(Closed) “Pitbulls”- are you afraid?

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  • poll: Are you afraid of "pitbulls"?

    Yes- A very dangerous type of dog

    No- I have one!

    Yes- I'm generally afraid of dogs, though

    No- I've never met one

    Maybe- I've met just as many good as bad

    No- Why should I be?

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    I would never personally have a pit bull!  but kudos for anyone who can!

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    Please follow this link to take this short quiz – it is 25 dogs that have all been mis-identified as pit bulls but only ONE of the dogs pictured is a pit bull – I bet many of you who are saying “Im afraid of pits” have never even seen a real pit!


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    Animals do not “snap” for no reason.

    I had a horse that “snapped”. Sweetest horse in the world. She started getting fiesty and turned downright mean and dangerous. (She bit me, she charged and head-butted my mom in the chest and left a bruise the size of a basketball, etc. It wasn’t even safe to go in the pen with her.) The reason for her actions? Brain tumor.

    For an animal to suddenly do a 180* on their temperment, there’s probably something medical going on.

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    @PitBulLover: I agree that you cannot judge an entire breed on one incident. Our dog (a pitt/rotti cross), was attacked by a jack russel that got out of it’s back yard while we were walking our dog Bronx. Ran straight to Bronx, jumped, bit him on the butt and wouldn’t let go. What gets me, is that because this Jack Russel is small and cute, it would be humorous to some people, because our big dog can surely take care of himself!? No one would think twice about it, but if it were the other way around our dog would be immediately put down.

    What our oh-so-aggressive dog did was, whimpered and sit down to try and get this little thing off his bum. My Fiance had to PRY the jack russel off and throw it away from our dog, the owner of the Jack Russel finally noticed and came and got their dog.

    Little dogs can be just as aggressive but I wouldn’t see another jack russel as threatening just because of the one experience.

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    @PitBulLover:  Thanks for posting that!  I got it on my first try.  Then again, I am familiar with the breed.

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    @PitBulLover: I failed the quiz MISERABLY. After clicking like ten of the dogs, I gave up and started going through row by row until I found the pit bull!

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    Any dog can be violent because any dog can be abused. I’m not any  more afriad of a pit bull than I am of my Newfie. My newfie takes up the whole bed, stands as tall as me and could easily kill a pit, lab or rotty. My newfie is a gentle giant and a sweet loving companion.

    The *dog* can be good or bad. The breed isn’t to blame. There is a LOT of mis-information about pits. They don’t have locking jaws. They aren’t huge dogs. They aren’t naturally mean. They are strong. They can be taught to be violent. They can be awful if abused. The same thing can be said about most dogs.

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    @PitBulLover: I got it on my 3rd try – all in all, I’d say not bad.  I’m also not afraid of pit bulls or any of the other dogs on that site that people mis-identify as pit bulls so I wouldn’t consider myself well-read on the specific features of the breed to be able to perfectly identify them myself (I had to laugh at the lab though – they’re nothing like pit bulls, IMO).

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    My poodle was attacked once by another poodle. It was also almost attacked by a jack russel thank God for a leash…. One of his best friends is a wolf hybrid… lol

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    I have a friend who lived across the street from an older woman with a “very loving” pitbull.  The dog was always well manner and kind and used mostly as a companion animal. Well, one day my friend was coming home and saw the pitbull attacking the owner in the front yard. My friend was too afraid to get out of the car, but called 911 right away.  Sadly, the woman was dead by the time helped arrived. 

    So, no, I don’t like pitbulls and wouldn’t choose to surround myself with them.  I know that small dogs can be mean, too, but i’ve never heard someone die of a shih tzu attack! 

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    @KLP2010: Oh! one of the people down the street from us has a wolf hybrid! Those things are BEAUTIFUL! Every time i saw them i would rush out and say something ridiculous like “oh i love your dog can you just stay for a second and let me play with her!!!!!!! Can I take a PICTURE?!?!”

    I haven’t seen them walk by our house in a long time….

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