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Have you looked into something like copper IUDs? I’ve been researching birth controls for after McBebe is born, and they made my possibilities list because they don’t have hormones, they prevent pregnancy by releasing small amounts of copper into your uterus which prevents sperm from getting all up on your egg, and if that happens to occur anyway, it will prevent fertilization from occuring. I’ve not used it, so I can’t speak for side effects or anything. 

I know NFP works for a lot of women, but I just don’t trust my body (or myself) enough to practice it correctly. I’d want to use a backup condom, and that’s just no fun. 

I would sit down and schedule a meeting with your gyno and specifically ask about hormone-free options. 

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I also suggest the copper Iud. Thats what sister and I both picked. I also hated the hormones of the bcp. You no longer have to have had a child to get an Iud. Do you know what they call people who use nfp? Parents!

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@EastMeetsBarn:  Do you know what they call people who use nfp? Parents!

That’s pretty rude… a LOT of peope use NFP and do not get pregnant. I believe you’re confusing actual NFP with the rhythm method…

OP- I also will third the Copper IUD. I have it and I really have liked it. I had it before I got pregnant for 2.5 years. The only issue I had was that the last 6 months or so, my periods got heavier.

I just got it again for a second time after I had my daughter. I love how I feel without being on hormona birthcontrol.

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@urchin:  I don’t mean to be rude.  It’s a joke I’ve heard a few times from those active with contraception related issues.  My college roommate called me the birth control queen 🙂  I am not confusing NFP with the rhythm method.  Toni Weschler’s book is beyond fabuous, and not just for those seeking to learn about NFP, but even just to learn how your body works.  The problem with NFP is that there is sooooo much room for user error.  If you have a very regular cycle and are on top of everything, and take your temp at the same time every day, monitor your cervical fluid, cervical position, etc etc, I’m sure it works quite well.  But it’s hard to be that precise about it.  That why even something much easier like condoms or the pill shows differences between success rates as prescibed, and success rates as actually used (with lower success rates as actually used due to user error).  NFP might be great in theory, but is just really easy to mess up.  My sister is an RN, and she hates hormones so she was using NFP.  And now I have an adorable nephew.  She got the copper IUD after.  The IUD is great since there is literally no chance you can mess it up.


My period also got heavier on the IUD.  Using a divacup rather than tampons or pads made it quite manageable.

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@chelseairene0008:  They shouldn’t make you nervous. but it also matters what kind of IUD it is.  Mirena can have some crazy side effects but if you try something like Paraguard- there are no hormones, so less chance of side effects.  


I have Paraguard & haven’t had any problems besides cramps. (My previous bc prevented cramps.)

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@chelseairene0008:  Consider trying the Nuva Ring. I had all sorts of crazy reactions to birth control pills. But once I was on the Nuva Ring (and I did it continuously so I didn’t have periods) I felt okay. I do feel better off of hormones entirely though!

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Another vote for NuvaRing. I was on Ortho tri Cyclen for years, took a break, and when I got back on had all kind of crazy problems. I had to change my gyno as well bc they seemed not to listen. My new one was huge advocate of NuvaRing and Im am glad I switched.

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What about the side effects of IUD’s, I know there like 1% but perforating your uterus, etc… Also I read on another board people with the copper IUD had a different smell down south?

I can relate to your BCP dilemma it is so hard to find one that works well without crazy side effects!

What about the implant one, that goes in your arm does anyone have that one?

I have the depo shot, I can’t do it long term since it causes bone loss, but for the time being it OK, no period of nice. I did spot for two weeks randomly, but nothing else. I feel more irritable but the doctor seems to think it’s unrelated- HA HA.

Good Luck!

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I have Implanon, now called Nexplanon. I LOVE it. I is a small bar (about the size of a match stick) implanted in the underside of one arm. It is a progestion implant that last for 3 years. I don’t get my period anymore because of it but that is not the case with all women. “Within a few days of having it removed the hormones released by the implant will have left the body.”

Check out the Wiki site for more info http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nexplanon

I am happy with it as I am AWFUL with remembering to take the pill daily. 


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@Mrs Sarah McK:  i talked to my doctor about a hormone free iud at my last appointment but she was pretty adamantthat i not get one because i havent had a baby yet. ive raed otherwise on some boards, but i decided that im ok with my current method.

OP, be prepared for your doctor to not want to pursue IUD talks with you if you havent had a baby yet.


@EastMeetsBarn: i got what you meant 🙂 i love the idea of NFP but i wot do it until we are at the point that having a kid wouldnt be the end of the world because i am one of those forgetful, irregular girls

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