(Closed) Pills Making me Crazy…. Wanting to try a FAM or NFP method.. Advice?

posted 10 years ago in Intimacy
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    What about a non-pill option? I was on nuvaring for a few years and found that its effects versus those of the pill were night and day. I really prefered it. You have to get over the “ick” factor of grabbing a the ring out of your whatnot to replace it. No worse than tampons though. I really don’t like condoms either and they aren’t that effective. Or at least, as effective as I want my BC to be.

    Mrs. Spring is super all about the FAM method and really knowledgeable about it.

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    I’ve been on various pills for YEARS and sometimes I would go months and be fine but there were way too many times that I was so depressed and I really think the pill is to blame. I also have zero sex drive and I had been bleeding in between periods (like, pretty bad not just spotting). I would tell my dr and he would change something slightly, it would work for a month and then same ol’. We made the decision to drop the pill and use condoms a month ago (just had my period first time pill free). We don’t want to keep using condoms but I really don’t want to go back to putting harmones in my body so we are kind of in the same boat.

    I am interested to see some answers.. the whole natural planning thing scares the [email protected] out of me (and FI). I have no desire to get pregnant for a very long time!! I have AT LEAST 5 years before I would even consider it. Was planning on asking my gyno at my next appointment his opinion.. 

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    I think the natural method can work, but I do think you have to be very diligent and careful not to make a mistake. A friend of mine bought this elaborate thermometer that tells your body temperature very precisely, and therefore helps you figure out when you’re ovulating (I guess your temperature rises when you are). Unfortunately, she was a little careless about figuring out how to program it, and her baby’s due in September! So, I think you just have to research carefully and make sure you’re using your chosen method very accurately.

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    ok, first things first, using STM is PROVEN JUST AS EFFECTIVE AS THE PILL!  Secondly, if you do choose to abstain during your fertile times, it can be MORE EFFECTIVE THAN ANY OTHER FORM OF BC!  The reality is, if your method of BC is going to fail, it’s only going to fail within about a 5 day window of your being fertile. So, if you were to want to have sex during those days, a Condom then would be your best friend. My Fiance and will be abstaining.

    Your Gyno’s opinion could be flawed. I hate to say it, but most don’t actually know about the DIFFERENT methods of FAM or NFP and still think most are talking about Calendar Method, which IS completely foolish and doesn’t work.  Also, Dr’s have drug reps in their pockets… Unless you are going to one that is actively supporting it (which some do) odds are their knowledge of it is most unfortunately little to none.

    To begin practicing it, or even to just start learning more, I suggest you head out to Barnes and Nobles today and pick up a copy of “Taking Charge of your Fertility” and start reading it.  There’s no reason for you to be a basket case or infuse your body with all kinds of crap. I’m in my first month of charting and so far it’s been really easy peasy.  It’s actually really exciting to finally learn what the heck my body does.  

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    I have had horrible reactions on BC.  When I was in high school, I was put on BC because of my endo.  I had always been a very happy go lucky girl and pretty laid back.  Over a course of a year (with no changes in lifestyle, events, anything) I became severely depressed, almost to the point of suicidal, my anxiety was through the roof…it was a horrible, horrible experience.  Granted, I now know that it wasn’t just the pill, but I actually do have anxiety/depression problems (it just so happened they came out in full force when I got on the pill…sucky coincidence)…Anyhoo, I got my endo under control and for several years went off of the pill and my anxiety/depression got better to a way more manageable level.  Fast forward about 10 years…my Fiance and I got engaged and I went on the pill about 6 months before the wedding to get body used to it.  Originally I was on YAZ and loved it.  It helped my mood swings, lighter periods, virtually no cramps, but then I started spotting constantly and getting major major headaches (and I NEVER get headaches), so I decided to try a different pill.  After about 2 weeks on it, I was right back where I was in high school.  My depression and anxiety was out of control and I felt like I was “losing it,” even though for the last 10 or so years I’ve learned how to deal with it.  So, needless to say, I kicked the pills to the curb and now I’m not any kind of BC…which is ok beings my Darling Husband is stationed elsewhere and doesn’t live with me. lol Sooooo…..I’m glad you started this post b/c I need some answers too!  I plan on trying the pill one more time when he’s finally living here and my life is more “stable,” but for now, I need to figure something

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    The temp. reading is NOT used for BC. The temp only tells if you HAVE ovulated. Therefore, if you wait to see a shift in temp. then odds are you WILL be preggers. In the right environment, sperm can live for up to 5 days… your egg only lasts about one, so you can technically have sex and get pregnant 4-5 days later with no other sex inbetween… 

    STM is based of primary and secondary signs of fertility. Temp only merely tells if you did ovulate, and then it will also tell you if you are pregnant… and the conversely about to or in the midst of miscarrying. 

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    It does sound nerve wrecking, but there are so many advantages to it, that I highly rec learning more about it before you decide if it IS scary or not.  It’s really not 🙂

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    Well, I’ve been using FAM for over a year with no problems whatsoever. I wasn’t sure if I could trust my body at first either. Now it’s second nature. 🙂

    As for coming off of BC, I’d be dilligent about using a barrier method. Just be wary of spermicide because of how it can mask some of your signals.

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    My husband and I used STM (the Sympto-Thermal Method of NFP/FAM) successfully for several months before trying to conceive.  When we did start trying for a baby, we got pregnant on literally our first try.  🙂  That’s the beauty of Fertility Awareness; once you understand how your body works you can use the same method for avoiding pregnancy or trying to conceive.

    We always used a barrier method (male condoms) instead of abstaining.  We used condoms every time until I felt comfortable knowing my fertile periods; after that, we only used condoms a few times a month when I knew I had the possibility of getting pregnant.  Other people use female condoms, sponges, etc… or abstinence for the first few months of use and during fertile windows thereafter.  Obviously, abstinence is the most effective of these choices, but it’s really up to you as a couple. 

    I totally second KLP’s suggestion of reading Taking Charge of Your Fertility.   It’s a great guide on how to properly use STM.  Also, I tracked my ovulations on http://www.fertilityfriend.com, which is a free website with lots of helpful information (vidoes, tutorials, advice, etc…).   Finally, one of the best things about most NFP/STM methods is that you don’t have to spend hardly anything to get effective bc.  I bought a digital thermometer from the drugstore for about $10 and a used copy of TCOYF for the same amount (i.e. total = less than one pack of bc pills).  And as long as you get through the initial learning curve, STM is about as much “work” as taking a daily birth control pill.  Good luck!

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    There are “rules” for those coming off the pill, it may require a bit more diligence, but there are ways to do it. That book I mentioned goes over it and there’s also classes you can take with an instructor who can help interpret your charts and signs, etc… 

    Like above – you have to be careful about spermicides. Also, even having sex can mask your cervical fluid so there’s also ways that you check things out before your sexy time.

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