(Closed) please help: cooking dinner is as appealing as a root canal!

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What about a slow cooker?  You could just throw in a chuck roast, baby carrots, potato quarters, and some cream of mushroom soup.  Pot roast the first day, beef sandwiches the 2nd day, stew for the freezer?

I also LOVE making quesadillas.  Get a rotisserie chicken, some sour cream, salsa, tortillas, and cheese.  Fry them in a little butter or a dry pan to get really crispy.  Yum!

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I rarely get home from work before 7:30. Fiance and I have a rule that we don’t eat dinner after 8pm (we’ll have something really small to tide us over, but otherwise we don’t sleep). So, to make sure dinner is all ready we use the slow cooker alot. It might not help you, but you could potentially have Fiance get things ready the night before? Toss chicken into a zipper baggie with some tomato, spices so all you have to do is put it in the slow cooker? Get a couple of meals together like this on Sunday.

I am also a big fan of caseroles -for example Tuna noodle. Pre-cook the noodles, toss with cheese, frozen veggies, tuna, bake 375 for 30 minutes. Eat. I’m pretty sure Fiance can handle the prep of this.

Otherwise Dinner is unfortunately one of those time consuming things…which I don’t want to do an I am not nauseous!

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Well, if you can do beef, sausage, that is amazing!  Here is a quick one,

Saute onions & garlic in olive oil.  Add 2 italian sausage links cut into coins, cover and simmer.  Add in one 2 pound bag of frozen mixed vegetables-we like the one with wax beans, green beans and baby carrots. 

I also like this one-if you like garlic, you can make toasted garlic loaf in your oven, serve a green salad, and cook frozen cheese ravioli, add pico de gallo on the top of your ravioli. 

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@creativeplannertobee: Ooooh, good point–some frozen stuff isn’t bad at all.  I love Celentano ravioli–they’re huge and individually packaged so they don’t break or stick together.  They’re even good plain or with pesto!

OP, I forgot–we always have at least one soup and salad night.  Get the gourmet soup from the market, a big salad from the salad bar (or just salad greens and vinaigrette) and a baguette.  Easy, and it takes care of one night!  If he wants something heavier, slap some ham and cheese on his bread!

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Chicken and rice casserole…to die for, super easy!

Grease 9×13 Casserole, and Layer the following ingredients:

1 c. uncooked rice
4    boneless skinless chicken breasts or thighs
1/4 t. salt and pepper
1 pkg. dry onion soup mix
1 c. cream of chicken soup
1 c. milk
      sprinkle with paprika (optional)
      dot with 2 T. butter

Bake 350 deg. 1 1/2 hours coverd, 15 min uncovered



…done ๐Ÿ™‚ 1 dish recipes are my fave!


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Honey bee

…and for dessert:

1 pkg.  Chocolate cake mix-dry
1/4  c.  oil
2         eggs
1 1/4 c. water
1 pkg.  chocolate instant pudding-dry
1     c.  chocolate chips

pour oil into 9×13 pan, tilt to coat bottom

put remaining ingredients in pan and mix with fork until well blended, scraping sides

350 deg. 30-40 minutes. cool, sprinkle with powdered sugar


The chocolate ingredients can be substituted with white/yellow cake mix, vanilla pudding, and vanilla chips, or other flavors as desired, although I don’t know why you’d want to do that ๐Ÿ™‚


…again 1 pan wonders ๐Ÿ™‚

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Don’t put so much pressure on yourself to cook if you’re not up for it! Most foods made me nauseous that early on, so I would only make things that were bland. If my husband didn’t like it, he could either make something simple himself or pick something up. I thought that was a better option then me wanting to puke every night at dinner time.

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Busy bee
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I felt similarly and ended up basically not entering the kitchen from about 6 weeks to the end of my pregnancy.  I just wasn’t up for it smell-wise, taste-wise, or physically.  My husband was pretty clueless when it came to cooking initially.  What ended up happening was he would either pick something up on the way home (rotisserie chicken, soup from Panera Bread, mac n’cheese, etc) or make something like PB&J sandwiches.  My diet ended up consisting of something similar to a toddler’s diet but that was due to my morning sickness.  He eventually started making attempts in the kitchen and now has quite a repertoire compared to his past knowledge.  I agree with artbee.  Don’t push yourself to cook if you aren’t up to it.  You’ll both survive and sometimes your husband may surprise you.

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There are also frozen meals that can be popped in the oven, I love baked chicken and that is what I do. Pop it in the oven and come back for it later. As for veggies cook them with the chicken or pop them in the nuker.

As for slow cookers we do a lot of pulled pork…. Cook the pork loin in water and spices all day then drain and add BBQ sauce and cook for another hour to add flavor. Carolina style use vinegar and sugar with water and no BBQ sauce. We also do chicken stuff which is chicken, ranch, and stove top. Cook the chicken in water and spcies all day, drain then add ranch and stove top. Let it heat up then serve.

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I was exactly in the same situation as you. Cooking and grocery shopping are my tasks at home… From week 6 through 13 I was not able to do either. Don’t feel too bad about it. It will go away. ๐Ÿ™‚

My husband can cook; however, paired with the fact that during those weeks, all I could do was sleep or be awake while laying down, he had too many things to do to have time to cook properly. AND even if he did, I couldn’t eat anything… I mean, everything made me nauseous.

So we stuck with things that were quick, bland and did not require any chopping or extensive cooking of ingredients:

raw vegetables with hummus; pickled stuff; vegetable sandwiches; spaghetti with butter or with tomatoes, oil and basil; easy home made vegetable pizza… We also ordered pho soups more often and Darling Husband had a stash of frozen pizzas in case he wanted something more consistant than what I was able to eat at the moment.

Hang in there, it will get better. And as Artbee said, don’t put too much pressure on yourself to cook. I did at first (I used to have weekly menus and be super organized and eat restaurant-like healthy, balanced meals everyday); but Darling Husband was very understanding from the moment he saw me turn green in front of the kitchen counter.

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I’m still looking for easy recipes but have totally been in the same boat, especially when it comes to cutting/cooking meat. It’s so gross to me now and I’ve had to throw out countless packages of chicken I never got around to cooking ๐Ÿ™  We’ve eating our fair share of pizza and tacos (it’s like we are in college again!).

I’ve been branching out to making wraps (just buying the healthiest version of chicken tenders in the store,bake and put in a wrap with lettuce, cheese, dressing), or making chicken with salad (mixing chicken in a ziploc bag with italian dressing, bake for 30 min, and serve over a salad). You can also make a veggie stir fry (frozen stir fry veggies, saute in teriyake/soy sauce, serve over rice. Or just buy the nice steamed rice from your local chinese food place for like $1/pint and you cut out a step!).


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Another thing that helped me was “make ahead meals”.  I know what you mean about not having the energy to stand and cook and then try to enjoy the meal, but often I found if I could break that up (cook on day 1, reheat and eat on day 2) it really helped.

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Oh I feel your pain, the thought of cooking made me literally sick! The worst was chicken. I finally realized that I jsut can’t stomach it and stopped buying it because I just kept throwing it out because I couldn’t cook.  My Darling Husband has no problem cooking but he isn’t the best cook and sometimes his food made me sick! He tends to just throw things together that really shouldn’t go together ya know!

My first few weeks we ordered out a lot which probably wasn’t soo good, but i just couldn’t cook. Now that I feel a little bit better ( 17 weeks) I do a lot of the cooking on the weekends. So I do a hearty soup, pulled pork in the crock. The Crock is great but my Darling Husband and I are gone for well over 8 hours and it just freaks me out leaving the crock on so I do it on the weekends or on night that I don’t feel too tired to stay up a bit later.

What I also do is I buy Turkey O or Jenny O actually they are called, near me it;s normally 4 for $20 and they are pre marinated turkey or pork, takes an hour to cook and really tasty, I take the left overs for a salad the next day. Darling Husband and I get home around 7/7:30 too and don’t eat past 8 so I cook EVERYTHING before hand so I can just heat it up. The only thing you can’t really do that with is fish since it just doesn’t taste as fresh heated up the next day so we stopped doing that.

So our main things are Jenny O Turkey or Pork made the night before, or pork chops that I do right in the skillet, they take about 5-8 mins each side, or steak on the grill. We do pasta some nights too which is easy, I will make lasgna, suasuage and peppers, meatballs, that kind of stuff on the weekends that last me the week.

For things that require prep when I don’t feel well, I give my Darling Husband directions on how to cook to something and he does a good job at it.

Trader Joes also has some really good pre cooked healthy meals that are good as well.

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