(Closed) Photography Nightmare – Help!

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Oh no I’m so sorry.  I don’t think you have any recourse with her over getting all your money back.  It’s probably in the contract that the only thing she is responsible for is the money you pay for and she is probably not liable for damages.

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Busy bee
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First and foremost I am so sorry for your photo loss, I would be filled with all the same emotions plus more Cry  Do you have other pictures of the day from friends and family?

With the money she gave back I would totally set up some photo sessions. I would set up a few. I would do the below….

  • Bridal Portraits
  • First Look pictures
  • You, FH, plus wedding party
  • TTD session….

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Oh my goodness! I’m SO sorry – that’s horrible! I would absolutely try to do a re-shoot of at least you and your husband! It really depends on what’s important to you – if you want a bunch of family photos, then you should get as many people as you can together…if photos of you and him were the most important, then you can just both get all dressed up and do a photo session.

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OMG! That is the saddest thing I’ve ever heard.

If it was me I’d gather up the bridal party/close family together for a re-shoot with another photographer. Just have a fun day getting some awesome shots of you guys all dressed up.

I’m so, so so sorry this happened to  you.

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Yep do as much as you can within budget, then put out the word to friends and family – amybe set up an online account and beg everyone to upload their pics. Poor you!


This may be a cautionary tale for the rest of us – my photog has it in the contract that directly after the wedding he makes double back ups. It might be wise for everyone else to request this.

So sorry hon. You can still get great pics, between a re run and your guests.

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Has she sent them to a professional recovery company? She should have tried this already, but on the off-chance she didn’t….

I would definitely set up a bunch of sessions like jackie-o recommended, and also put out an apb to guests letting them know what happened, and asking them to post any pics to a flickr/shutterfly/whatever account that you set up.

I’m so, so sorry this happened to you. How awful!

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Bumble bee

I’m so sorry.  🙁


I can’t even imagine – that is a complete and total nightmare.

I’d definetely do some re-shoots.  Even if your bridal party can’t get together at least you and your H could don your wedding attire and go somewhere beautiful for pics.


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Do you have a copy of your contract with her?

I’d call her & talk with her about this, like what she’s done to try to get it fixed & what went wrong. If she won’t answer her phone, I’d go into her office (if she has one & if its local).

Memory cards can fail, but I find it hard to believe she didn’t try to upload them until 6 weeks after your wedding. I would ask her if she can send her camera’s memory card to a professional recovery place. If its her computer, I’d ask her to send her computer to a professional recovery place.

She should be doing EVERYTHING she can to try to get something recovered. Maybe she is & if so, she probably feels awful. If she seems like she’s not, sometimes filing a lawsuit will help get her to work at it harder.

I’m sorry, I’d really try to get her to get the files recovered. If it won’t work, than maybe try staging a reshoot of you & your bridal party & family all in your wedding attire. Go to a really beautiful park or your favorite place & just make a day of it. You’ll have a lot of time for different poses & won’t feel pressured or rushed, so it could actually be a fun thing!

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Oh gosh that is a nightmare. I’m SO sorry.

I would definitely reschedule with someone else and do some shoots – Maybe you can ask the groomsmen if they would be willing to rent tuxes for the day and then gather up your bridesmaids assuming that have their dresses still. I would just make sure to get plenty of you and your husband… Maybe some bridal portraits. Maybe the photos of you and your husband will turn out even better – no rushing to be at the reception = plenty of time for awesome photos.

Good luck, I’m so sorry you are dealing with this 🙁

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I’m am sincerely sorry to hear about this, what strikes me the most is that suddenly your photographer decides to “quit” being a photographer. This just doesn’t sound right at all. She either never been professional in the first place, or she knows she screwed up and trying to get you off her back, yes, she might say she’s not going to do photography, but she failed to tell you if she’s not going to do it under the same name. Something to think about.

Secondly, what does her contract state? I understand contract is a legal binding document, if there is such a clause regarding “corrupted” images, there is not much you can do. 6 weeks is too long to wait for images to be uploaded. She either lying, or afraid. Pull out your contract and read it, take it to someone who knows any laws and let them read it. If anything else, find a photographer who can help you with re-shooting your special moments, i know it’s not the same, but at least you will have something to show.

I hope you can find a solution to this problem, it’s unfortunate this happened, I’m really really sorry Cry


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OH NO!! I want to cry for you. That is so devastating!! So sorry…

If it were me, I’d try to get my bridal party and family members together, get dressed up,  and I’d hire a photog to take family portraits, bridal party portraits, and shots of the two of you.

Maybe you can even have a dinner party afterwards and get some candids.

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It is horrible that this happened to you. Considering that the photographs is the only thing from the Wedding that you can have 20 years down the road.  Not the cake, not the music, not the dinner, not the venue. Just the memories that the pictures capture.   The right photographer for your wedding is a very important decision that you should take a lot time in making.

I agree with all the suggestions above about attempting to get the memory card and try to recover the pictures yourself, getting pictures taken again, asking guests for their pictures and so on. You might even find a professional photographer that will give you a break to help you out in recreating some of the pictures.

I am curious. You did not say anything about how you found this photographer and what her price was.  Are you willing to share that information?


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That’s terrible!  What does she mean corrupted?  Anyway you can get the memory cards from her and bring them to a professional to see if anything can be recovered.  The only way I would think somethign would be completely corrupted is if there was a fire or the memory card shattered into pieces.

I’d talk to her about what you can get from her.

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