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I thought my officiant was pretty unprofessional on the day of. It doesn’t help she refused to write any of the ceremony.. she had me do it and when I asked for her input she directed me to Google.  To this day I’m confused why she charges $500 and had us do a questionnaire about ourselves..

But the wedding went well, my husband and I are married, and mil gushes about how amazing our officiant was every chance she gets. 🤷

All I do is let people know my honest opinion if they ask me who I used. I don’t think small things like this are worth an online review even, or dwelling on too much.  I did give all the other vendors glowing reviews (and just refrained from writing anything about the officiant) and called it a day.

I don’t regret how I handled it, and would recommend you do something similar.  I see why you’re annoyed but honestly everything your photographer did to annoy you is kind of borderline, especially since ultimately you liked her work.

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It must be exhausting to be you if you have been stewing over this for weeks. 


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Time to move on. And you probably made the situation with your mom and the cake more awkward than it needed to be. You could’ve either just played along, or laughed the whole thing off. 

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toodles321 :  I was in a wedding where the officiant was SUPER grumpy and scolded the bridal party like children, in front of the bride, right as we were all preparing to walk down the aisle (we were smiling and high-fiving the bride as we got into line, how dare we). It really threw the bride for a loop. It’s a high-emotion day, so I get why it’s bothering you, but I agree you should let it go. It may just be how she talks to people. I do feel really bad for your mom though! I don’t get why the photographers thought that would be funny in the first place, and then to be yelled at by people…oy.

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I’m gonna buck the trend here & say please write a review!!  I’m trying to choose wedding vendors right now & I’m relying on reviews to help me figure out which ones are good! But I’ve noticed that almost all of them have 5 star reviews, which I chalked up to people wanting to remember their wedding day as perfect. 

But seriously people, write a review if you have a negative experience!! It doesn’t have to be nasty, you can even say that your pictures were beautiful but the photographer got rather more directive than you would’ve liked. That’s the purpose of reviews! To give other potential customers an accurate idea of what it’s like to work with the vendor.

Personally, photography isn’t my priority for my wedding as it is for many people, and I already know I very specifically don’t want a photographer who will boss people around. I’d rather they miss the shot than interfere with my & our guests’ enjoyment of the evening. This is information I’d want to know!! Someone else who doesn’t mind that level of direction may focus on the fact that your pictures turned out great. 

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I haven’t been to a wedding where a photographer hasn’t had to shout or raise their voice while trying to take a group shot. It’s noisy everyone’s chatting, no one is paying attention. That’s just how it is. 

If anything my only issue was with the second photographer tricking your mom for laughs. I would email the main photographer about that and say you think it’s unprofessional and it created unnecessary tension and confusion, especially as it wasn’t a photograph you’d asked for specifically nor had the photographer let you in on it so the second photographer was obviously doing it for his own amusement to get a reaction rather than being professional. 

but other than that if the photographs are wonderful I wouldn’t worry about a little bit of shouting and bossyness. You do what you gotta do to get the good results. 

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Meh, I would just let it go.

Write a review if it really made you that upset.

Our DJ was kind of a dick, and several of our guests complained that he was rude to them. He made snarky comments when they requested a song and whined that there are always too many drunk people at weddings. I wasn’t too impressed with his behaviour but honestly, I just let it go and moved on with my life.

Dont let such a small thing bother you so much. Your day was lovely, your photos were lovely.. sucks your photog was a bit bossy but there are worse things that could’ve happened! 

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There’s really not much you can do other then write a review. As far as her yelling at you to sit down maybe she felt rushed for time and thought you couldn’t here her. I think I would have been more annoyed with the assistant and the cake thing. But there’s a whole group of people out there who love that staged photo stuff and that may have been all she was trying to do. But I agree very annoying and inappropriate.  In the end your happy with your pictures and that’s what matters most. Did you seem to get along with her the rest of the time?

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This reminds me of the time I was reading a review of a hotel in Marrakesh on Trip Advisor and somebody gave a negative review because there was a MOTH in the room. 


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I wouldn’t really think too much about her raising her voice. I’m sure that comes with the territory of grabbing and keeping attention. I’m not a photographer, but I’m guessing that’s not easy. I think the cake thing would bother me though. That’s just weird. Let you and your husband have your moment. I’m also not sure how that’s funny? I don’t know that I would stew over it, but I don’t think I would find it humorous in the moment. I would just write a review of how it went. I don’t find that it ever goes over well explaining to someone why something was or wasn’t funny. It’s always awkward and they never get why someone won’t see it the way they do.

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