Pigeon (boy/girl) pairs: are you part of one, or did you have one?

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saratiara2 :  I have an older brother, he’s almost 6 years older then me. Growing up we fought a lot, and hard. But as adults we’re so close! I think being younger it was more the age difference then the gender difference that really set us a part, but once our interests started to align we got along really well. 

Ultimately it’s not gender but personalities that will compliment or clash. Congrats on your babe!!

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I have three, but my youngest two are boy/girl and we call them twins born two years apart! They played together constantly as younger children, and now they good-naturedly bicker with one another all the time, and they still do things together. They are very close for a boy/girl pair – even closer than my DS2 is with DS1. 

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No worries! My SO has a sister about three years younger and they’re very close – it’s obvious that they really were best friends growing up. I can’t speak to my experience since my brother is 9 years older than me and we didn’t exactly hang out, but we have a lot of similar interests so I think we would have. Your little ones will be an awesome team!

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I have a younger brother and an older sister. While I’m close to both, I’m definitely closer to my brother and was closer to him growing up. Perhaps becasue my sister was older than me so she was in her moody teen years and off to college while I was still a bit younger. I wouldn’t worry about it at all! I think it’ll be sweet that your little girl can have a protective older brother!

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I have a brother 2 years younger than me, and when we were kids we fought a lot. But we also played together and spent time together so it wasn’t all awful. I would say that we’re fairly close now, no kids for either of us yet though. I do agree that same sex siblings are often closer (not that I can say from personal experience, but that seems to be the way with my friends and their sisters). 

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I have one of each though I had a girl first.  Mine are only 4 and 16mo and they get along fairly well right now.  My oldest will steal toys but I think that’s expected with all siblings.  She is all over him all the time to the point I have to tell her to give him some room lol.  They seem to really like each other right now.  I really think most relationships are more about personality than gender and age gap.  I’m not super close to my brothers but I think it’s more of a personality thing.  My own brothers are twins and they do live together now but even they didn’t always like each other and were not super close in middle/high school or right after.  My husband is close to all his brothers, even the one that is 8 years younger (though he actually hated his closest brother in age growing up, but not as adults.  2 years apart so think more rivalry in middle/high school).

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No full siblings but I grew up with a step brother from when I was about 5 who was only 10 months older and the same grade in school (though we went to different schools). We were close as kids, but started to grow apart in high school and didn’t speak much at all when I went to college and he joined the military/went to college outside of facebook and the occasional text. He passed away a few years after that and at that point I hadn’t spoken to him in a couple years. DH is 1 of 4 with two boys and two girls. He is pretty close with his brother and sees his younger sister when he visits with his parents (she still lives at home), but he doesn’t talk to his older sister very much. That said, a good friend of mine is also 1 of 4 and is extremely close with all of her siblings and her older brother especially. 

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My brother is 3 years older than me & we are incredibly close. We are probably the minority here, but we never fought while growing up and we don’t fight now. 

He is one of my best friends. While I always wanted a sister, I wouldn’t trade my brother for the world.

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saratiara2 :  Ha! I’d never heard this term before. 

Anyway, I have a younger brother (2 1/2 years younger) and he’s my only sibling. We are very close! And we’ve been close our whole lives. I think the age difference was pretty perfect because we played together all the time and had adventures. We did fight sometimes, but I think that’s going to happen with any siblings no matter what. Overall it was great!

On the other hand my husband and his sister were almost exactly 2 years apart and really disliked each other for most of their young lives. However now they’re super duper close and have a great relationship. 

I do have a son now though and I get your feeling of wanting your son to have a brother. It seems like it would be a very special relationship. But honestly you never know how it’s going to go. 

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My brother and I are so close! He’s three years younger and my only sibling. Even since he’s moved out of state, we talk regularly and are extremely close. I’ve had plenty of friends comment on how much closer we are than they may be to their same sex sibling. There was a brief time as kids that we fought more often, but we’ve always been best friends. Here’s hoping your little ones are the same way!

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I’m the middle child. I have an older brother and a younger brother. They are five years apart and totally opposite personalities. They have never gotten along, still don’t today. They stay connected but fight a lot. I’m (girl) very close with both of them. 

Congratulations on baby number 2! Wishing you a H&H pregnancy the rest of the way.

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Oh that’s exciting! I’m not part of that pairing (I’m 1 of 2 daughters) but I can tell you my sister and I were NOT close for a long long time. We’re just really different. Now we are pretty close, but I think (hope) it’d be the same way with a brother. My SO is the only boy of the family with two sisters, and they’re all quite close. 

I’m pregnant with a boy, our first child, and I’m already hoping #2 will be a girl 😬 

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