(Closed) Please don’t think I’m bad but I’d like to know…who else has a .5 ct e-ring?

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Is it weird that I never get ring envy? I think its because I didn’t really have any specific idea in mind of the perfect ring, I don’t really wear jewelry and never have, and I don’t like diamonds (the trade, the colorlessness of them, the over-pricing).

I have no idea what carat weight my center stone (peridot) is, nor the six tiny diamonds on the band. It probably cost less than $500 and we have enough money saved up to probably put 50% down on a house, so we’re not hurting for cash. We just think there are more important things than jewelry to spend money on (no judgements on others, just the way we roll!). 

My husband picked my ring out completely on his own and gave it to me with all his heart and any other ring is just that: a ring. Its not MINE. Mine is special, just like yours is special!

I think the new trend of ring shopping together really sets us up for disappointment (this is just my observation, don’t hate me). Imagine gifts you receive that you picked out vs. gifts that were total surprises. There is something about being completely surprised that makes me so satisfied. When you say “Oh I only want a .5 ct ring,” maybe you are secretly, subconsciously hoping to be surprised with a larger stone.

I asked my hubby what made him pick the ring he got me. He said matter-of-factly “Because its green.” I love green.

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You should never feel ashamed for having a concern like this and venting it to your peers. If you were vocal with your fiance about it; complaining, nagging, etc, then there might be a problem. But you love him and are considerate towards his feelings and that’s great.

I have a .76 carat ring, and though I was never a girl to wear jewelry and to bother being concerned if HE WENT TO JARED ZOMG, I was a little underwhelmed when I got my ring. I’d say that feeling lingered for about a month until the ring stopped being a material piece of jewelry and began to just be a symbol of our commitment, and I really couldn’t be happier with it now. So my advice is just to give it time.

Perhaps if it still bothers you on your anniversary you can upgrade 😉

But I think you’ll be ok 🙂

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I am a biologist and I am constantly either doing field work or involved in messy situations. Plus expensive jewelry has always made me nervous. I specifically requested nothing larger than .5 ct and that’s what I got! It’s a leo diamond and gorgeous!!

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I have a ring with a center stone smaller than 1 ct, with more stones around the band that makes the whole ring over 1.5 ct, but if I’m being completely honest, sometimes I do feel ring envy when I see rings with center stones that are larger than mine. I’m being honest.

…..But then I have to remind myself all the reasons why we picked the ring out that we did and why we decided to go with a smaller stone in the middle, and I do love the ring and the setting and the sparkle. But, I’m trying to be honest here!

Also, there are people at my work with HUGE rings. One person in particiular has what must be a 3+ ct center stone diamond with two rows of diamonds on her engagement ring, and then her wedding ring is another two rows of diamonds. I have never seen a ring like that before and if I had to guess, it probably cost upwards of $20,000 (and the couple is in their 20s) so sometimes, it is hard not to get a little envious when I see it sparkling on her hand.

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My diamond is very small, too. It’s .32 carats, but the color, cut and clarity are the highest you can get.

Sometimes, I definitely wish I had a larger center stone because my fingers are chubby and it sometimes makes my fingers look bigger than they are. And I live in a major city where I see so many wealthy ladies’ rings that are huge on my way to work every day. And yeah, I sometimes think, “Gosh, I wonder what they think of my ring?”

But then I remember I’m being silly, and I’m lucky to even have a ring. There’s always the option of an upgrade later in life. Paula Deen did! Haha.

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This thread is really opening my eyes. I guess I have a completely different culture in the group of people I hang out with, probably due in large part to the small number of us who have gone down the engagement path (despite being in our late 20s). My Fiance got his mother’s original engagement stone (she, like so many women her age, has upgraded LIKE WHOA) set in a Hearts On Fire micropave setting in white gold. The solitaire is .5 carat; I forget how much the other 54 teeny diamonds add up to. When I got it I was blown away, I thought it was so amazing and sparkly and fancy that people would look at me like I was materialistic or bratty for owning such a shiny bauble! I honestly felt a little guilty when I showed it to people at first, like they’d wonder why I didn’t get a non-diamond stone instead. I had no idea that .5 carats was considered small! Haha, the more you know. Well I love mine because I adore that it’s my FI’s mother’s stone, and that he wouldn’t put it on my finger until I agreed to pass the stone onto our daughter or daughter-in-law when they get married, and I love that he managed to pick out the setting without ANY input from me. It was a total surprise, and I LOVE it, even though I’m insanely picky and Fiance knows nothing about style.

I picked out a micropave wedding band to go with it, and again I find myself worrying that people will judge me for having something covered in diamonds instead of a simple little band. I think it goes to show that we all worry about being judged by other people and that often, it’s for ridiculous reasons. I’ll make an effort to think less about what other people think now. Hopefully you can find yourself able to do the same!

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I understand how you feel. He got me a .3 carat at first but then it fell out of the setting and for our trouble we got a .5 carat stone set in a more secure setting. I didn’t like the new setting so we put a pave one on layaway and reset the stone. To be honest, we eventually are going to upgrade the stone to a larger one but it will end up as the ring he would’ve wanted to give me if we were students at the time. So, it’s evolving. But yes, I seem to notice girls on the bus ect. who dress pretty shabby but still have larger stones. I do envy those big beautiful rings and I have no shame that we are moving in that direction. Since we’re doing it in steps we’ve not been acruing debt and that is also nice.


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I think I said this before, but I’m really shocked that it is the norm in some places to think 0.5 might be too small. People here (the UK) just do not get rings that size – but diamonds are more expensive outside the US and that is likely why.

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