(Closed) Picky Men and What to feed them- [ What do you do to nurish your husband]

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My Darling Husband would live on turkey legs and Pea Pea Salad (this bizarre Waldorf-Salad-Meets-Pasta thing his Mom makes) if he had his way!

I have to sneak peppers and onions into his pasta. Sometimes broccoli if it’s in a cheesy pasta dish.

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My husband loves healthy food, though his favorite veggie is corn.

We are both trying to lose weight, so I cook meat with salad on the side or cooked vegetables.

I will also cook roasted parisienne potatoes or wild rice as a starch. My husband loves my roast chicken and my lasagna. 


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Buzzing bee

My SO has very few meals that he will actually eat: pretty much any pasta (I mean with spaghetti sauce and any kind of noodle LOL, not anything out there), pizza, burritos, tacos, and stir fry. I try to make things a bit healthier (like adding broccoli and peppers to the stir fry), but he just eats around it. I wish he would have a little bit more variety in his diet!

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@alishaloo:  …Mr. 99 will eat anything I put in front of him…he knows better than to complain…like that ONE time

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We eat extremely healthy in our house.  Very little red meat.  Fish, chicken, loads of veggies and fruit.  We steam and/or grill.  Brown rice, beans/lentils/nuts, yogurt.  We do not keep crap food in the house at all.  Cheese here and there but not a lot of it.  Organic and fresh everything as muh as we possibly can.  No ice cream, cookies, or junk.  If we have junk food (chips, dips), it’s only at someone’s party.  But, even then we really don’t partake because it ends up making us sick.   

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Brussels Sprouts are a side in our home like 2 or 3 nights a week. They are his fav! He is a major junky junky though and I would love him to branch out and try more foods. He loves vegetables.. Pretty much won’t touch fresh fruit.  I definitely wish we could eat less red meat but he doesn’t like bone in meats so our option is chicken breast..(chicken is my fav.) Annnd..that’s about it. He hates seafood. 

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I bake lots of chicken breasts at a time – both to eat as an entree, and to make sandwiches or wraps with (I also put them in my salads). My fiance also loves baked chicken thighs with crispy skin – I just brush it with olive oil to get it to be crispy. Not the healthiest but still ok. He’s not crazy about fish, but if I buy thick pieces of wild salmon and bake them in a foil pouch with some ginger and soy sauce, he will happily eat it even though it’ll never be his favorite.

Another sure hit is plain oven roasted broccoli – I cut it into florets, toss in some olive oil and salt & pepper, and lay it out on a cookie sheet. If he is dying for fries, I make sweet potato fries.

I avoid buying the things that “tempt” him (processed food, junk food). If they’re not in the house, he will generally not go out and buy them.  

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My husband will eat anything I cook. He hates lima beans, but will eat them if they’re an ingredient.

I’m the picky eater in the house, so it’s good I’m the cook. I absolutely will not eat any form of seafood. I’ll make shrimp for the husband, but I will never eat it myself. Gross.

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After years of being patient I managed to get my Fiance eating veggies, quinoa and fruit, and most of the things I make for dinner are made from scratch non-packaged stuff, but it was a loooooong road getting here. When I first moved in with him he was eating canned soup, meat, mac and cheeese, instant noodles, and….yeah that’s pretty much it. Also he was extremely suspicious of everything that I made, if it looked weird he wouldn’t touch it. I started making “compromise” dinners with a meat and starch so he would be happy and salad and veggies that I wanted. He usually would try a bite of the veggies and leave the rest, and I didn’t make a big issue out if it. Now one of his favorite things is asparagus! It’s all about loads of patience. 

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TBH, if he doesn’t like what I cook than he can cook his own dinner. I’m a healthy eater and at first he refused to eat certain dishes I made. I try to cater to him a bit, like I know he absolutely hates onions so I won’t add them to dishes, but for the most part he has just started eating what I make because he knows the alternative is making his own dinner and most of the time he doesn’t want to do that. I suppose I usually do add a starch option for him (and I eat veggies instead) but I don’t always have time to do that so he will eat the veggies if there is no starch/bread.

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I couldn’t be with someone who has the palate of a child. The only thing H doesn’t really like is blue cheese.

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he and his family grew up on 100% whole wheat bread and flour and brown sugar. our fav thing to eat is fruit and cheese. but he is sooo picky with things. he doesnt like leftovers. its so hard to get him to eat leftovers cuz i could eat them all week long. and he thinks the microwave is evil so i have to heat them up on the stove. he loves all this brain stuff but will come home with ice cream and brownies….. and candy. but anything i make better be with brown flour and sugar lol. cray cray

the other day i ;-D fed him a casserole. he didnt care too much for it but it wasnt that bad (i put too much thyme in it) but later a friend came over and loved it. i was like oh its moose meat…. hehe. and Darling Husband is like what?? i thought it was deer! well now im not going to eat it. which is funny cuz i love moose meat more than deer meat. but it was mistake to tell him cuz then he just refused to eat the leftovers.

also he can eat eat… eat and eat and gain one pound. i eat eat and eat and well im rolling away out the door like the blueberry girl in willy wonka. bastard lol

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@Nona99:  YUP 

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