophia.  She was my first pet when I was out on my ‘own.’  She had been in many homes.  I found her through Petfinder.  Her previous owners didn’t tell me about her behavioral issues, I guess that they just wanted her gone.  She peed constantly, I spent hundreds on her at the vet trying to diagnose SOMETHING, anything, that we could cure.  Eventually she had peed on almost every inch of my apartment.  Instead of giving her away, I decided to have her put to sleep.  I know many won’t agree with it, but I thought it was the nicest thing I could do for her.  She had had a super hard life and I didn’t want her to go to someone that would abuse her or make her life miserable b/c of her issues.


And other animals we had growing up:








We had a lot of pets. Kiss

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@twocatcupcake– Sophia and Gonzo could have been best friends! What a beautiful cat she was.

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Nickolas Jade (“Nicki” which led to questions about his gender). We heard about Nicki through my aunt’s groomer. His owner was moving to Arizona and couldn’t take him with her(age 2-4). He was registered but because of the excess white on his face would not have done well as a show dog (my aunt showed her 3). We did do several 4H and area fair pet shows and did very well- usually costume classes. He was Harry Potter (BoS 4H, 2nd Fair), Horse (BoS Fair), and Sheep/Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing (1st if not BoS Fair). He was a very good sport with all the costumes, especially the horse costume with the hackamore. We had to put him down in ’06 because of massive organ failure (14 yrs old). His hearing had mostly gone at that point and he was starting to get disoriented. It took us several months to get used to not having to open the front door slowly so we wouldn’t hit him since he usually slept infront of it.

I’ve convinced my guy that if we get him a Golden then we’re also getting a Sheltie. Pretty much every one I’ve met has been so well behaved and friendly, and hardly barked.

Note: He used to chew through cloth leads so we put a choke chain in-between the collar snap and the retractor-thing.

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Aww, I love this thread. Happy memories of sweet furballs. 🙂 Here is the dog I grew up with, a beautiful Border Collie named Bonnie. We picked her out of a litter of 9 at a farm in North Carolina. I was 12 when we got her. She was almost 16 years old when we had to put her down. She developed what the vet could only describe as dog Alzheimer’s, and had terrible episodes when she didn’t recognize the family and would shake and look terrified until we could produce a toy or blanket with a familiar smell. It was so sad… My parents were out of town, and she was at the kennel when I got the dreaded call from the vet that it was time. I was 27 years old, and still bawled like a baby when the decision was made to put her down.

Here she is about a year before she passed away, with a little gray around the face and ears. I still miss her–she was smart as all get-out.

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This was my baby girl Bella. She died a few months ago. It was seriously one of the hardest things I have ever been through. I miss her every day.

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my RomoBear 🙁 Rest in peace boy.. mama will always love you 



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What beautiful babies! I hope they are all playing together somewhere.

First cat is Marty, he died young at 4 from kidney failure- he was my BABY. Followed me everywhere- if I went to get a drink, if I went to sleep, etc. Very laid back cat and the sweetest I’ve ever known- most likely because he was probably born with bad kidneys. My mom and I cried for days after the vet called to say there was nothing left to do. I miss him terribly still. I wish I had more pictures of him (no digital camera back then!).

Second cat is Chloe, she died last summer at 11 from a tumor that we suddenly discovered (I hope she wasn’t in pain for long, she was sick for about a week until I finally told mom we had to take her in, from the xrays they could tell it was massive and nothing could be done, so she was put down that night). She was a brat- never really got along with our other 2 cats and did not like to be held, so I hope we showed her affection and that she knew we loved her. She did purr though, often, so I think she did. I still feel horribly guilty about her life and if she was in pain before we took her in though.

Third cat, Toby, who we adopted older, but we had to give him to my dad since Chloe and our other cat Simon (who’s still here) were not having it! Poor Toby, he was goofy and loving. He had a great life with my dad for 2-3 years (I unfortunately can’t remember). He had 2 older sisters there who loved to terrorize him but not too badly. He got gourmet food and litter and lived a full life. However, we all started to notice some significant weight loss over a week span and took him in- tumor between the lungs. Again, I hope he didn’t suffer horribly, I was there when he was put down, as I was with the other 2, so sad.

Sorry I wrote a novel.

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