(Closed) Please help -Can’t sleep, and I’m going insane

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I haven’t read all of the other posts but wanted to let you know about my experience with insomnia.  I had an awful bout of it and was only sleeping 1-2 hours per night in college.  I was up all the time and tired but just could not sleep.  I saw a doctor and they prescribed trazadone.  It knocked me out very quickly.  Just a small dose helped and it didn’t have any adverse side affects (like addiction). 

Also, are you exercising?  If not, I suggest incorporating this into your routine.  Yoga can also help tremendously with insomnia.  I began doing yoga when I started having bouts of insomnia and got great results.  

Best of luck to you-I know it’s got to be difficult now but you will get through it.

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If you’re interested in trying out a non-clinical solution: I used to have some mild anxiety issues (panic attacks, insomnia) when I was in college, so I went and saw one of the counselors there. They suggested I try out yoga or meditation to help me relax. I ended up taking a mediation class and it helped SO much! It really teaches you how to clear your mind, and the breathing exercises I learned help me fall asleep with no trouble and get through situations that would have caused me a great deal of emotional duress.

I know this isn’t for everyone- my older brother has some pretty severe anxiety issues and refused to try either of these solutions- but it’s worth a shot or at least some research!

Best of luck.

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I have bipolar disorder accompanied by some awful anxiety and severe sleep problems. I used to go to a sleep specialist and they put me on a routine. I had to go to sleep every night at the same time (11), get up every morning at the same time (7). No caffiene after 6pm, no TV or computer for an hour before bed because the light stimulates the eyes and therefore the brain. I was not allowed to look at the clock, they had me turn it around at night, I had to get up if I couldnt fall asleep. They also ordered me not to do anything other than sleep in my bed, no reading, no computer, no eating, etc. Just sleep. They said that doing other activities in bed diminishes the brains identification of the bed as a place for sleep and makes is associate other activities with being in bed.

In addition to that (yeah… my insomnia is really, really bad and has been going on since puberty). They gave me a lot of relaxation and meditation techniques. One was the “relax” technique that Edina descibed. The one that has been most successful for me is to do some yoga breathing. You count as you breath in and out, making sure to make the out breath last one less count than the in breath. You just focus your mind on the numbers and the counting and is clears your head of any other thoughts (one of my main problems is my mind racing) and relaxes your brain and you just fall asleep. Ive been using that one for years and it is still effective.

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I go through periods where I have a terrible time sleeping and I had a pharmacist recommend SleepMD to me and it has been wonderful.  It’s an all herbal pill that you can get at any drugstore.  I was a little hesitant at first as I really don’t buy into all the herbal medicine and such but these pills have been great.  I take one and within 30-45 minutes, my eyelids are so heavy I can’t help but fall asleep and I also don’t toss and turn through the night.  I only take them when I’m having difficulties sleeping (not every night), but they also won’t create a dependancy like many sleep aids.  Might be something good to look into!

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Oooh that’s so annoying!! Lol I still can’t listen to that one cd that kept making the rounds in my head. You can try classical music- at least there are no lyrics! I also stopped drinking caffeine and tried to use products with lavendar in them because it’s supposed to help. I remember looking up tips in a medical reference guide and it suggested have a few alcoholic drinks or having sex- not very practical advice for a twelve year old lol!

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