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What you do is start looking for another job, and also do the best you can at your current position.  Focusing on looking for another job will help you get through work.   


What is your preferred field?

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Are you still job hunting?  I know this isn’t what you will want to hear, but I think you should stick with the job… AND job hunt at the same time.  Even though the economy’s picking up a bit, having a job is better than not having a job, and who knows how long you could go without finding another one?  It will be better for you to have something lined up than to blindly quit and go on the hunt again.

Good luck >_<!!

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if you took this job to fill a void and out of obligation, i am hoping that you did not discontinue your job search for the “right” job for you.

personally, i would suck it up, keep working and keep look for a new job.  you are getting a paycheck and that’s more than a lot of people are getting right now.  not to mention, people are more employable when they are already employed.  keep this in mind when looking for your perfect job.

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I would keep working until you find a new job.  You’re not doomed to stay in this job forever, but in this economy, I just don’t think it’s smart to quit a job without having another lined up.

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Do not quit. It is easier to find a job while you are currently in a job. 

You know this job is only temporary, so as another poster said suck it up. Stick with it. Earn some money and experirence (I know it’s not what you want to do, but knowlegde is power) and continue your job search. 

I’ve done the temp position twice now. I’m currently doing it. Granted it is to stay in the same company, I’m in my traning spot. As much as I get frustrated and upset on occasions, I know I’ll get to where I want to be soon. 

At least you have a job 🙂 

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You should keep this job until you find another job.  The job market sucks and quite frankly you are lucky to have a job.  Being unemployed is stressful (for both the person and their SO/family)  My Fiance was unemployed for the past year and it was completly awful for both of us.  He was at the point of taking any stupid job (retail, McDonalds) and honestly I was upset he wasn’t doing it sooner.  I think your husband has every right to be putting pressure on you to take any job that comes your way (unless you guys are millionaires) – it affects him too.  It’s also easier to find a job when you have a job. 

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I was in the exact same position as you, but I had a husband to come home to every day who begged me to quit for my own sanity.  I stayed there for 4 months, cried every day after work, and couldn’t secure an interview while in the job.  I just had to quit.

2 months later I still haven’t been able to find another job but boy am I glad I got out of there.  I was miserable and stressed and if I have to work at McDonald’s instead, I will.  

Good luck to you.  No job is worth that misery!

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I think the lesson here is to go with your gut. If you feel something is off it probably is. Hopefully you can move onto a position you will love soon.

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My very brief suggestion because I don’t think I’m qualified to give career advice is not to quit right off the bat but continue to do some heavy job hunting. It is easier to find a job once you have a job, I have been told. I know, not the most reassuring advice, but I think it’s important that you not quit right now when you need this job. 

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I am sorry you’re so unhappy.

But, if your husband is “pressuring” you to take a job, you must need the money.

I would keep the job, look elsewhere until you SECURE a job you’ll be happier in.

Additionally, I would talk to the friend that referred you, thank her PROFUSELY for helping you get a job.  Also mention how much you hate it and that you have no intention on saying.  Find out if there is anything you can do to minimize her negative experience and honor her requests.

Good luck.

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I was working a minimum wage job once where the lady worked me like a dog: I was in charge of stocking heavy equipment, pulling it from shelves, and carrying it to customers’ cars. She REFUSED to hire any men (she believed it caused too many problems in the work place), and I was the most fit woman there. I dreaded going to work, just like you. It was PAINFUL.

I worked nearly everyday, on top of school and college sports. I was exhausted. She rarely paid me on time, she was highly paranoid about her employees sharing her trade secrets, she talked down to us…I was miserable. But in a military town, it’s really hard to find jobs sometimes because there are a lot of colleges here plus military wives.

Eventually my body couldn’t take it anymore. Both of my knees gave out and I couldn’t walk for almost a year. Honestly, although not being able to walk really sucked, it was the best thing that could have happend to me. Once I was clear to work again, I’m working in my field because I’m about to graduate. I’m much happier.

Sometimes the worst situations bring good opportunities for us. I agree that it’s best to stay there for just until you can find another job. Now that you know what kind of environment you DON’T want to work in, you can narrow down what kind of job you’d love.

Keep your chin up. It’s going to be okay. *hug*

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I think you are thinking about this in very catastrophic terms. This may be a bad job, you dont like it, it’s not in your field etc… but that does not mean this will be your job forever. I mean…. a lot of jobs suck. It’s never fun to work at McDonalds or call center or w/e, but a lot of people start there until they can find something better. Obviously if there is something like harassment going on you should leave, but if it’s just not liking it, you should stick with it. I don’t know your situation, but for a lot of people money is really tight, they are taking jobs that they usualy would not take because they need to pay the bills. If I had a child that I was raising by myself, for example, I would scrub floors if I had too. I could understand why your husband would be frustrated if you guys were in a tough position and he had to work but you quit your job because you didn’t like it. 

I’m sorry that you are hating it this much. Is there something that you can change or do to make it more bearable? 

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I once took a desperation job.  All I knew was the company, no idea what I would be doing.

It turned out better than I expected, and disliking what I was doing gave me a bit of motivation, and people hearing that I was “stuck” doing such a job got them looking for something better aligned with my field.  

It took three months, but in the meanwhile, I surrounded myself with as much happy as I could.  I kept a notebook for thinking, sudoku for being on hold, stuff to distract me from hating every minute of what I was doing.

It wasn’t all terrible, but I was glad to GTFO.

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