(Closed) Pinterest & Trends – has it turned you off from ideas you love?

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  • poll: Have you stayed away from certain wedding ideas just because they are trendy?
    Yes, but I wasn't crazy about the idea anyway. : (32 votes)
    20 %
    Yes, and I really loved the idea! : (33 votes)
    21 %
    Nope, I still did what I wanted regardless. : (61 votes)
    39 %
    I don't like the current trends, so it was easy to steer away from them. : (25 votes)
    16 %
    Obligatory "other" : (6 votes)
    4 %
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    I love pinterest…

    When we first started wedding planning I put a candle in a mason jar…the mason jar thing was all over pinterest right?!  So that must have inspired me, I even posted about it here on WB and everyone was like NO you’ll catch fire lol.  Well I wasn’t too worried about that…but after a day or two it just wasn’t us.

    Our wedding is like modern, orchard, elegant, dia de los muertos…it’s probably not a trend that’s going to catch on with the mainstream.  But at the same time, we must not be doing anything too crazy because we’re able to call up vendors, book, and pay and no one is like WHHAATT YOU WANT FOOD AT A WEDDING?!! OMG!!! SO ORIGINAL!!!!!!!!!!!  LOL. 


    PS.  Not to hate, but we built a makeshift fence out of burlap and it smelled really bad.  Does burlap smell?  Or did we just buy smelly burlap?  Anyway the rain kept soaking it and knocking it over…but it was a cheap way to give us some privacy for a week or so LOL.

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    I think many ladies might be overthinking this.

    What’s the chance of all of your wedding guests looking at pinterest for wedding ideas? The only reason we notice is because we specifically look through inspiration boards for ideas.. and run into the same things over and over.

    I’ve discussed alot of my ideas with my parents/PIL’s/fi, and they haven’t heard of most of them. [Chalk board signs – which we are doing mini chalkboard escort cards, candy buffet, ect].

    It hasn’t turned me off from any ideas – I don’t even use pinterest, but I do google search and it draws pictures from Pinterest, so I still end up seeing them.

    I’m still using some of the ideas I really enjoy though, and making some of my own.

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    i dont worry about what other brides do! I plan to do what i like and hopefully it’ll look pretty

    eg mine is an outside wedding on the beach at night, without much in the way of electric lighting. yes, a lot of people have pinned some of the things im doing. and yes, ive heard people say ‘chinese lanterns/tiki torches…soooo overused’ but you know something – they look pretty and they solve the natural light problem

    also, the majority of guests wont be constantly on pinterest so aren’t going to know whats trendy or not. frankly there are very few ‘original’ ideas anymore

    and if i like a chalkboard or whatever ‘trendy’ idea, im going to do it =)

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    @AmyFarrahFowler:  I DO NOT LIKE ANYTHING MOUSTACHE. And yes, I’m yelling that. From the rooftops.

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    All of this is exactly why I utilize the private boards on Pinterest. I can find ideas online, save them and no one knows until I execute.


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    I’ve never gone onto Pinterest, so can’t speak too much about what’s on there, but what I hate is when people do stuff because it’s trendy/looks cool, but has nothing to do with them as a person. Say, if someone has a barn wedding when they’ve never set foot in the country before, or a “vintage” theme, when they don’t own or have any real interest in vintage items.

    It really frustrates me, because my wedding is kind of turning into a “trendy” wedding because of convenience – my parents own a huge garden, so we’re doing a garden party wedding and reception (because afternoon tea is cheap!), plus my parents have huge collections of the things you find in vintage weddings… mismatched crockery, old furniture, etc.

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    there are some trends that are slightly annoying: “vintage rustic shabby chic sheek “…honestly can someone explaine how you can be shabby & rustic while being chic & sheek at the same time? !!!!

    but I am not saying they don’t make beautiful weddings..if done right of course. over doing mason jars is a no no…but having them as just your centerpeice or down the aisle is cool.

    DIY your whole wedding sounds great…but that can be just as expensive as having an professional (and not as polished)..I would say pick and choose your projects!

    I do have one BIG vent…BURLAP!!!!! who gave permission to for potato sacks to be used in weddings?!!! (sorry if you are using it in yours….this is more of a vent rather then an attack…I can understand how it fits the theme and it can look somewhat ok with lace in bows..i guess). 

    Pinterest trends I do like:

    Banner-bearers (where the child attendants carry a sign down the aisle). I like the idea, mainly because I don’t want to have like 4 flower girls…although I want to make my sign different then the ones I seen..so I don’t mind this. 

    Mini cakes (or cupcakes)..unfortunately my wedding will not have this, as my Fiance vitoed this option. But I like it, esp the mini cakes. 

    Personalization on everything. This trend should have been a trend a long time ago…pictures of bride and groom in frames on tables, personal story writen somewhere creative…anything!!!! love it!


    AND MY ABSOLUTE FAV TREND!!!!! – CANDY BUFFET!!!! (mainly because I love candy!)

    I think this is the easiest favour for guests…they can pic what they like (for the ones who can’t eat candy, I will make a special bag of something for them). It also adds to the theme of the wedding, just one more spot to bring out your colours and ideas. 



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    I don’t think it is going to change my mind. The fact still is that most people I know won’t have been to a wedding with any of the ‘trends’ I love. They may have seen images online but not necessarily at an actual wedding.

    Plus I am in love with kitchy, country touches. And they are completely me. So why pretend to be a different sort of bride on my wedding day?

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    I work with a woman whose daughter is getting married next week. The wedding is totally a combination of the very most common Pinterest ideas. It just kills me when she shows photos of the brooch bouquet, burlap runners, and MASON JAR vases and repeatedly says “My daughter is just so creative!”  Even more ridiculous- the wedding is being held in downtown Chicago!

    For all of you home-canners, Mason jars are a logical frugal choice. Not clever-frugal. For most of the other Mason jar weddings which I have attended, they seemed just silly. Really, you can buy vases at the Goodwill for less.    


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    • Wedding: October 2014 - Grace Community Church

    In a way, Pinterest has really been such a source of inspiration for my wedding planning. However, my general thoughts about how my wedding would look have gone under several overhauls as I’ve seen cute, original ideas become this massive entity (I’m talking “can’t scroll my news feed for 5 minutes without seeing it” entity).

    I live in the Deep South, so Mason jars have always been a huge staple here. And while I love the easy, effortless look of Mason jars for centerpieces I’m really scaling back on my use of them for fear of being cliche. Chalkboards as well. Love them! And while I will be using one for the menu board (I am not printing anything i don’t have to!) you won’t really see them anywhere else.

    Overall, I think Pinterest is good in its own right. I love that it’s become like Google, just a plethora of information waiting to be gobbled up by some crafting masochist (ME!), but for me it’s just more of a jumping off point to put together my own ideas- not copy someone else’s.


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    “-Rose gold wedding band w/platinum or white gold e-ring”


    THIS IS A THING NOW!!?!?! damn, this is totally what i’m looking to get.  i’ve never been able to find any photos of this.  


    man, now i’m sorta bummed.

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    Probably not as much as the other stuff I listed! I still did it! Here’s a pic!

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    It was only once I started coming to wedding forums did I realize certain trends were even overused. I’ve only been to two weddings in the past 10 years. They were drastically different from one another and if they had used things from Pinterest (though the first wedding I think was before Pinterest was even around) I certainly was none the wiser.

    I Pin things because I legitimately like them. Why would I Pin it just cause it’s trendy? Who am I trying to impress or fit in with? Thousands of other brides that I don’t even know? It really makes zero sense that people would assume that if I like something that happens to be popular then that’s the ONLY reason I like it. Our theme is fairytale romance. Yeah, it’s super cliche but we both adore Disney, it’s where we’re getting married, and it fits what we both love. We’re having mismatched china because we fell in love with the look a few months ago when we visited a tea shop and thought it was perfect when we saw the idea on Pinterest shortly after. I had no idea things like children holding signs or unity sand bottles were soooo hated, and even though they’re not something I personally care for or will incorporate into our wedding, I don’t see why people should feel like they can’t do them if they love the idea for fear of being judged that they’re only doing it to be trendy.

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    Pinterest was a saving grace in only ONE regard – flowers. I just showed up with my iPad, showed the florist the kind of things I liked, and he executed big time (at least for the bouquet for my bridal portraits, it was PERFECT). I don’t know anything about flowers so it was nice to pin a bunch of stuff, see a trend, and show it to the vendor. Awesome. We don’t have a theme, just a vague color pallatte. 

    Otherwise, I’m an older first time bride (33) and a lot of the things on pinterest just look super twee to me, so its not that they’re trendy, it’s just that they are SO cutesy/hipster/try-hard. Not everything, but a LOT of things. 

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