(Closed) Planning disaster – time to make it "my special day?"

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Yes you should definitely just drop all expectations u have of him helping and just do it yourself. I’m not saying it’s fair but it will probably make you happier. 

Our deal was that I would do everything (because I honestly liked doing wedding stuff) but he had to listen to me, give input When required and not complain if I was venting about boring detail stuff. Worked for us! Oh and he had to pretend to care even when he didn’t 😛

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daffycat:  Yep, it stinks a little. I happen to enjoy all the crazy details of this, so it doesn’t really bother me, but I learned pretty quickly that Fiance is not going to care about decor or hotel blocks, though I do know what is important to him (food, music). If you didn’t do this already, ask him what he cares about most and then give him some (non time-sensitive) responsibilities in that category. And if he’s not interested in anything, let it go. One way I keep my Fiance involved in stuff he doesn’t really like (decor) is showing him two options I like and telling him I need help deciding between X and Y. He’ll choose one and it’s usually the one I like. 

My advice, don’t force it. It’ll still be both your days, even if it reflects all your wonderful taste 🙂

Good luck!

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I know it’s a lot of work for you to do on your own, but many guys don’t have an interest in “wedding things” or even a clue of what to actually do. Instead of assigning him tasks to do on his own, why don’t you try doing some of these things together? Things like taste testing the menu, the cake and picking out invitations, you guys could do at the same time. Maybe he will have an opinion one way or the other.

Your wedding is still months away, and for him, that might be contributing to his lack of urgency, especially with something like coming up with a playlist. Guys don’t endlessly read timelines like we girls do, probably. I considered my Fiance to be VERY involved with our wedding, but most of the work he did was within the last month of the wedding (even him finalizing the rehearsal dinner menu, which technically could have been done months earlier). I got him to do a few things before that, but it definitely involved some nagging. Everything else we accomplished was when we did things TOGETHER–I took him to the store to try on suits, we went with my parents to the taste testing. Even when we met with our photographer, he was pretty detached (listening but not contributing very much). I think this is just a typical guy’s response. I’m thinking he will come through for you as you get closer to the date, but it sounds like you’re a planner and won’t want to wait that long.

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Not everyone is a planner. You can’t force him to be something that he’s not. And men in our culture are simply not raised to enjoy the millions of little details involved in wedding planning. Sit down with him and clear up any confusion over financial contributions. If you’re expecting him to contribute money how much? When? If he’s not kicking in money, what can you afford as the sole financer? And can you accept paying for it all without resenting him? What is your final budget, no matter who is writing the check? Then explain that you’ll accept the planning responsibility but he needs to either speak up now about anything he’s got strong feelings on, or he needs to accept the decisions you make.

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daffycat:  Guys don’t have a sense of timeline. Did you give him a specific task and tell him when it has to be done by? (Feel free to move the timeline up by 2 weeks in case something gets messed up) Are you paying for it altogether? you should have the money talk early on.

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Does he want to get married? His response to your need for help seems extreme.  What is most important to you about the “big day”? Are there things you would have done with his help that you could cut out now to ease the burden on yourself? It seems a little weird to have a whole wedding without his input.

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I think you need to stop expecting him to do anything on his own. I would just ask if he wants to help such as, “Hey, I’m going to meet caterers, do you want to give input or do you want me to do it myself?” Then he gets to pipe in on things he wants and not on those he doesn’t. Guys aren’t naturally planners, my Fiance has helped a lot, but not with any of the actual leg work.

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My DH didn’t really pony up to the planning until about two weeks out, when I needed him to coordinate transportation for everyone. He got right on in because the need seemed real at the time. At that point, it made sense to HIM to be worrying about the wedding. 

The rest of it, I’d tell him what I was about to do (call florist, whatever) ask him if he had any opinions (he did, no carnations) and carry on with it. He was much happier that way. If he had no opinion, I didn’t involve him again. If he wanted to come along (food tasting) he did.

I did all of the leg work and presented him with options which he appreciated. Oftentimes, he didn’t have an opinion and I didn’t take that to mean he didn’t care about the wedding, he just literally didn’t care what color linens we used. And that’s ok.

After the wedding was over, he thanked me for working so hard at it and he said he had no idea how many moving pieces went into it and why it was necessary to do things in advance. 

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You may be in the “Our Day” camp, but sounds like he’s in the “Your Day” camp. Sorry. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t care – it just means he disagrees with your deadlines. Most people don’t realize just how exponentially better things are when you get them done in advance. Most people procrastinate. Just stick to your timeline and get things done. He’ll thank you later. (Hopefully)

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First off, I would like to thank you for posting this question. I feel better knowing there are other people out there struggling with this.

I agree with the other responses here. I think some people are just not planners, and that can be frustrating for those of us who are. Especially when it is regarding something as exciting as your wedding!

I have tried to get my fiance involved in the planning, but I feel that I have done most of it myself. But I have always given him the opportunity to weigh in before I made any final decisions.

The one thing you wrote though that I wanted to especially weigh in on was regarding the financial contributions. It would stress me out if I felt my fiance was not helping with this burden. I would suggest keeping either a shared spreadsheet or using an app like Splitwise to track the expenses. If he gets reminders of how much he owes you, maybe that will help to keep him on track so that this is more split. That may help to relieve some of your stress.

I hope this helps!


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If you want something done, you have to do it yourself!

Most guys dont really care about the wedding details (other than the food) and aren’t really planners, unfortunately.  My husband certainly isnt.  He said he likes what I like.  After a while, I just knew to plan most of the things myself and he’d write the checks. 

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If I were in your shoes, I’d be asking him if he actually wants to get married or not. I’m tired of people stereotyping guys and saying that they “just aren’t into this stuff” and can’t be expected to help. That’s bull.

The fact that he knows these tasks are important and still has done nothing, would not sit well with me. You need to talk to him and find out what the problem is. Even if he’s not a planner, you aren’t asking him to plan the whole thing. All you’re asking for are simple tasks to support you.

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