(Closed) Plan to lose the newlywed weight or drop pounds before TTC?

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Honey bee

I need to get back with the program as well. Generally for me it is pretty simple and not a diet or plan. Just smart decisions such as

No or very little refined sugar

Limited whole grains, no simple carbs

Whole foods, not processed premade stuff since I cant control the ingredients or the calories

Lots of veggies!

And exercise

And of course limited booze. This is the hardest.


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Bumble bee
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I want to start getting healthier. For me, it’s not about losing any amount of weight – just getting in shape, building a little muscle and toning before we start TTC. Getting in shape does help with post-baby weight, but you need to stay active during pregnancy as well.

Don’t focus on a number of pounds to lose, just focus on getting healthy.

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I hear you! I’ve definitely gained weight since our wedding, I think part of it had to do with going off the pill (thats when the most weight gain occurred). I eat farely healthy, stay within a good caloric intake, and have been exercising more, but I’ve been having such a hard time losing the weight! It’s so frustrating, but I know I need to lose a little weight and be in shape to have a healthier pregnancy.  I’ve been doing a workout video (Biggest Loser Boot Camp) two times a week and walking a couple days also, so I know I need to kick both up a notch. I know a few friends that use an app on their phone to keep track of their calories in a day and they have said it has helped them a lot, one friend has lost 12 pounds in two months (granted, she wasn’t a very healthy eater before doing this).  I really wanted to get in better shape before we definitely started TTC, but we started trying this month and if AF ends up coming this month then I’m really going to kick my “getting healthy plan” in high gear.  Good luck!

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Worker bee
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I definitely gained some “happiness” since the wedding as well   Frown    It was such a motivation for me to lose weight to look great in my wedding dress. However, I gained 18 pounds in the year since we gotten married and I, too, am eager to lose it. I can usually do well with restricting my food intake to healthy choices but I’ve never been one to get psyched about working out.

For me, I know I need to add more exercise into my routine. My action plan is that I bought a yoga groupon and have a goal of getting in 4 days a week of cardio. Ugh, it’s doing it that’s my problem. I just need to remember the awesome feeling that comes for a solid workout. My goal is to get back into shape and lose the weight I’ve gained before we start TTC this summer.

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Busy bee
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I have been working on my weight loss for about 6 months now, and I have a few suggestions for you.  I’ve struggled with my weight ever since college.  Before now, I hadn’t exercied regularly since high school.  I also have asthma, which has always been a convenient excuse for me.  

I started by doing pilates 3 times a week, which really started working to strengthen my body.  Then 2 months ago I started doing light cardio (mostly walking) 2-3 times a week.  I lost about 5 pounds in those 2 months, but it wasn’t working fast enough for what I wanted.  

Then a week ago I decied to start counting calories with myfitnesspal.com.  I’m on 1710 calories per week.  When I first started, I though I was eating healty, but as I’ve gotten used to this calorie intake I realize how many extra calories I was eating that I didn’t need.  I’m not hungry, and I’ve lost almost 2 pounds this week.  I was so excited about it that Fiance even decided to start tracking his calories too.

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Buzzing bee
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This is more of a TTC forum question.

If I could get pregnant, I think I would probably get my weight to a healthy one first, especially since you’ll have baby weight to lose too.

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Bee Keeper
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yes, I plan on dropping my post wedding weight and than some before TTC. I am pretty overweight and I am a higher risk of pregnancy complications if I have a kid at my current size (18, 230lbs). I was about 215 when we got married on 6/2010. I would like to be under 190lbs before TTC. My dr said that for my height, weighing over 190 is a concern with pregnancy. That really opened my eyes. However, we still have like 2-3 years before we start TTC. So, I have been putting off taking off the weight. however, I just recently decided ot cut out refined sugars and other processed foods. I just started today! LOL So far so good. I actually already feel better, I know that sounds silly…. 

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Busy bee
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Limiting alcohol and fighting food cravings are the hardest parts, IMO. it’s so darn easy to pack on the pounds! 🙁 I’m all for cooking for myself, exercising, eating a well balanced diet full of fruits and veggies and lean meats, etc…

However I recently came across this “healthy soup diet” and several of my friends have lost 12 pounds in 12 days on it. Today was day one for me, and I’m telling you, I feel lighter already. I’m sure I won’t stay on this plan forever, but it’s really jump starting my new, healthy lifestyle. PM me if you’d like the recipe/plan! Delicious!

I also frequently look to AllRecipes and Cooks for recipe ideas and inspiration!

I feel for you, though, girl. As of June ’11 I was a size 0…I got a little out of control with the eating and partying and lack of exercising and now I am a size 4. I am fighting to get back to a 0/2 because a 4 is just too much for my smaller frame. Best of luck!!!!!

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Helper bee
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I’m trying to do this too! I don’t have any great resources for you, but I definitely am feeling the struggle. Right now I’m trying to eat more fruit and veggies, drink more water, cut out alcohol and limit my refined sugar intake. I’m also (slowly) starting to work out again.

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Sugar bee
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I am! I definitely want to lose weight before TTC. At least 80 lbs if possible. I am currently very overweight. I did lose a little bit of weight by tracking my calories but have since gained it back. I am thinking of doing a mix of Weight Watchers and a personal trainer..

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Busy Beekeeper

i am currently in the process of losing my newlywed weight and so far its going good. and yes part of the reason is because when i get pregnant one day, i don’t want my weight to go over a certain number, so by getting back down to my wedding weight, i will have left plenty of room for baby weight.

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Busy bee
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I’m working on dropping my extra “happiness” too! 🙂

I dropped 17 lbs for the big day and was so thrilled with how I looked and felt, 138lbs.  I have since gained 5 of them back and would like to lose those and a few extra.  I plan to watch the scale closely until I get 3lbs below my wedding weight (just doing cardio until then) and then I am going to try to stop watching the scale and just work on toning!  I have been doing 3-4 couch25k workouts a week, once I hit 135lbs I am going to cut to 3 cardio workouts, 2 sessions of 30 day shred and 2 more video sessions!  Fingers crossed I’ll be in great shape by summer, and at my happy size when we start ttc next fall…(thats the plan now anyways)

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Busy bee
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Oh this post makes me so happy!  I have been struggling witht this myself.  Happy weight, but unhappy about it…  I plan on being better about the gym, and starting to run again, once it gets warmer out.  I also have tried using myfitnesspal.com, a free app that has worked for me before.  I see us TTC next xmas time, so I want to have a skinny summer and fall first 🙂

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