(Closed) Please don't flame me – Was I snubbed?

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I would take the $500 and be grateful. Just because they have a lot of money doesn’t mean they have to spend it on anyone but themselves. I wouldn’t see it as a snub at all. 

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@QueenOfSerendip:  Honestly, you’re probably just going to have to accept it. I understand you’re trying to not sound ungrateful and I believe you. But there’s no way of knowing. It could be a myriad of things, it could be nothing. Perhaps they thought you didn’t need that much. Perhaps they are upset you eloped. But you won’t know unless they tell you. And I don’t think you can very well approach them and ask, “Say, we only got $500 when Annie and Joe got $5000. Do you not like us?” 


There’s just no easy way to go about finding out. I’m not sure anyone could speculate, either.

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@QueenOfSerendip:  $500 was the most generous gift we got for our wedding, everything else was MUCH less.  When I think of the $500 I think it’s WAY TOO MUCH!


PUHLEASE don’t ask your Brother-In-Law how much he gets from the grandparents.  And don’t ask the grandparents if their mad at you because of the amount of money you got.


Say thank you and move on.

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@QueenOfSerendip:  To me it’s a generous gift for someone they don’t feel close to.  So – yes, quite possibly you got snubbed and were not give the same amount.  Likely because they feel you already have been married and are probably old school (meaning – wedding gifts are for those getting married not already married)?!  Also – I think their declaration of what they give to their grandkids is odd.  Who does that?!


My hunch, however, is if you had a ‘traditional’ wedding here, you would have received more.


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Here’s my thought process.

“A lot of money” means something different to someone in their 20’s and someone in their 70’s/80’s. 

To me?  $500 is a shit ton of money.  But I know to my grandmother, that would seem like $5,000. 

We also can’t tell you whether or not they disapprove of your marriage – that’s not something anyone here can determine without speaking to them. 

I know you’ve said several times that you’re grateful but it does sound like you were betting on a much larger check and are dissapointed.  Which, I can’t personally understand.  But maybe another poster will?

Good luck.

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Take it and be happy. You’ll never know unless you ask them, and it wouldn’t be polite to do so. If your Brother-In-Law ends up getting a bigger check – so be it! You can’t control it, and should probably move on.

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Since you are renting from them, are you getting it for an good price? Maybe if you are then they see like thats part of their gift since they could be helping you out that way?


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Old people have old fashioned ideas.  I wouldn’t be surprised if they did write a check for less money because you got married overseas and they disapprove of the manner in which the wedding occurred.  Maybe they figure since you eloped, you aren’t financially strapped from throwing a big wedding so you don’t as much.  Maybe they think they give you a good deal on your apartment so that is included in their gift to you as a couple.  Maybe they disapproved of you living together before marriage and expressed it in their gift.  At the end of the day, unless they tell you, you won’t have any idea how they picked the number to write on the check.

I would go about life as if $500 was a generous gift and get over it.  They are grandparents so they won’t be around forever.  At least they aren’t horrible to you like some of the families on the Bee.

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Honestly? There’s no way you can know unless you ask (which you obviously can’t) or if you find out they gave more to another family member. I completely understand this post and where you’re coming from, don’t worry 🙂 My response is, yes, it is totally possible that it is a snub…but it’s also totally possible that it isn’t, and the only way to know would be to compare it to another wedding they give a gift for. I would totally ask my own sister what she gets at her wedding, we’re close enough and money isn’t a taboo topic in our family, lol, but that’s just us.

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I think the more important question is What do we do now? And, honestly, I think the answer is exactly the same whether they thought $500 was generous for a grandchild’s wedding or whether they were showing their disaproval by “only” giving $500. Either way  you should thank them for their generous gift. You should refuse to be involved in conversations about what this may or may not mean. And you should continue to try to have a good relationship with your new grandparents. Maybe invite them over for dinner? No good will come from thinking about or discussion the amount of money given, so what’s the point. So I would just think it’s a nice gift and move on. If you assume it’s a slight it does nothing but make you feel bad and stir up drama. If your goal is to have a peaceful relationship with your inlaws, don’t get sucked into arguments about intent.

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You are going to drive yourself crazy if you get on this bandwagon with your Darling Husband and in laws.  It’s the grandparents money and if they feel like giving $5k to the kid down the street for mowing their lawn… they can do that. 


Even if your Brother-In-Law gets more money…um so what?  People give money to others for different reasons.  Unless you sit down with a ledger going over all the birthday gifts to grandkids/parents/nieces/nephews cousins neighbors … you are never going to know if you were “unfairly” shafted on money.  My best advice is to move on, get Darling Husband to move on and just live your own life and stop worrying about what everyone else gets.  


I’ve seen what this kind of things do to a family… it can get really really bad and petty. 

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It’s not a snub, its a gift, regardless of its “value”.


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