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Busy bee

We were not going to get one but about a month before the wedding our parents each gifted us $1000. Since everything else had been paid for at that point, we decided to splurge on a photographer. I’m so glad we did, our guests took some really nice photos but our photographer shots are amazing. As thrifty as we are, we would hire him again even if it was out of our pockets.

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Blushing bee

Our photographer was the one thing we didn’t hold back with our budget. It was important to us to have the photos for memories.

There won’t be many occasions where you will hire a professional photographer. Your friends may not look at them now, but they will have something to look at in the future, to show their kids or just for memories sake. But if you don’t hire one, you’ll have the ametuer photos taken by your friends and family. But they may not be at the best angles or lighting. I am so glad we paid extra for the engagement shoot. They are the best photos of me and Fiance. 

You can always save money through other aspects of the wedding. Get the best quotes, do some diy and print stationery online.

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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: May 2014

We hired a photographer and don’t regret it at all. We blew some of the pictures up on the wall and made a photo album that lays out on a table in the house. When new guests come to our house, sometimes they look at it. Or if I’m feeling sentimental I look through it. I also posted many of the photos to social media and made little keepsakes for both sets of our parents.

But if you don’t think you’ll ever look at the pictures, are they really worth it? I don’t know. Do you use social media – would you post it there? Would you make a photo album? Would you frame photos to give to your parents? Would you ever want to show it to kids (if you have any?) If all these questions are no, then maybe you don’t need one.

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Bumble bee

My family is all about looking through old photo albums. I’ve seen my parents wedding photos a million times and have even watched their old wedding video. My grandparents didn’t get any photos because they got married at their home and the power went out: no light + really old film and camera = no photos. And I know my grandma is pretty sad about it. But she shows us so many photos from right around that time, and they managed to get shot of her in her dress.

It’s also a pretty depressing reason to want photos, but my grandfather is developing dementia and it helps him to look through all the old photos to remember his daughters and sons in law. We go through photos with him whenever we visit to remind him of who everyone is and where he used to live and all that. Seeing his condition worsen is a strong reminder that the memories in my head won’t last forever, so I’d like to get them on paper (or on a computer) in case I ever need a reminder.

So for us it is definitely the right thing/almost necessary.

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Sugar bee

My photographer was one of my top “wants” besides crazy good food and open bar lol. Even if you don’t hire a professional photographer, do you have any friends that are shutterbugs? I had 2 friends and 1 family person that brought their $3k cameras to take pictures, so I would have still gotten a few nice ones. I wouldn’t ask anyone to be a photographer, but if you know they are that shutterbug type I bet they wouldnt mind taking a few extra. You can also look at student photographers or elopment photographers (so you have it for a shorter time). 

Anyways, trying to say I think you will still want a memory of the day, even if you don’t pay a ton for it. 

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Blushing bee

I think it’s a personal preference… I’m sure some people aren’t the nostalgic type and don’t look back on photos. On the other hand, I’m the type that scrolls through old Facebook photos from years back to look back on memories, so I’ll definitely be looking back on my wedding photos! It’ll be nice to have some professional photos of us to put up around the house as well.

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Bee Keeper
  • Wedding: September 2012

I’m a wedding photographer, so I probably place a much higher value on photography than the average person. That being said I’ve never had a couple regret having a pro, but have definitely heard from sooo many people that they regret NOT hiring a pro. Primarily from wedding parties, bridesmaids looove to tell me about how they regret hiring a crappy photographer or none at all.

It’s all about priority. The fact that you’re even debating not having a photographer tells me that photography probably isn’t a huge priority for you – and that’s ok. Just remember that while your family and friends might not go back and look at their photos that often at least they have them. They have those photos to print and frame it on their wall. I can promise you that you won’t get a quality image from a guest snapping a shot with their iPhone or even their DSLR. I would tell anyone thinking about not having a photographer is to at least compromise and hire one for 1-2 hours…enough to cover the ceremony and formal portraits.

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Buzzing bee
  • Wedding: October 2017

piffsgirl :  I had a very small, intimate budget-friendly wedding. IF you don’t have anything else at your wedding, have a photographer. Invite less people. Have a lesser cake. Do whatever you need to do. But have a photographer. That’s all you’ll have at the end of your wedding day to remember it by. 

And, you can definitely save money by booking a photographer for just a few hours. Ours ended up costing $330 for 3 hours. Best money spent! That, and the videographer!!

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Bee Keeper
  • Wedding: April 2013

piffsgirl :  For most people, the photographer is a clear yes.  For me a professional photographer was a very clear yes and I have NO regrets about that choice, even though it was very expensive.  I love my wedding photos and am so glad to have very special photos of that day.  I know that my close family members also value having photos of the day.  And I can say from side by side comparison, that guest snap shots and pro pics are not nearly the same quality.

Maybe it narcasistic, but having incredibly beautiful photos of my Darling Husband and I on that day was a really special luxury for me.  I’ve always kind of wanted to do professional pics again at some other time, but in the 11 years we’ve been together I’ve never made time for it.  I’m glad we have those.  And bonus that we’ve got some great shots of our family and friends.  Our photographer did a great job of capturing the vibe and feeling of the day and some really emotional moments and it really takes me back to look at the pictures.  I’ve been married for 5 years if that helps.  I’ll also say that as a kid I always loved looking at my parent’s wedding photos, so if you have kids that might come into play.

However, if you are truely not a photo person and don’t ever look at photos, it’s ok to cut it!   Don’t do it just b/c you feel that you have to if you know that it really isn’t important for you.  


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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: March 2017

The photographer was a very important expense for me. Our pictures came out lovely and we put framed photos from our wedding on our walls. We had an enlopement ceremony, so photos were the only way to share the wedding with others.

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Honey bee
  • Wedding: April 2017

We have 5 pictures on our wall and an album. I would be really sad if we hadn’t got pictures of the day. Even if you don’t look at them on a regular basis I think it will be fun to be able to look back at them when we are old, and be able to show any children our wedding day! My parents only have a few snapshots of their wedding and I think it would be really fun if I could look at the whole event. A lot of friends like to look at our photos too, and our parents. 

In fact I only regret not getting a videographer as well!

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As a photogapher myself, I think having a photographer on your wedding day is super important. I always tell my clients that their wedding day is much more than just signing a wedding license and being legagly married folowed by a celebration… It’s all about posterity. Those are memories that your kids, grand kids won’t be there to witness… the only access they will have to that moment will be thru the photographs taken on that day. It’s so important! It tells not only your story but their story too, how their family came to be and how it all started. I would say, hire a photographer and cut somewhere else, because years from now, how you felt and the photographs to look back to it is all that you will cherish the most! Good luck!


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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: April 2017 - Valleybrook Country Club

Your wedding is one day. What’s left when that day is over? The photos. That is the only thing that lasts past that day, so I value the photos the most. This was our one splurge area. If you’re looking to spend less on a photographer, then maybe look into hiring someone fresh out of college or just starting a new business, but definitely get a professional to capture it. These will be lifelong memories that you can share with future children and grandchildren. I can’t tell you how many times I looked at my parents wedding album and dreamed about my own.

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Blushing bee

I wouldn’t have one as I don’t like the idea of paying someone to take photos of me. 

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