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  • poll: Have you had "work" done?

    Yes, I had ____ (share if you want!)

    No, but I want to.

    No, and I never would

    I had plastic surgery and I am happy with my result.

    I had plastic surgery and regret it.

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    I would like to get Lasik and a boob lift.

    Thank you. Amen.


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    If my stomach is all types of messed up after kids, I’d definitely do it.  As scared as I am of that crap I would. 

    ETA: If working out and toning up didn’t do the trick after about a year.

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    I couldn’t really vote.  I’ve never had plastic surgery and I don’t currently want any.  But I can’t say I’d be opposed to a few things in the future if I really felt like I need them! 

    Probably would only be removing a baby tummy or excess skin or something though.

    NO desire for face lifts or anything that seriously changes your face though and most likely no boob jobs.  My mom breastfed 3 of us and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with hers.  Hoping genetics work themselves out on that one.

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    No one except for one friend, an ex-bf, my Fiance and my parents know this, but when I was 19 I had surgery to fix a congenital breast deformity. I would have given anything even for small, normal shaped boobs. I knew something was wrong with me from puberty but didn’t know what.

    As I got older, more and more information became available on the internet. I finally knew what was wrong with me, but not how to fix it. Then I found pictures of people who had it corrected through surgery and implants. I begged and pleaded to my mom for years to get the surgery done. I made powerpoint presentations with educational information about the condition. I had proposed paying for it myself out of my savings. When they asked what I wanted for Christmas or for my birthday all I would say is I want is for them to let me have the surgery. They finally agreed to it and paid for it after I showed my mom my chest.

    The deformity really took a toll on my self esteem and I’m affected even today. I am very very thankful I pushed for the surgery when I was young and didn’t start my adult life feeling like a freak.

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    @sweetchiquita12:  I’ve had my boobs done and originally was going to get them done with a friend and we each would have gotten $500 off!  She didn’t go through with it but I did so I didn’t get a discount.

    But now I am a walking talking advertisement for my doctor and she gives people I send in $250 off so that’s nice.

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    @sugar_biscuit:  Oh wow thats awesome! We didn’t even know if it existed (i guess not all dr’s do it) but we though it was a good idea!

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    Hm I couldn’t really vote, because I’m not “Never done, never would” or “never done, I want to”….

    I would go for it if it was reconstructive after something happened medically.  And I would also not rule something out 100% after kids if diet, exercise, etc was just nooottt working.

    If I came into a lot of money tomorrow, in a heartbeat I would get my teeth fixed. I forget what its called now but basically where they file down your teeth and you get fake ones overtop or whatever… There’s NO WAY I could handle braces, and invisalign would be fine but it would take a little while, so I would go all in to get a perfect smile “overnight” lol. 

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    I’d love a nose job, but they are like $8,000.00 🙁

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    @Pinkmoon:  There is a procedure where they do liposuction, clean the fat, and inject it back into you. If they do that for a breast augmentation, you don’t have to keep going back. 

    If you gain weight, the fat cells they inject get bigger. They shrink if you lose weight. Sounds like a cool procedure to me!

    I will definitely get Botox etc in the future so I don’t look old and haggard.  I’m not saying I want to be wrinkle free, but I’d like to onky have about 10% of the wrinkles I’d have if I aged naturally. You only live once, and I feel like I don’t look good, I won’t feel good. 

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    I had a breast reduction when I was 19 and I am so glad.  I truly don’t regret it- it changed my life.  Ironically, as I got older I lost some weight, and my boobs shrunk a decent amount because of that.  They are still fairly proportional, and not what you’d call small…but they are now average.  It’s been a weird roller coaster to go from always being the girl with the biggest boobs (even after surgery…my college roommates were all very small women) to just having average boobs.  It shouldn’t matter that much…they look fine with my body and I do still have nice cleavage with the right bra.  But to have that huge shift was tough.  Also, at the same time that I was shrinking, my best friend got a boob job and went pretty big.  She has a wide rib cage so it doesn’t look super unnatural, but they’re definitely big, so that was also something to get used to.  It sounds so silly written out, but it’s hard to detatch yourself from something that defined you for so long, even if it is something so vain.

    To answer the original question…I’d consider having a breast lift after I had kids.

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    I have always wished for more boobage, but I don’t think I’d have surgery. The long-term risks (and the hassle of having to go in for replacement surgery) aren’t worth it for me. Plus, my fiancé HATES implants, and he likes my tiny boobs, so I don’t want to create an issue there. 

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    I’m 37, so I think people probably know what I look like by now.

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    @DuckEBee:  I haven’t, but I could see myself wanting to in the future.

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    Unless it was medically necessary, no.

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    @earear:  WHAT that’s genius! I should look into that haha. 

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