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Helper bee
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I haven’t had pink eye in a while, but maybe you could try Visine to get some of the red out.  I know you’re not suppose to wear make-up with pink eye, but I believe its more so you don’t spread the infection onto your make up brushes.  Get some disposable make-up applicators and you should be fine!

GL!  I’m sure you’re day will be beautiful either way!

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Helper bee
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Oh honey! You’ll be fine!!! I’ve had pink eye before and you should be much, much better by Friday!

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Bumble bee
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You don’t seem self-centered, you seem like someone who’s suffering through pink eye! It’s no fun, but you will get better. But throw out all of your old eye makeup! It’s probably got pink eye germs on it now and you’ll end up re-infecting yourself. =( I used to get pink eye all the time and this was part of the reason (totally gross, right?!).

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Helper bee
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If your doc gave you meds, you should be fine by Firday. Trust me, former pink eye victim here! Just make sure you use it EXACTLY as prescribed. And as Rebecca said, toss all your old makeup so you don’t reinfect yourself.

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Bumble bee
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your vent and concern is not self centered at all! I’ll have my fingers crossed you get better soon!

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Busy bee
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It should clear up pretty fast– but if you used any makeup at all when you had the infection or were coming down with it be careful not to use it now or you may reinfect yourself. (It’s possible that the bacteria was introduced into your brushes or liquids, or came from there to begin with.) If you want to be extra, extra careful, get new makeup before the ceremony or use only disposable brushes as someone else said. (Of course, ditch your contact solution, disposable contacts you were wearing, etc!)

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Blushing bee
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You don’t sound superficial at all!  It’s stressful b/c there’s not a whole lot you can do except follow your doctor’s orders and take care of yourself so your body can heal as fast as possible.  I have a lot of strange ailments that pop up at the most inconvenient times, so I can relate…it really helps having a doctor you trust. 

Did you get some prescription eye drops?  I had a bacterial infection a while ago and my eye was inflamed and swollen (looked like pink eye, but wasn’t so itchy like I remember when I was a kid).  My friend is an eye doc so he fit me into his schedule and gave me a prescription that cleared it up in about 2-3 days.


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Buzzing bee
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I don’t think you sound self-centered.  I was upset when an allergic reaction made both my eyes look like pink eye and I had to miss my make-up trial.  If I was upset of a trial, of course you are justified in being upset about your actual wedding!  I’ll say a prayer that it all clears up well before Friday.  Good luck!

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dont worry, anyone would freak out if they were suffering from pink eye a WEEK before the wedding!

I had pink eye back in college and i didnt know what it was at first. i went to the pharmacy to get visine and believe it or not, this is what the pharmacist told me: he said to get a big bowl of warm water, add salt to it, and pretty much just stick your head in. he swore by it and said it would get rid of the pink eye. 

i wish i could’ve told you i tried it, but i was too scared becasue i thought the salt water would hurt. but if it was a week before my wedding i’d probably try just about anything……

i’m sure the doctor is providing you with good medication to get rid of it super fast. good luck!

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Helper bee
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ok.. I’m actually an eye doctor and honestly things should be better by Friday. Did your dr give you antibiotics? Has it spread to your other eye? As cherrypie said, make sure you don’t wear your contacts and change your make-up. Wash your hands a lot, clean your sheets, and you should be fine! And don’t don’t use visine- it’s not going to help and there are better drops your doctor can give you to get rid of the inflammation.

Best of luck!

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Busy bee
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use the drops as frequently as is allowed and don’t wear a STITCH of makeup until your big day (or your rehearsal, if need be).  definitely buy new makeup and/or brushes so as to not chance anything!!!!  you will be okay 🙂 

i got pink eye 2 days before my cousin’s wedding a few years ago.  i caught it right away and used the drops as much as i was allowed, and wore my glasses.  didn’t put my contacts in until about an hour before the wedding, and i was fine.   

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Worker bee
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DON’T USE VISINE. I have had fourteen separate cases of pink-eye in the last five years, and ended up getting PIK, which is a cornea disease, and can seriously eff up your eyesight. Use the drops that your doctor prescribed (most often polysporin eye drops), and DO NOT TOUCH YOUR FACE. If you’re super careful, and rest your eye (take naps, don’t wear glasses, definitely not contacts -if you wear contacts you’ll need a new pair), it’ll be okay on your wedding day. If anything, use minimal mascara on the day of. For future prevention, always, always, always, wash your hands before bed. If I put lotion on my hands, I wash them before bed.  If I have a cold and blow my nose in the middle of the night, I will get up and wash my hands! SO many cases of pink eye are transmitted during the night (just picture a sleeping person wiping their eyes after scratching their nose), that taking those preventative steps can really cut down the chances of a recurrence. And, relax. You’ll most likely be fine in 48 hours, and you’re only contagious for 24!

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Bumble bee
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I’d wipe down surfaces you frequently use (computer keyboard, doorknobs, faucet handles, etc.) with antibacterial cleaner, too, just to be on the safe side.

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