(Closed) Pimples: to pop or not to pop!

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Windex.. haha!

I’ve tried the toothpaste too. Usually if I have a huge swollen zit that refuses to pop I will put some tooth paste or some of my facial cleaner (that has salasylic acid in it) on it and let it dry.  It usually helps take the swelling down though doesn’t make it go away immediately.1

I pray that I won’t get a gigantic zit on my wedding day.. argh

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I’ve used toothpaste & find it works best if you put it on the dreaded zit right before going to bed so it gets to dry it up while you’re sleeping.

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you’re never going to get everyone to agree, not even experts. i am an aesthetician and used to do laser also.

what i’ve been taught and have experienced is that, popping is fine so long as:

you cleanse and open your pores with heat or steam. it’s convenient to clear pores after a good warm shower and even better after a good exfoliation and warm shower or steam. you can even use a towel over your head and stand or sit over your sink with hot water running. this will open your pores also.

you can even get a towel hot in the shower, lay down few minutes with the towel on your face. just take a medium sized towel or two wash cloths(kitchen towels work great) and fold them to stay long , get them hot, and wrap around your face so you can breathe easily.

you use q-tips or finger cots and if it’s ready(white)you should prick the outside GENTLY and quickly and be sure to sterilize your needle first!

then use the q-tips and or your fingers wrapped with tissue or finger cots to squeeze in an upward motion from th base. you should be squeezing at an angle, squeezing towards the tip. think of it like digging from under the zit. you need to try from different angles too. it will be more effective and will minimize irritation and inflamation. (there are a number of products available for calming the skin and redness)

then use witch hazel or some sort of toner to whipe the area clean so that it isn’t spread to other skin.you can even wash your face again and use toner afterwards to be sure you’re free from spreading to other clear surrounding skin. then use clean finger cots or q-tips again(new) to stretch the skin out gently from different angles. this also minimizes inflamtion and irritation.

change your pillow cases often! sweating is also a great way to ciculate bloodflow and clear out impurities, just wash your face!

wash your face before bed EVERY night.



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I always tried NOT to pop them, but sometimes it’s just so much better to get rid of a hideous zit and if you pop it under the right conditions, as suggested by Cherylanna then that’s the best. But I have to say that I just made an amazing investment! It’s called Thermaclear. Altough a little pricey, it’s totally worth every single penny! when you see a zit coming up, you simply apply the treatment 3x a day – the zit will NEVER appear (as a white head) as long as you catch it early enough. How it works? The intense heat applied by this tool is capable of applying temperatures that literally KILLS the bacterica responsible for your zit to persist. I swear, this is the BEST!! I’ts pretty small and I can carry it around in my purse. I zap while at work! And it will be super handy as the wedding date creeps closer!

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For me, popping usually means I get stuck with a blemish on my skin that lasts way longer than the pimple. Or it gets infected (eww). But I know everyone’s skin is different!

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this is a hilarious thread! Ok- but seriously… I am the kind of person who stresses out and then like a day or two later break out. :o( So back to what MightySapphire asked– What is the best solution if you break out on your wedding day? I have been trying to go and get a facial once a month… but I still broke out mad crazy about a week ago (finals are coming up… I blame it on that) but I had had a facial not even a wk prior to THAT break out! (And I am on birth control… which seems to help…)

So anyone? What do you do if you break out on your wedding day? (please don’t say make up… please don’t say make-up… the cover up never seems to help diminish the issue– especially when photos are involved!) … oh… wait… maybe photo shop??? ;o) Solutions ladies! We need solutions!!!

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Hmm I guess the best solution depends on the type of pimple. If it seemed to be an easily popable white head I’d prob pop it and try to hide it. If it was the deep kind I might just try to see the dermatologist to get the shot to get it to go away. Personally, I plan on trying to cut down on sugar, drinking TONS of water the week or two before my wedding, trying to stay as calm as possible and just praying nothing pops up!

As for the toothpaste thing I tried it once and it was awful! I put a dab on right before bed and the next day my skin in that area was sooo dried out and flakey, it was way worse than the pimple! 

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Sparkles- the best solution that I’ve found? is THERMACLEAR! It’s an investment, but if you’re already spending the serious cash on facials and still breaking out, then at least try the Thermaclear. Plus, Sephora has great return policy. If you’re not satisfied, just take it back!


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If you break out on your wedding day, have your makeup person do their best, enjoy yourself, and then photoshop, baby! Or, I have used this free online program called picnik (since I am too cheap for photoshop) and they have a gizmo that edits out your zits. It works really well! I had a few and now in my photos my face looks clear as a bell. It also has a function where it whitens your teeth. It looks really natural.

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I seem to always be stuck in the "pop or not to pop" dilemma. 

@ cherylanna Your advice was amazing.  I’m going to have to keep reading that and teaching myself better habits.  I tend to do the freak out, pop it before I think about it, make it 10x worse than what it was because it bleeds, and then suffer through the healing process.  

 And as for everyone that mentioned the Zeno and Thermaclear… those sound awesome.  I might have to look into the reviews and get one for myself.  That seems like it might be the best option. 

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@MightySapphire – I pop my husband’s back pimples too!!!! lol. I am glad to see you do it too so I dont feel bad… yet can’t stop @@

I’ve always heard it’s not good to pop them but I just can’t stop myself. All I can do it is make sure I wash my hands before I pop & put on Neosporin afterwards.

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I try to not touch — but a secret is, if you must, use two q-tips to do it.  Then, you can easily clean it up with them, and you aren’t scratching with your nails either.  After, put some neosporin on it, just a dab. and it will clear up in a day.

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