(Closed) PICA CRAVINGS? omg: this is horrifically disgusting!!!!!

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Growing feet, disgusting cravings…all in addition to the possibility of your hoo-haa ripping apart?  Man, this baby thing sounds less appealing by the day…

I swear that if I ever crave the taste of cigarette ashes I will die (I HATE cigarettes).

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I’ve heard about that before, but it’s not just a disorder in pregnant women:

“Doctors use the term “pica” to describe craving and chewing substances that have no nutritional value — such as ice, clay, cornstarch or paper…

In some individuals, pica is a sign of emotional problems, such as stress, obsessive-compulsive disorder or a developmental disorder.

A thorough medical evaluation can help determine if pica is due to an underlying medical condition. If the cause of pica is an emotional or developmental issue, cognitive behavioral therapy may be helpful.”


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I think it generally occurs in people who are mineral deficient.  So it’s common in underdeveloped countries.  It’s the true  meaning of craving.  Your body isn’t getting what it need so it finds it in the most peculiar places.

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whoa, i have never heard of this! thats crazy haha

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When I was pregnant, I was OBSESSED with crushed ice.  I would crave it all the time.  The dr told me that it was a form of Pica craving.  Just glad it wasn’t dirt!  ew

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I’ve definitely heard of it but never associated with pregnancy. It’s a psychological thing.

@nicole, really? Ice is not pica as it is always edible, unless it has been contaminated in some way. If it was inedible and thus correctly fitting the pica categorization, it wouldn’t be allowed anywhere near food or drink.

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@selene actually ice cravings are considered PICA because they have no nutritional value. so when you want to consume them in large quantity it is labeled as a form of PICA.

I work in a state hospital so I see PICA all the time in people who have mental retardation and mental illness. It can be very disturbing… I have clients who have eaten metal screws and nails. One even swallowed a pair of scissors. (no joke, he really swallowed scissors, he had to have a major operation) Another guy will search for cigarette butts in parking lots to get the nicotine when he eats them. It’s very sad.

I can tell some crazy stories involving PICA haha.

But my mom who works in OB says that she sees pregnant women who have PICA but it isn’t that common with the cigarette butts, etc. Mostly ice and things.

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Ice cravings are supposed to be a symptom of iron deficiency / anemia.  Which is pretty common in women and pregnancy.  My aunt just self diagnosed with anemia cause she was craving ice.  Her dr told her she was nuts but ran a blood test anyway.. she was right.  I had never heard of it before that though.

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Bee Keeper

Someone should note that not EVERY pregnany woman gets pica.  It’s not like craving oreos, pica is a serious medical condition.  So don’t worry ladies, you probably won’t get pica or any cravings like it.

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Yeah, Pica is seen in animal, like rodents, too.  They say that if an animal is sick to the stomach, they we eat clay, dirt or anything in order to try to soothe the stomach.  It’s not something they think about, they just do it.  I’m an animal biologist and I see it in certain animals.  Very interesting.  I know it can happen in humans, too and especially during a pregnancy because of the nausea.

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yep!  In my nutrition classes we learned about pica.  Crazy.  I think that a bad one would be laundry detergent.  So so bad for you!

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HAHA. My evil SIL experiences these…I secretly laugh about them…

How disgusting. Hope I never experience them though.

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My mum wanted to lick the inside of the fire place all through her pregnancy. My dad said sometimes he could see her looking at it and fighting the urge to climb in and start licking. How gross!

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