(Closed) “Pitbulls”- are you afraid?

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  • poll: Are you afraid of "pitbulls"?

    Yes- A very dangerous type of dog

    No- I have one!

    Yes- I'm generally afraid of dogs, though

    No- I've never met one

    Maybe- I've met just as many good as bad

    No- Why should I be?

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    @Phantom- I think you sound like a very smart dog owner to do that. It goes to show that dog stereotypes can truly be false- “nice” breeds can be bad around other dogs and “mean” breeds can have nice dogs- and so people should generally exercise caution. It’s more than me not wanting to interact with dogs that are in my walking route, but you don’t know how any given dog is going to react to another dog or to a person.

    I went on a walk with one of my friends who has a very gentle and sweet golden retriever, and I was impressed with the way she handled her interactions. When her dog expressed interest in another dog, she would always keep her dog away and first ask the owner if it was ok for their dogs to “say hi” to each other. This way, there are no assumptions being made and there’s less risk for an incident.

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    @SBourgeous: Hehe thanks! Lucy always starts the night out at the edge of the bed, but she always finds a way to wedge her way up between us by morning.

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    I am scared of any dog who is off leash roaming the neighborhood. It’s not really based on a specific breed, I am just a little leery of random dogs. My neighbors pit bull got out and ran up to me once and just wanted to play. I grabbed the leash and held onto her until the neighbor could get her. She was as playful as could be. 

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    I would definitely be nervous around any dog if I didn’t know their personality or their owner.  It definitely depends on the owner, what the dog has gone through, and how they have been trained. That being said I think I would be more afraid of an unleashed Pitbull walking down the street (or other large dog portrayed as instictually agressive) than a smaller more “friendly” dog (ex: Golden Retriever) regardless of the facts (based on the breed’s reputation).

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    @MrsSl82be: Wow!  Your dog looks almost identical to my dog.  It’s uncanny.  The same exact coloring, bone structure in the face, expression.  My dog has a vertical white stripe on his forehead in between his eyes, but other than that if you had showed me that picture and told me it was my Jack, I probably would have believed you. 

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    Ugh… now I want one…. They have the most adorable faces ever.

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    I didnt read the whole thread and Im sure someone already said this, but here’s my view on it.

    Dogs are just like kids, they are products of their environment (I realize that there are exceptions like sociopaths, etc. Im speaking in general terms.) Neither a dog or a child are born “evil”. A child, given no boundaries or abused, molested, etc, will grow up with behavioral problems. Same for a dog. If it is abused, mistreated, neglected, etc, it is more likely to be vicious.

    Pits, Rotts, Dobermans, etc have a bad rap, IMO. Any breed of dog is capable of being a loving, loyal pet.

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    As an English Bulldog owner, I am going to totally go to bat for the “it’s all in how you raise them” team. We have people that live on our street who are terrified of our dog Dozer. He is the most well behaved dog, and the biggest BABY I have ever seen. Not to mention as far as bulldogs go he is relatively small for his breed (weighing in at only 38 pounds).

    I understand that dogs will bite. Sometimes these things happen. But you can’t punish the breed for some moron who owns ten dogs of a certain breed and leaves them to their own devices in the back yard. Without proper socialization, care, and training, any dog can be aggressive/fearful. And I don’t knock anyone who is fearful of dogs either. All i want is for every breed to be given a chance. :o)

    Does anyone actually know (for a fact) which breed on average attacks most often?? I bet it isn’t a breed anyone would expect.

    * Love all the furry friend pictures!* I’ll post one of our lil’ Dozer when I get home!

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    @Mrs.tobe: it’s got to be the yorkie or chihuahua! lol I have been bit by both of those dogs on more than one occassion by different dogs. Those dogs are scary! haha

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    @muckmoo1: I know! It’s always like the little ones have something to prove!

    This is my little baby BULLdog Dozer. He’s the sweetest <3


    [attachment=1683912,208841] [attachment=1683912,208842] [attachment=1683912,208843] [attachment=1683912,208844] [attachment=1683912,208845]

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    I’m bringin’ it back cause I want everyone to see my wittle baby! hehe

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    @Phantom: That’s such a good point! I’ve got a red heeler and a boxer, and the friends who watch our house and dogs when we’re away have a yellow lab. Wanna know who’s the aggressor? The lab! Oh, she HATES my dogs! She gets into big growly brawls with my heeler, and my boxer just hides when she’s around 😉 Though the lab is the biggest people-dog I’ve ever seen, though an 80lb lap dog isn’t the most comfortable thing ever!

    Once my husband was walking my boxer in the apartment complex where I lived and worked, and our maintenance guy told him to “Get that PIT BULL outta here!” So yeah, I can totally feel how people categorize any square-headed muscular dog as a demon bully. My boxer has never bitten anybody, not even in play (I think she just can’t figure it out, she opens her mouth and will put it on you, but she never closes it!), snuggles like it’s her ultimate goal in life (she falls asleep with my husband on the couch every night), and will go home with anybody who will take her. Everybody is her best friend. She’s the worst guard dog ever! I mean, who could be afraid of this?

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