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Sugar bee

Yeah, I hated that I had to email a lot of them for their prices, it seems like a waste of both my and their time.

I do like websites that are pretty fancy though, not slow to load ones, but user friendly ones.

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Sugar bee
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I avoid flash on my website cause I used to hate it when I used my old computer & someone’s site had flash & I was “stuck” there for 30 mins while my computer froze & the pics wouldn’t load. It does look cool if your computer is ok to view flash thou… on the other hand, what’s the point of having a fancy photo site if potential clients can’t see the pics?

I think most photogs don’t put pricing cause usually people look at pricing at leave. I think if there’s an email that goes along with it, they get to know the photog & you can kinda work with what you want so they can specify pricing. I understand why photogs do this, but I don’t like it & I don’t do that!

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I DO hate when they don’t have their prices (I haven’t emailed anyone who hasn’t even given a range on their site), but I have to say I also REALLY REALLY  hate the cutesy/trendy “investment” section.  Really??  It’s a price…why do we have to be 

pretentious about it?   Photogs that use ‘investment” rather than “prices” on their websites are automatically put on my “b list”

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I didn’t even look at websites at first, I used a list I got off of some wedding site and just emailed everyone the exact same email asking for their price list. I got about 10 responses within 24 hours and looked at those. It allowed me to see who was in my price range and also how quick their service would be/was. Some I never got a response too. I must say I also hate when the websites are sooo hard to navigate. I wanted really simplistic and NATURAL pictures all the extra stuff on the websites just confused me. The photog I finally picked had such a clean page, so easy to navigate. It was wonderful ๐Ÿ™‚

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@HisButtercup: I just answered this question on another board, but basically, we don’t put exact prices because we don’t want our local competition to go to our page, copy our exact packages, subtract $100 from each of them, and post them as their own. I don’t know why some photographers choose not to at least put a starting price, though. I know it would be a waste of my time to get that many inquiries whose budget I wasn’t even close to, but I suppose some photogs are really amazing sales people and all they need is an initial contact to make a sale. Or maybe they are embarassed to put that many zeros on anything ๐Ÿ˜›

I would think most sites have a flash and html version. As far as I’m aware, mine comes up html if you don’t have flash. I hate hard to navigate sites as well, and I’d say that they are very common among photographers. I think as artists perhaps our tastes for design get a little too complex sometimes!

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Sugar bee

I think would be nice if photogs gave their minimum and maximum package price (they don’t even need to say what is included).  First off, I feel a lot of photographers push people into contracts when you have to meet with them in person to find out their prices (seriously, I don’t like feeling cheap or going thru a guilt trip to find out their prices).  Secondly, I think that a free market system would work better when photographers know what others are charging–lowest price wins when experience is the same.  I hate going to photographers websites that have that huge intro.  I also hate the scrolling flash.  That’s the most annoying thing.  I have a fast connection and computer and it still is funky.

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Most photographers have blogs where you can their most recent work and run in html so if their site wont work on your computer you should try there.

The photography world is very very competitive and most photographers want their work to be considered before their pricing. Like @LB said we don’t want our competition so just undercut us. That said I think everyone should at least starting price. It’s a waste of my time if I start at 2500 and i’m getting emails for the 1500 range for the full deal. That said I have not hired or met with anyone for my own wedding that didn’t have at least a starting point. We have our full pricing on our site but you have to dig a little for it. We of course have our starting price everywhere because we try to be as open as we can with out helping our competition.

@nmsoonerbride and @HisButtercup all our clients feel that they are investing in their photography so we use the word investment. It’s all about perspective, see if you are searching for just a warm body with a camera that gives you the best price then obviously photography isn’t that important to you. To my clients we are commissioned to create art out of the hard work they put into their wedding day. These are their memories they are investing in and in some cases we were more then half of their total wedding budget. So in our case it is an investment and should be called that.

I personally take my work VERY SERIOUSLY. I do this full time and work close to 80 hours a week {some times more} and give up every summer weekend to create images {art} for other people. Making that much more difficult to plan my own wedding because I put everyone else before my own. I think you hire someone who isn’t completely serious about their work then you are the one who is going to loose out.

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Honey Beekeeper

I agree! The search can be so frustrating especially when (unfortunately) in weddings, so much comes down to price! I wish I could have chosen a photog. on quality of work alone. Not the case though!

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The flash stuff drives me crazy, especially when I’m tring to look at them on my phone.  One site I had trouble even finding the contact information. But at least they have websites.  Not all wedding vendors do. 

Investment is a tricky word, I agree.  “Investment” brings to my mind those TDAmeritrade commercials, or the idea of some hedge fund guy running off with people’s life savings.  It’s sad that the word ‘investment’ can have a negative connotation…pretentious is one thing, but after seeing my retirement savings numbers fluctuate like crazy, to me the word ‘investment’ means ‘risk’. 

I’d rather hear “capture” (whether it’s love, emotion, a dream, a special moment).  Heirloom is also a great word.  It implies quality that will be treasured in your family always. 

To me the most important thing I’m looking for, after price, is the ability to have the digital files for all pictures taken (even if they’re not the most flattering) and permission/rights to print them and share them as I see fit. 

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My total pet peeve!  I have to say that DJ’s websites are worse.  I’m actually a website designer & it pains me to have to have to wade through hundreds of these sites. 

The #2 thing in addition to the lack of pricing range is: availability calendars.   Let me know if you’re available before I have to open up an e-mail client or fill out another web form & then wait to hear back.  It will save both of us time.  I actually suggested that to DJs & Photographers that we met with.  It may be annoying to hear but that’s my business & I am all about process improvement.  Some of them thought it was a good idea, others were not so receptive.  There were at least 6 photographers I contacted that were taken for my date.  It was so frustrating.

When we were initially planning a wedding in Ireland, most of the vendors did this & it was AWESOME.  I got through the websites so much quicker and narrowed vendors down in a day as opposed to two weeks.

Oh and for the love of iPhone users, ditch the flash and go for AJAX.  I can’t view Flash on my iPhone & during downtime, I search for stuff.  And you don’t put prices or anything important on your HTML blogs so after 50 websites of looking at other peoples weddings, I want to see a price, then I’ll look at your portfolio. 

Ok, sorry, thanks for letting me get that out.  *phew*  ๐Ÿ˜€

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@mizz_bam I’ve actually experimented with putting up an availability calendar and not on my website.

I totally get it from a bride’s point of view it’s frustrating and potentially a waste of time to find out a photog isn’t available. However, at the same time, I have a list of similarly-styled photogs in the same price range I often refer overflow inquiries to, and I figured having more photogs to look at couldn’t hurt, and the referral comes with a stamp of approval from me which I hope gives the bride a boost of confidence to trust in that other photog. A lot of people find their photographers that way. So that would explain why someone like me, for example, wouldn’t have an availability calendar for the moment.

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